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Happy Thanksgiving, Chore Monsters!

We all have many things to give thanks for this Thanksgiving.  But does everyone vanish when it's time to clear the table? Wouldn't it be great if the offspring took charge without being asked? ChoreMonster to the rescue! The trick, they say, is to make those chores more engaging ... [Read More]

Design Milk

Here's what the lovely folks at Design Milk have to say about StickerGiant: Design Milk stickers came from @StickerGiant -- they're so cute & fit perfectly over the apple on your Macbook ;) They're not trying to sell you anything, but they are pointing you towards things you might ... [Read More]

Four Ways To Market Your Business With Stickers

The StickerGiant says: "The custom sticker is essentially the new business card." Wow! Here's four ways to market your business with stickers. 1) If you've got a storefront, that's where you start. Begin by sticking your stickers wherever you can, including your doors, windows, and ... [Read More]

White Ink On Clear Decals

Hello, I’m John Fischer from StickerGiant and today we are going to talk about white ink on clear decals. There are three ways to use white ink on a clear decal; the first is to back up just the artwork itself in white ink, allowing no white ink to show on the finished product. The ... [Read More]