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Bake-A-Wish at The Gage in Chicago


From the folks at Make-A-Wish Illinois comes a tasty twist: Bake-A-Wish, a curated, festive experience with cookie decorating stations, hot chocolate stations and more holiday fun. The event will raise money to help make wishes come true for local children. They have holiday-themed sticker featuring a script font in a bold red, wrapping paper-like background. It's delicious looking, in part because it's one of our custom shaped kiss cut stickers, but also because there's a cookie right smack dab in the top. Yum.

If you're not familiar with Make-A-Wish, it's one of this country's top non-profits. They do great stuff for kids with life-threatening medical conditions by granting them their "wish" of a special experiences. The organization grants wishes through 61 chapters across the United States and in 45 countries around the world.

Two big-name Chicago restaurants, Acanto and The Gage, are teaming up with Accenture will be hosting this events on Saturday, December 3, 2016, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., at The Gage, right across the street from Chicago's famous Millennium Park and iconic Cloud Gate (or "The Bean" to the locals).

Executive Pastry Chef Kym DeLost (Acanto and The Gage) is making the food magic happen, and 100% of the proceeds from the ticket sales will benefit Make-A-Wish Illinois. Chef DeLost believes that pastry should be fun and that is reflected on the menus at her restaurants. She plans to bring that same whimsy to the table at Bake-A-Wish; she is, after all, the creator of "Sundae Funday” at Acanto and drinkable desserts at The Gage.

Big thanks to the contributors:

  • Billy Lawless, Proprietor of Acanto, Beacon Tavern, Coda Di Volpe, The Dawson and The Gage

  • Kim DeLost, Executive Pastry Chef, Acanto and The Gage

  • Patrick Doyle, Director of Operations, Acanto, Beacon Tavern, The Dawson and The Gage

  • Neena Munjal, Accenture, Event Chair

Coding for Kids by Bitsbox


A lot of toys for kids incorporate an educational element but having toys to teach some of the new skills children will need has become harder. That's where a subscription service called Bitsbox came up with their idea to teach kids how to code.

Bitsbox is a website and a monthly subscription box designed for kids (ages 6-12) packed full of fun materials that teach them how to code apps. Think of the children's books where they have pop out elements on some pages and pull tabs to change the picture, or scenery on the page. That is essentially what Bitsbox has done with an app that kids type in code to and it changes the animations and stories that unfold on the computer based on what they put in. Kids get to program video games, puzzles, drawing tools, music apps, simulations and more within a full-blown app development environment.

From a code book to their subscription box, they have a few options to get started with. Bitsbox puts a lot of work into each one making sure their animations are fun and they add in some bonuses to each box too, like stickers. Their stickers change from month to month, but their most recent one really stood out as an Animal House custom sticker sheet. This one sheet featured twenty individual sticker peel offs for kids to decorate their computers, tablets or somewhere Mom really didn't want them to redecorate.

Being big sponsors of coding events all around the World like WordCamps, Joomla Days and more; we are super excited to see these stickers going out of the shop to contribute to such a great educational tool for kids provided by Bitsbox.

Fall 2016 Boulder County Kids Sale

Sponsored-Stickers-Boulder-County-Kids-Sale. photo

Saturday, October 1st is the Boulder County Kids Sale, a twice-annual consignment sale hosted by Boulder County Parents of Twins & More, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Their event is attended by over 500 people. Everyone will gather at from 8am to 1pm at Boulder Valley Christian Church on South Boulder Road, where plenty of great clothing and gear will be for sale, with items ranging from Halloween costumes and musical equipment to bikes and baby toys.

They have a fun custom sticker with their event logo that also features their social media profiles, @BoulderKidsSale (Instagram), @BoulderKidsSale (Twitter) and their Facebook Page, plus a reminder of their sales. This makes for a memorable sticker that keeps on giving.
Each spring and fall, BCPTM hosts a Twins Club Sale. The sale is open to the general public in addition to BCPTM club members. This is a great opportunity for club members to sell and purchase gently used infant and children’s clothing, toys and equipment. Only club members can sell at the sale, shop before the general public, and work at the sale in order to shop the Workers Only Sale. You must be a club member at least two weeks before the sale in order to sell.



Energy Saving with Longmont Estates Elementary School

Turn Off the Lights

Saving energy is awesome but it's hard to always remember the little things, like simply turning off the lights when you leave a room. Teaching this to kids can be even harder. That is where stickers come in very handy to educate. We recently worked with the Longmont Estates Elementary School and their student Energy Club, the Electrified Eagles, to help remind everyone about reducing energy waste.

The Energy Club meets once a week to discuss different topics on how to reduce energy use and various ways to do that. Their nickname is the Electrified Eagles (an eagle is the school mascot). The concept is pretty simple but harder to execute. The kids worked in their group to help remind people to turn off light switches when they leave a room as a way to reduce energy use. They came up with the idea to use stickers on light switches as a reminder to people around their school.

They reached out to us to see if we could help with this project and provide some fun custom stickers. We offered them some rolled quick stickers to make it easy for the kids to run around the school and stick them to the light switches. The kids had a blast with this project and the school's lights were all marked within thirty minutes.

We also made a video for the class, so they could also learn about the art design and printing process for custom stickers. Check it out:

Thanks to the Longmont Estates Elementary School for getting us involved in this fun project.

Cool Kids Go Crazy for SkateXs

StickerGiant made stickers for skatexs sticker campaign

Skateboarding has been the go-to sport for cool kids for generations, and there is plenty of hype that helped it achieved permanent counterculture status (hint: the X-Games played a huge role). There are tons of skateboards out there, but they're usually marketed towards older kids or adults that want to skate. And have you ever seen the dismal selection of kid boards in the big box stores? It's not pretty. That's why SkateXs is doing so well - they've created real skateboards that are able to be customized, and sized just right for the kiddos.

They have boards for kids both big and small, starting from 5 years old and up, and the price is just right to order a complete board kit that includes everything you'll need to get your little one rolling in style. You can upgrade to different custom options, choose between beginner, intermediate and advanced skate gear and find all of the information you could possibly need or want about skating. SkateXs has a lot of great tips through their blog, and they offer a lot of useful resources about safety and equipment, too. So, fear not, parents of potential skaters! They've got every base covered.

It's nice to see not only a skate company for kids, but a sticker that's just as fun and really conveys personality without having to say a word. SkateXs created a sticker full of color and whimsy that really grabs your attention and won't let go. There is so much intricate detail and time that went into this sticker creation, and we at StickerGiant were proud to help them with their sticker marketing campaign.

Take a look at this short video that explains the concept and design of SkateXs boards, then click here to get your own gnarly set of sweet stickers!

Laughing Giraffe Books Brings Smiles for Miles


Have you ever heard the sound a giraffe makes? It's not pretty, and can be rather terrifying at first listen, sort of like a cross between a yowling dog and a cat in heat. There's a reason that animal noise isn't on a Speak 'n Say, as teaching children to imitate the giraffe will only bring on untold amounts of headaches.

Laughing Giraffe Books, however, embraces the giraffe's weirdness to teach children about reading, the most important skill you can have. Founded in 2011 by a reading specialist and mom of two little girls, the goal was to create a resource for parents to help them purchase books that will help foster a lifetime of learning with young children. You can buy a collection of books geared specifically towards a certain theme, or search books according to reading level. From infants to chapter readers, there is an abundance of material to choose from, guaranteeing your little ones will never be bored.

Much like the company itself, their sticker is simple and uncomplicated. White background, blue giraffe and company name - beauty in its finest form. It's easy to children to understand, and what kid doesn't love a sticker?

Watch founder Alexandra Morrill give you an intro to Laughing Giraffe Books, then click here to see how you can start a lifetime of fun with your own sticker collection.