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The Sticker Formula for "I Support Historical Heroines" Women in Science Coloring Book


How do you reward Kickstarter backers? Stickers. The Historical Heroines: Coloring Book was fully funded and as part of both their support levels was a "I Supported" sticker.

The idea being supported was a way to educate and inspire young people about the women in science. To do this a fun coloring book was created.
"What if there was a coloring book that inspired the young people in your life to not just be creative, but to learn from and feel inspired by historical, strong, pioneering, brilliant women in science? Introducing 'The Historical Heroines Coloring Book: Pioneering Women in Science from the 18th and 19th Centuries!'"

The coloring book celebrates over thirty women scientists, who during their time period had trouble even going to college. They broke the mold and followed their own passion. The book is created by Elizabeth Lorayne, who also wrote the children's picture book series, The Adventures of Piratess Tilly.

If inspiring and educating kids wasn't enough to support the cause, custom stickers stating that support are clearly a good add in for backers of a Kickstarter campaign. This sticker marketing strategy is brilliant because it gives supporters something tangible to proclaim how they were involved from the start. The Historical Heroines sticker design was printed up as Kiss Cut Stickers showcasing the physicist, Marie Curie and chemist, Irène Joliot-Curie. It states around the image "I Supported Historical Heroines Women in Science." It is a perfect 2 x 3 inch size that makes it great for laptops, tablets, water bottles or beakers. Just kidding, beaker's are probably not a safe place for a sticker longevity... it's science.

The formula of stickers and a Kickstarter campaign passes all the tests as The Historical Heroines coloring book has come to life.

RobotLab: The Card Game


Let's put our cards and full color stickers on the table. RobotLab is bringing attention back to table games with a card game that stems around a race to build the first fully autonomous robot.

RobotLab is a card game designed for two to five players and is quick to learn. It is STEM-inspired and uses color matching to build a robot faster than the other competing scientists to get the coveted Devol Prize in Robotics.

This fun card game was backed by a Kickstarter campaign to get it off the ground. In gearing up to officially launch the game later this year, RobotLab printed up some full color custom die cut stickers to put a face to their new card game with none other than a robot.

When getting any new product off the ground, it's smart to put all your cards on the table and go all in with promotional stickers.

Kopis Designs: The STK Project


Tools are part of our everyday life. From the ones we utilize for work to the ones we need at home. Kopis Designs has created two tools that can be used for more than one job and are just getting the product kicked off with custom logo stickers.

The STK Project just went live on Kickstarter on November 1st. It features a multi tool that is ready for anything.
"We believe in the saying that “there is a tool for every job,” but that there are definitely some tools that can do more than one. The STK and Rift, however, are unique in quite a few ways. Both are feature-packed, functionally-designed tools with Every Day Carry in mind."


The pledge goal was $5,000 and in a matter of days they have already blown past it to over $15,000 with 93 backers. Kopis Designs made the most basic level of support feature their custom logo sticker and then at each level going up the sticker was included regardless of what else came with the backing. This is a great way to not only offer something tangible for the investment but also start to spread the brand quickly.

Check out this quick video of their STK tool in action.


Not All Drones are Created Equal


Drones are awesome. We at StickerGiant even had our own drone program that we captured events and customers we worked with on. This program has since shutdown, because our drone was not as good at flying as one of these awesome flying machines from xCraft.

xCraft is building small, yet powerful machines. Traditional drones just hover and while they move laterally, they are not very quick or versatile. Their X PlusOne model is basically a hybrid of a drone.
"At its core the X PlusOne is a revolutionary hybrid. It combines multi-rotor capabilities with high speed flight from its fixed wing. The X PlusOne feels right at home hovering with the multi-rotors or skimming the treetops at blistering speeds!"

xCraft got the funding to build this drone model with KickStarter. As part of the campaign and send out of the product, they printed a variety of custom stickers to include on the packaging and for people to show off that they got an xCraft. Check out the X PlusOne in action:

Back your product send outs with custom logo stickers.

The National Park Poster Project: Successfully Funded!

StickerGiant helped to successfully fund The National Park Poster Project

StickerGiant loves to help small businesses, independent entrepreneurs and creative artists with their endeavors when we can. We love our home state of Colorado and we truly enjoy helping fellow residents, which is why we recently contributed to The National Park Poster Project campaign on Kickstarter.

We're happy to report that the project was successfully funded! This means that the National Park posters from the 1930's and '40's that were started and never finished will now have a place in America's hearts as Rob Decker works tirelessly to finish the art he holds so dear. As a personal study under Ansel Adams, Decker has a special love for the National Parks and now we can all share in his heart's endeavors.

Following your dreams is something we should all be working towards, which is why The National Park Poster Project means so much to StickerGiant. We're so glad we could help this project come to fruition!

Are you ready to share your passion with the world? We can help! Start creating your own world-class set of stickers, and one of our Sticker Experts will get them to you in no time!


Kitchsy Cat is the Kid's Meow

Kitschy Cat used StickerGiant stickers to help their Kickstarter campaign

Who knew that twenty pounds of concrete, a little bit of paint and several decades of care could result in such awesomeness? Nancy McKibben certainly didn't, but here we are, a good ways in to 2014 and Kitschy Cat has been borne out of an antique store find and lots of love.

Nancy's granddaughter fell in love with the kitschy little kitten that was an adorable find at a local antique shop, and the light bulb of an idea was officially switched on. Why not make Kitschy Cat available for everyone to love and adore, and in a cute collectible way, too? From there, the idea was off and running.

Kitschy Cat is featured on every page of this delightful alphabet postcard book, with plenty of reasons to stay in touch with the little ones in your life. Simply send the covers and initial postcard to the special little in your life, then give them a reason to look forward to receiving mail! There are 26 postcards, one for each letter of the alphabet - when all of the cards have been mailed, your child, grandchild or other special little one will have a custom-made book full of your correspondence. How cool is that?

Nancy launched a Kickstarter campaign in October to help take Kitschy Cat public, and one of her funding perks was a sticker set featuring the adorable kitten made by none other than yours truly! Yes, StickerGiant played a small hand in the campaign's funding success, and that just makes us feel good. The Kitschy Cat stickers are bright, vibrant and altogether reminiscent of Warhol's better days - a great sticker that goes just about anywhere your little one could imagine!

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