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Let the Sticker Help You Develop Your Ideas

tomato sauce label stickers stickergiant

Do you know what that’s a picture of up there? Why, it’s none other than pasta sauce, of course! Before you start asking, “What’s so special about sauce, and why am I reading this blog?” take a look at the labels. Fantastic, right? They really make the sauce jars stand out from similar products and show a lighter side to the brand without being cheesy or generic.

If you have an idea for a product that you want to develop, you’re tempted to jump ahead and obsess over the marketing materials you might need (and the cost associated with them). That’s good news for you, because you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to help you get your ideas from your imagination to the sticker itself, so let your creative flag fly and don’t be shy about it.

Maybe you don’t have an award-winning sauce recipe that everyone asks for, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome-looking label for whatever it is you’re good at! And it doesn’t have to be just food - not at all! That’s just one example of a place where custom stickers shine.

No matter what your idea is, your packaging and marketing can tie together in one cost-effective way with stickers. Just look at Via Roma, the sauce in the picture above - they chose to label their product with an eye-catching design with minimal effort but huge response. You can do the same! Contact us for samples, quotes and all the help you’ll need for a fantastic marketing tool that is sure to set you apart from the rest.


CyberChimps is One Funky Monkey Making Digital Waves

Cyber Chimps StickerGiant

In the wide world of the web, there are what seem to be a bazillion companies trying to get your money under the guise of help, but CyberChimps is definitely one company that puts its banana - er, money - where its mouth is when it comes to valuable skills that can help a website come alive.

Since 2010, CyberChimps has been helping WordPress users develop fantastic, responsive themes for their sites that are also compatible with just about every digital device. For those that depend on blogging and everyday website use, this is a niche market that is taking the internet by force and doesn’t look like it has plans of stopping anytime soon!

But it’s not all about the serious business of theme creation - CyberChimps have a playful side, too, as you can see from their quirky monkey friend and understated logo. Serious on one hand, creative and funny on the other? A winning combination for a strong company that’s heading in the right direction.

Want more information on how CyberChimps can help you? Check out their website.

Are you going bananas trying to get people to notice your business? Grab some custom stickers as CyberChimps have!

Necessity is the Mother of Invention When it Comes to Stickers

code poet stickers and schwag stickergiant

Yes, that is a whole lot of brand schwag by Code Poet and it’s magical. Not that promotional items have any special powers, but because they show the creative edge some companies have when marketing their products. This pile of fun is awaiting a weekend of WordCampers and Code Poet has built a loyal following of WordPress enthusiasts by enticing fans with branded goodies like those shown above.

When trying to market with your stickers – whether it be for a brand, an event, a funny slogan/hashtag or a product – there are tried-and-true methods of collecting fan data and then there are those that, well, involve engagement and fun. The point is, you can put a sticker on just about everything there is, and creating something unusual or unique to give away with your sticker delights customers enough to remember you and your cause.

For example, you could make your business card into one big sticker. No losing it in your wallet when the time comes to give it away! Or what about a simple piece of origami with your sticker in the middle? Bonus points if it’s flat and comes with instructions for people to do it themselves. Make your sticker into a super awesome experience by using your imagination; you might be surprised at the buzz you'll generate.

Marketing doesn’t have to be boring, and we know your sticker certainly isn’t. It’s got the flair and funk that makes it unique to you, and that helps people remember it better. Try out some new ideas – we know you're creative, so show the world how thoughtful you can really be!

Creative Uses for Stickers That Promote Your Brand

changemaker sticker on cardboard box stickergiant

Stickers are a cost-effective way to brand your product and get the word out about your cause – who doesn’t love a free sticker? The cooler, the better. Some people actually collect stickers from their favorite places or events, which means getting your stickers out there in the hands of the general public increases your chances of drawing in loyal customers. Building a fan base is one ultimate key to success.

Most people are used to getting stickers in the mail with their order, but why not move your stickers to the streets? There are plenty of blank spots in the city just waiting to be stickered, so grab a handful of people and get to it!

Here are just a few examples of places your can stick your logo:

  • Trash cans – Everyone has to use them at some point in the day, so why not create a focal point while doing so? Slap a sticker under the lid or on the outside and give people something to smile about.

  • Car windows – Not on the window itself, as that would be vandalism, but under the wiper blades! If you’ve got the time and energy, you can create a little flyer with a sticker stapled to it then attack a local parking lot with your brand.

  • Bulletin boards – A lot of local businesses have a cork board set up where advertisements and business cards go, so go sticker them! If you want to give customers a way to contact you directly, leave a business card with the sticker, too. Otherwise, let the intrigue of your design encourage them seek you out. 

There are lots of creative ways to get all eyes on you – the crazier, the better! Make sure you keep it legal and think outside the box. Now that you know empty spots are just sticker places waiting to happen, keep your eyes peeled for some fantastic places to stick one down.

Draw Attention to Yourself in a Good Way


skateboard stickers bench

So you’ve started a new business, you’ve got a political campaign to run or just have a super worthy cause you’re ready to shout about from the mountain top. Good for you! Now how do you go about letting others know your aspirations?

One word: stickers!

No matter where you live in the world, chances are your local community (or one around you) has events throughout the years where vendors, artists and other local organizations can set up and get their info out to the masses. It can be a craft bazaar, a cultural event, a concert in the park or thousands of other things; the point is, you need to be there!

Let StickerGiant help you create a fantastically awesome sticker for your needs, then set up at these events to promote yourself. Give away stickers, business cards, fliers or brochures and let the word-of-mouth grapevine do the talking for you. And don’t be afraid to hand out stickers at political rallies or anywhere there’s a lot of people congregating together! Just walking through a crowd can allow you to network and make contacts through the power of stickers alone.

And do you know what that spells for you? V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!

Stickers Can Increase Fundraising in a Big Way

fundraising with stickers stickergiant

Short, simple and to the point. Those are the basics for every great sticker that’s trying to promote, well, anything, and something you should keep in mind. You already know about using stickers as a promotional tool for your existing clients and those targeted audiences you’re trying to reach, but have you ever thought of a clever sticker as a fundraising tool?

It’s an easy concept: you have a cause you need to get the word out about, and need funding to do so. To make money you sometimes have to spend a little money, and stickers are an exceptional way to make a low-cost return on your investment.

Why stickers? Here’s why!

Everyone loves stickers!

• Harder to lose than a business card

• Can be placed in easy-to-see areas for a larger audience

• People enjoy the novelty of stickers

You can use stickers for raffles, too – they’re fun and who doesn’t love a little something free? Have an item donated to your cause, make one yourself or give people the chance to have their name mentioned on your website or their picture taken for the paper. Sell stickers for a nominal fee ($1 each = 1 raffle entry, for example) and then hold the raffle close to your event. Give away stickers to everyone you meet. Put them on your car (or your friend’s car!) and roll around town. Wear one yourself!

Make your cause stand out, and people are more likely to donate. Do you have any other suggestions for how stickers can best be used for fundraising? Let us know in the comments below!