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Bake-A-Wish at The Gage in Chicago

From the folks at Make-A-Wish Illinois comes a tasty twist: Bake-A-Wish, a curated, festive experience with cookie decorating stations, hot chocolate stations and more holiday fun. The event will raise money to help make wishes come true for local children. They have holiday-themed ... [Read More]

Coding for Kids by Bitsbox

A lot of toys for kids incorporate an educational element but having toys to teach some of the new skills children will need has become harder. That's where a subscription service called Bitsbox came up with their idea to teach kids how to code. Bitsbox is a website and a monthly ... [Read More]
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Fall 2016 Boulder County Kids Sale

Saturday, October 1st is the Boulder County Kids Sale, a twice-annual consignment sale hosted by Boulder County Parents of Twins & More, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Their event is attended by over 500 people. Everyone will gather at from 8am to 1pm at Boulder Valley ... [Read More]
Turn Off the Lights

Energy Saving with Longmont Estates Elementary School

Saving energy is awesome but it's hard to always remember the little things, like simply turning off the lights when you leave a room. Teaching this to kids can be even harder. That is where stickers come in very handy to educate. We recently worked with the Longmont Estates Elementary ... [Read More]

Cool Kids Go Crazy for SkateXs

Skateboarding has been the go-to sport for cool kids for generations, and there is plenty of hype that helped it achieved permanent counterculture status (hint: the X-Games played a huge role). There are tons of skateboards out there, but they're usually marketed towards older kids or ... [Read More]

Laughing Giraffe Books Brings Smiles for Miles

Have you ever heard the sound a giraffe makes? It's not pretty, and can be rather terrifying at first listen, sort of like a cross between a yowling dog and a cat in heat. There's a reason that animal noise isn't on a Speak 'n Say, as teaching children to imitate the giraffe will only ... [Read More]