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Brewer Highlight: Solarc Brewing


Solarc Brewing is on point with colorful beer label designs and they have some of the best beer names all being digitally printed as matte labels.

We found a new obsession in our custom label printing world that we live in at StickerGiant. It is Custom Beer Labels! The new and different designs we get to see running through the shop for breweries around the country blows us away. Solarc has printed several custom matte labels with us and every time we see them they pop off the presses going through the factory. With beer names like "Shower Beer" and "Donkey Piss" there has to be fun art to back it up and Solarc Brewing is doing just that.

Saul and Archie are the founders of Solarc Brewing. They first connected through the LA Arts Community and bonded over a glass of mead. Like a lot of great companies in California, Solarc Brewing was started out of a garage. Not just any garage, but a barn-like garage behind Saul's house.  The two of them have worked hard at their craft experimenting with all sorts of magic potions and concoctions that brew up some tasty craft beers. Their love of art shows as they treat Solarc Brewing as a work of art, from the beer being brewed to the label designs and branding.

It's easy to see what makes this craft brewer stand apart, and we are always excited to see what custom label design for their beer is next.



The wellness revolution is on with Root&Bones herbal supplements vibrantly displaying their benefits with glossy white labels.

Root&Bones was founded by Alyssa Melody, who has over a decade of experience in using and studying herbs. She has seen first hand the way herbs can improve a person's well being and is sharing this with the world through her herbal supplements.
"The name Root&Bones is derived from traditional Chinese healing practices. Medicinal roots have long been utilized and revered within Chinese Medicine. Bones represent our deepest inner health, our core. Hence, Root&Bones aims to encompass one's overall health in a holistic way from our bones to our roots."

For displaying the brand on all their supplements, R00t&Bones prints up custom labels designed around each of the herbs used in them. These full color glossy labels make each product stand out and provides all the supplement facts and directions on the back.

People are staying healthy with herbs from R00ts&Bones.

Grab a Pint of Sweet Action Ice Cream


Summer has officially started and one thing that means is ICE CREAM! Sweet Action Ice Cream is natural, hand made in Colorado and selling in stores with custom product labels representing their brand.

Sweet Action Ice Cream has a shop off Broadway Avenue in Denver, Colorado scooping up all sorts of yummy flavors hand made right there. They are committed to using local ingredients to create their natural, fresh ice cream. They even come to our hometown of Longmont to get their dairy. The ice cream flavor pictured above is a cinnamon bagel and cream cheese ice cream swirl!

Sweet Action wholesales their ice cream in pints, tubs and ice cream sandwiches around the state of Colorado and is carried in Whole Foods Market. They print up some awesome custom labels for their ice cream with their scenic design of nature in Colorado boasting the different flavors. They use custom shaped labels for the wrap around the pints and then a custom circle label to top it off.

A lot of national press and recognition has come to Sweet Action Ice Cream for their focus on making a great product. They do a great job partnering with other local companies to come up with some of the best flavors such as, Stranahan's Whiskey Brickle and another with Whiskey Barrel Coffee Co.

Make sure to polish off your product with custom labels that fit in with your brand like Sweet Action Ice Cream.

Boss Mouse Cheese


Boss Mouse, What? Cheese. That's right. Boss Mouse Cheese is whipping up batches of hand crafted cheeses in Michigan and selling their cheese with custom labels to boast the Boss Mouse brand.

The Boss Mouse in this case is Sue Kurta, who bought a farm to pursue her hobby of cheese making. She took her passion to a whole new level as she continued to educate herself and took on an apprenticeship on an organic goat farm before setting off on her own.
"Boss Mouse Cheese is made one wheel at a time on an historic 1867 Michigan Centennial farm, using pasteurized, grass-fed cow’s milk. Combining traditional techniques with modern recipes, Boss Mouse offers a variety of aged cheeses and their legendary smoked butter."

Boss Mouse Cheese has been using our stickers and labels for branding their cheeses for several years now. Sue was kind enough to share a story about one of her original Boss Mouse Cheese stickers she slapped on in 2012 and still holds today.
Sue stated, "My been-washed-a-thousand-times StickerGiant logo label that sits atop my milk cans. It's indestructible, and has been affixed there since 2012. StickerGiant forever!" Here is the photo she sent us just last week:


No matter what product you are selling, make sure your brand sticks with your own custom labels that will stand the test of time.

Check out this preview of Sue making cheese and telling the story of Boss Mouse Cheese:

Boss Mouse Cheese from Justin Warnes on Vimeo.

Every Sticker Has a Story


Hello, sticker enthusiasts! Today, is a special day, it's National Tell A Story Day. We love this day because it is the motivation behind everything we do. We make custom stickers and labels to enable businesses, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and more to tell their story in a fun way.

National Tell A Story Day is not traced to any one creator but it is a day to tell a story from a book, memory, or make up a new one. The best part of this day is that a lot of libraries tell stories to kids and encourage kids to read. The education on storytelling is key to creativity. We are taking this moment to tell you about our sticker stories we discuss everyday.

We get so excited about the stories behind the stickers we print that we share them here and throughout our various social media channels in pictures. From product labels that help launch a new line for a company to a promotional sticker for a food truck, there is no story too big, or small, to share with the world. Our reason for sharing is because we get excited about what we are printing and want to shout out our customers.

If you have a story to tell behind your stickers or labels, we'd love to hear it. Share your Sticker Stories with us.

StickerGiant 2015 Fun Facts

StickerGiant 2015 Fun Facts

At StickerGiant, we love to tell stories behind stickers and while doing so we are blown away by the sheer volume of promotional stickers and product labels being run through our sticker factory on an annual basis. You've heard of our Guinness World Record for the Largest Sticker Ball but while that was happening, check out the printing statistics we have been hitting.

To start off 2016, we just hit a small milestone of inputing our 100,000th custom order. Woah! That is right, 100,000 orders of stickers and labels made just the way you want them with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In 2015 we printed 4,227,610.26 feet of labels in 13" Wide Rolls, which comes out to 800.69 miles of material printed. Here is a better visual how about 14,092 football fields of stickers, a football team would have to rack up 1,409,200 yards of offense to cover that distance.

Really though, we just wanted to impress you with our math skills. Order today and take advantage of 15% off premium labels and stickers with coupon: STICKERBALL before 1/31/2016.