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Longmont Creative District uses Custom Stickers to Promote Local Shopping This Holiday Season


With the holiday shopping season already upon us, we wanted to take a second to talk about spending your hard-earned dollars in your local community.

Own Downtown Longmont with Custom Stickers

The "Shop LoCo" sticker from the Longmont Downtown Development Authority is a play on the name of the city, Longmont, Colorado (get it?), and then there's the iconic twin peaks of Mt. Meeker and Longs Peak as the die cut shape.

We take our city name from Longs Peak, and many designs around town use the skyline to our west. They they have their tagline, with the downtown messaging that subtly highlights the word "own" within downtown, to reinforce the sense of ownership that people have around town. So it's somewhat of a three-part word play, with the LoCo, then the place name of Longmont, and then the double entendre on the downtown. And all on a custom shaped sticker! This design and it's smaller size will make it perfect for a bike tube or a water bottle, and we see lots of travel in its future. The best part of a custom logo sticker is that's a portable billboard.

Promoting Your Local Community

Like with most cities, we have a group of folks that are working hard to promote our local economy. Here in Longmont, it's the Longmont Downtown Development Authority.

This group is tasked with revitalizing Longmont's commercial core. The entire area encompasses 242 acres, and since its inception in 1982, more than $45 million in public and private funds have been invested in new and renovated buildings in the Longmont Creative District. And for what's worth, it's working, and in a major way. Longmont's Main Street has attracted many new restaurant concepts, craft stores, music stores, breweries, and public spaces where the residents and visitors of Longmont can come play, shop and share in the community.

One of our favorite parts about the LDDA is that they hold events year round, especially the parades. We love parades! The LDDA holds five official parades, along with dozens of other events.
MISSION: To develop, support and promote a vital and valuable Downtown Longmont. Through strategic development and programs, the LDDA makes downtown appealing to businesses, residents and visitors.

Remind Customers That You're There With a Sticker

Shop Small is the Small Business Saturday campaign from American Express that focuses on the day after Black Friday, where people are encouraged to stay close to home, and this sticker helps reinforce that message.

If you're on the team with a Business Improvement District or a Central Business District organization, you should test out our logo and promotional stickers, as they help get your message out into the local community. We've printed up a few different designs for the LDDA, and we see these stickers all around the State of Colorado. This way, people will know you're open for business, all year round.

Inaugural Longmont Chalk Art Street Fair Brings Art to Public Places


Longmont's inaugural  Chalk Art Street Fair & Bin Market on Longs Peak Ave is a free two-day street-painting festival where more than 38 artists will turn the streets of Longmont into a canvas of chalk art. To promote this event around town and give folks who attend something to take home, the organizing team ordered die cut rectangle stickers that feature art from four of the headline artists.

This weekend of public art creates a unique cityscape venue for artists, vendors and visitors alike to enjoy art, live music and local artisan vendors for a fun family gathering. There will be a special food-and-wine dinner on Saturday evening hosted by Bin 46 Wine Bar & Restaurant. Folks will be walking the streets and watching art while it's being made--quite the interactive experience.

On the sticker, you can see the work of Bryce Widom - Artist (brycewidom.com); Mario Olvera - Instructor/Facilitator (?mistermario.myportfolio.com); John Cross - Front Range CC Instructor (johncrossart.com); Grace Gutierrez - Artist (gracegutierrezart.com).

One look over at the event website turns up a great history of chalk art write, here's a quick sample:
The Longmont Chalk Art Street Fair follows street painting traditions that originated in 16th century Renaissance Italy when artists began transforming asphalt into canvas using chalk. The artists were called “madonnari,” after their customary practice of recreating chalk paintings of the Madonna. Historically, madonnari were known for their life of travel and freedom, making their living from coins received from passers-by.

Check out their site to learn more, but fast forward a few centuries, and chalk art festivals are kicking off all over. Artists are bringing new ideas and techniques to streets all over with "Complicated images of traditional master-style works, modern pieces and surreal chalk art creations." You can also learn about street painting on their site, where they break down the process in great detail. Because it's live art, there's a great interaction with the crowd, and since the community is getting together, StickerGiant is there to help promote local initiatives.

Community Building, Local Crafts and Family Fun at Longmont's Downtown Block Party

Downtown Block Party 2017 Name Tag Stickers Blog

Downtown Longmont starts a conversation with interactive custom stickers.

As the City of Longmont continues to grow, we are fortunate to have new events around town. This year, the Downtown Longmont Creative District will be hosting the brand-new Downtown Block Party on Saturday, August 26th from 1-6 p.m. After all, it's summer, and this time of year means being outside and joining in with your friends, family and neighbors.

The Block Party will make it fun for people to explore the whole Downtown District and will feature activities and entertainment throughout the breezeways, alleys, sidewalks, and businesses. And what better way to build community than custom stickers that help break the ice! Their interactive design features a "conversation" box with the phrase "I want _____ in my downtown." This lets participants get creative with the ideas that they want to see in Downtown Longmont. The red, background provides the contrast, and the black text helps accent the website address and group's tagline of  "own" in the word downtown. It's all about "owning" the experience of your idea of downtown, and the sticker helps reinforce that.

Here are a few of the activities that you'll be able to find during this afternoon of fun and adventure in a six-block area:

  • The Amazing Race, sponsored by Longmont United Hospital. The Longmont Loves Local campaign has built a version of the Amazing Race throughout Downtown where adventurous teams of two will race on foot through challenges like a water balloon toss, a book search, a yoga challenge, and more. The first place team gets a $250 Downtown gift card.

  • For the folks that want a more mellow, easygoing experience Downtown, while still competing for prizes, Walk2Connect has organized a a Scavenger Hunt visiting historical features they've mapped in the Downtown Area. Those that complete the scavenger hunt will be entered into a giveaway drawing for prizes from local businesses.

  • If you are into craft and local artisans, then you must stop by the breezeway at on the West side of the street in the 300 block for the Makers Marrket by YORE, including an appearance by StickerGiant's very own Madelynn, sharing her talents.

It's the end of summer, and in Colorado that means outdoor music and shows, and the Block Party will have a Community Music Stage and a Fashion & Hair Show. The Longmont Chorale Singers Performance will be at St. Stephen's Plaza, and you can scope out Health & Wellness Treatments, plus games, art, theater & street performers. And because this is all about local, you gotta check out the Sales, Specials and Promotions at Downtown Businesses. We saved the best for last, clearly, as visitors to this event will have a chance to save on purchases at participating businesses.

Enjoy these last few weeks of summertime fun wherever you are, and if you're having an event, try out some name tag stickers or this conversation starting concept.

Here's a map of the event, and you can see how the areas are highlighted with different topics, from tech to fun and from art to health & wellness.

Downtown Block Party 2017 Map_Page_1

Oskar Blues CAN’d Aid’s 2nd annual Grip, Sip, Give Golf Classic


Fore! CAN’d Aid’s 2nd annual Grip, Sip, Give Classic sold out in advance and raised a total of $31,000. That's a lot of good that's being done right there. The team at Oskar Blues Brewery printed up an instant-classic die cut sticker, with a golfer teeing off on a can of America's favorite craft beer featuring the foundation's logo. Their vector artwork really shines on this, with the brand's colors standing out on a custom shape.

And of course, there's a beer theme, as the event starts with a happy hour starting MamaMosas (Mama’s Lil’ Pils + OJ) and then a Shotgun start (get it?). Golfers will play until they've earned their 19th hole beers. The day concludes with a BBQ on the green, event awards, and a rollicking silent auction with raffle prizes.

About Oskar Blues and CAN'd Aid

Oskar Blues Brewery started in Lyons, just up the road from our first factory in Hygiene. Oskar Blues now has factories in North Carolina, Texas, and Colorado, plus they own breweries in Florida and Michigan. They've become quite the craft beer empire, and it's convenient that their Anti-Corporate Headquarters, taproom, barrel room and three restaurants are in our hometown here in Longmont, with locations opening in Boulder and Denver.

The CAN’d Aid Foundation is all about really making difference where they CAN. They have a variety of events across the year in multiple locations, and this one takes places in our backyard here in Longmont.They focus they “do-goodery” efforts on supporting Towns, Tunes, Treads + Trails and Love Yur Mama programs. What does that mean for each of those categories? We'll let them do the talking.
Whether it’s digging our neighbors out of a flood or helping a local business get back on their feet after a disaster, community is at the heart and soul of the CAN’d Aid Foundation.  We respond quickly and passionately to help towns across the US.

Outdoor activities feed our soul. We LOVE bikes! We love running, hiking, climbing, camping and soakin’ up sunshine. If a trail needs maintenance, low-income children need a new bike to ride or there’s a program to get more people off the couch and ready to explore the outdoors – CAN’d Aid is ready to make it happen.

We believe music transforms and transcends – it’s the backbone of good times with good friends and should play a major role in our lives – so, we support programs that teach, share, inspire and make a difference through MUSIC, ARTS & CULTURE.

From our “Crush It Crusade” which helps launch grassroots recycling programs, to jumping in and helping with local cleanup efforts, CAN’d Aid is all about showing love for Mama Earth.

Braden Stevenson is the 2017 Happy Smackah


The 7th annual Happy Smackah 5k is the morning of May 13th. As part of our yearly sponsorship of this event, we are proud to support Braden Stevenson as the 2017 Happy Smackah. Braden is sophomore at Longmont High School. Last winter, Braden broke his leg, and during the procedure to repair his femur, Braden's surgeon noticed that his bone did not look right. He was diagnosed late in 2016 with osteosarcoma, a malignant bone cancer, and will lose his leg. But like a true Happy Smackah, he faces his challenges with gusto and determination. He to have part of his leg removed, and he is going to be fitted with a prosthetic, and, according to the Happy Smackah site, "he jokes about making some Ninja moves with his newly rotated leg."

What's "Happy Smackah," you ask? Well it's a tribute to Dan Cribby, the inspiration for this event. Cribby is a local St. Vrain Valley School District educator and one of his expressions is known as the happy smackah, and there's a guiding set of principles that guide a smackah through life:

  • Lives with a positive attitude

  • Lives a no nonsense, no excuses life

  • Takes joy in life’s little treasures

Yet, throughout his tribulations, Braden remains unfazed, and he's recovering from his chemotherapy and his surgery, which is why he makes for a great recipient of this year's Happy Smackah. We printed up two different stickers as this year's sponsor. A die cut sticker with their logo and a sticker sheet with their logo in a custom shape die cut peel-off, and then two smaller circle stickers with the logo. We see that over 700 people have signed up for this year's event, and we value all of the participants who will be getting outdoors here in Longmont, Colorado, at Lake McIntosh. Find the Smackah crew on Facebook and Twitter.

Dan Cribby, born and raised in Maine, has many expressions, and one of his favorites is “Happy Smackah” (It’s probably spelled smacker). The Happy Smackah originated as a fundraising event for Dan, a St. Vrain Valley educator who became seriously ill and required amputation of his arm and shoulder and extensive skin grafting.  He was at University Hospital in Denver for over three months.  Dan is back at work full time, and is fully recovered. The term Happy Smackah is his favored expression to describe his favorite people.  The term originates with happy “smacker”, but when a native Mainer says it, the r sound is dropped.  It’s meant to describe someone who is simply…happy.  Dan has lived his life finding joy anywhere and everywhere, and when the community brought together the fun run, his friends thought of the perfect name: Happy Smackah Fun Run.

Rocky Mountain STEAM Fest comes to Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont


This weekend marks the end of STEAM Week with the Rocky Mountain  STEAM Fest here in Longmont. A custom die cut sticker will be at the Boulder County Fairgrounds, where hundreds of attendees will take in exhibits and participate in building, doing and making. There will also be a combat robot competition, and let's be serious who doesn't want to watch a bunch of robots battle?

STEAM is a movement championed by Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and widely adopted by institutions, corporations and individuals. The objectives of the STEAM movement are to place Art + Design at the center of STEM. This event will help turn learning into a fun, interactive experience. If you head over to stemtosteam.org, you'll see their mission.

Thanks to the Maker Bolder team, this event has the mission of connecting Makers, Entrepreneurs and Educators into a larger Colorado community. There will be hands-on learning, gears grinding, hackers iterating and tinkerers talking.

Their design features five colored hexagons, each representing an element of the STEAM acronym. STEAM as an acronym is a modification of STEM, with the addition Art and the modification of M for Making and Engineering for Entrepreneurship. Then you see the STEAM FEST branding in small type in the top of sticker. It's bright, it's creative, it's all things STEAM, and the custom die cut really helps the shapes pop off of any background.

The sticker helps highlight each area of interest in STEAM. Taking a look at the sticker, you'll see that on the red hexagon there's an atomic icon for Science, on the blue hexagon there's a spaceship for Technology, on the green shape there's a light bulb to represent Entrepreneurship, on the yellow Arts shape is a painter's palette baord and lastly on the purple hexagon is a gear to highlight the role of Making in the STEAM movement.

While STEM is very popular nationwide, STEAM efforts really try to enhance the offerings to include all types of learners, and STEAM Fest is an attempt to fill visitors with awe and give them a chance to tinker, hack, build,  fly, drive, and dabble

These are all lofty goals and an important mission in today's world. But let's have some fun learning! Tickets are on sale the MakerBolder.com website and at the door this weekend on site.