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Connect the Unconnected with A Guest Post on Our Sticker Blog


Are you someone interested in working with StickerGiant as a guest blogger? We are looking to diversify and improve our content by working together with other complimentary bloggers or brands who are looking to expand their reach by blending our creative writing juices.

About Us: StickerGiant continually wow's buyers with its combination of skilled custom sticker manufacturing and customer service accessibility. As a business, StickerGiant was designed especially for those who find themselves frustrated by the online sticker ordering process when they are unable to also connect with a live person. With the help of StickerGiant's Customer Service Superstars, users receive a personal touch when navigating the online ordering process while also ensuring that the sticker they order will be true to their exact specifications. Frustrating under ordinary circumstances, problems such as text misprints disappear with the assistance of StickerGiant.

Guest Writers Provide Credibility: Although StickerGiant makes it far easier to manage the sticker order process, customers may find themselves seeking feedback from others who have successfully utilized StickerGiant's services. Now, users can easily access that very feedback by simply visiting StickerGiant's highly trafficked blog. There, helpful guest writers will provide information on the ins and outs of sticker marketing and how to utilize this tactic of brand awareness in the most effective manner possible.

Our Blog Style: Ideally, guest blogs will not be overly promotional in their content, rather pulling from the vein of helpful service that has defined the StickerGiant brand over the years. Through the posting of these blogs, the helpful folks at StickerGiant hope to guide web visitors through common promotional sticker tactics they may have encountered over the years.

What's In It For You?: Great question. StickerGiant's guest posts are not only intended to help audiences -- they can prove very handy for bloggers. Not only do these posts allow guests the opportunity to influence readers, they also offer greater brand awareness through the addition of a bio and links to other resources.

Connect with Us: Interested in sharing your sticker marketing expertise? StickerGiant could use your help! If you would like to contribute a guest blog, please get in touch with our StickerFairy, Hailey at Or if you are a social media minded person, feel free to make like a duckling and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or any other medium you prefer to connect.

We are always looking for advertising and partnership opportunities so don't hesitate to contact us further for details. By working together as a team, we can do so much more!

FlixMaster - Video Editing in the Cloud


Boulder, Colorado-based FlixMaster [Editor's Note: FlixMaster is now Rapt Media. We've preserved the sticker story for posterity.] brings enhanced interactivity and “branching” to online video. With traditional video, a storyline follows a path from start to finish. Branching allows viewers to choose the direction of the story, influencing the twists and turns. Added interactivity ropes in the viewer and increases view times.

FlixMaster's drag-and-drop cloud-based video editing platform produces HTML5-compatible videos that can be played on iOS and Android devices, as well as on traditional computers. FlixMaster's freemium model allows anyone to get their feet wet with interactive video with 250 plays and 2GB of storage.

The platform is designed for a wide range of applications, including brand marketers, educators, non-profits, e-commerce, and traditional studios.

FlixMaster is a graduate of TechStars and was founded by Erika Trautman and Cameron McCaddon. Prior to starting FlixMaster, Erika owned an Emmy-winning documentary production company, while Cameron was a Senior Managing Game Designer at Namco Networks.

StickerGiant is proud to provide stickers to yet another great Boulder start-up!

Which brings us to our Trivia Question of the Week ...

Q. In what year did Boulder, Colorado enact a public smoking ban?

  1. 1992

  2. 1996

  3. 2001

  4. 2005

  5. Smoking is illegal in Boulder?







A: 1996




Any company that lists "making you happy" in its array of services is alright with us. And we're not just saying that because these guys are our neighbors in Boulder. TruFuel is a digital media production house that delivers the goods, one well-designed pixel at a time.
We are: A digital media agency. You need: Imaginative and dynamic digital media applications to promote your products and engage your customers. We’ve got: An infusion of creativity from animation and online games to videos, music, microsites and more.

Wonder what fuels these guys when they're working late? A great night's sleep beforehand? A couple of laps around the foosball table? Nah...we're guessing coffee. One of nature's most potent elixirs, it's the second most traded commodity in the world. We're just glad it's legal. Did you know that Kermit the Frog used to shill for the stuff? Kind of shocking to see America's reptilian sweetheart being so violent, isn't it?

Ignite Vegas

Ignite Vegas is but one of many outposts of the Ignite community. Since the first event was held in Seattle five years ago, Ignite has seen entrepreneurs, techies, creatives, thinkers, and all-around show-boaters hop on stages all over the world for their 5 minutes of fame (thereby proving that not everything that happens in Vegas stays there).
Fast-paced, fun, thought-provoking, social, local, global—Ignite is all of these and more. It’s a high-energy evening of 5-minute talks by people who have an idea—and the guts to get onstage and share it with our Las Vegas community. Run by local volunteers who are connected through the global Ignite network, Ignite is a force for raising the collective IQ and building connections in each city. And, via streaming and archived videos of local talks, local Ignites share all that knowledge and passion with the world. Oh – we also like beer.

Sounds like fun and like one of those events where anything could happen!

Not that Vegas really needs any more flash, glitz, or combustible material. They've got that whole "wow factor" thing unlocked, dontcha think?

Firefox Gone Mobile

Firefox Gone Mobile

Firefox Gone Mobile

Today seemed like a good day to mention Firefox, what with the release of Firefox 4. You may not know yet that they have a mobile browser nicknamed Fennec and now called Firefox Mobile. Just like in the sticker, go to to get it. I did. It's available for Android and also Maemo for you Nokia minitablet guys.

Firefox Mobile is tiny and fast. That's why they made this incredibly cute sticker. You can see how the new Internet Explorer 9 suffers by not having an animal mascot. Microsoft, get on that.