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Riding with Hudson Valley Harley-Davidson

Hudson Valley Harley-Davidson

It's time to live your dream, take the open road and experience freedom like never before. Hudson Valley Harley-Davidson is building their shop to make dreams come true and spread the word with custom stickers.

Springs is the time for new beginnings and for Hudson Valley Harley-Davidson it is their beginning. They are opening in Nanuet, NY this Spring. Just in time to get new riders equipped to take off on their own journeys.

Their mission is simple and beautiful: "Fulfilling dreams of personal freedom one bike at a time."

In preparations to opening, Hudson Valley Harley-Davidson has been laying the ground work for fulfilling dreams by boosting up their presence on social media. As the days get even closer to opening, they also revved up their brand with these rad custom logo stickers to get the word out even more as they start making dreams come true.

Riding away on a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle is quite the experience, but how far do you want to go? Don't forget to throw in some custom stickers in that side bag for them to rep your brand down the road.

The Iron Butt Association Wants You to Get Your Buns in Gear

StickerGiant created the Iron Butt campaign stickers

Buns of Steel was just what 1987 needed, but they also unknowing prepared future generations for the Iron Butt Association's Saddle Sore 1000. With over 50,000 motorcycle-lovin', long-distance ridin' members, the IBA boasts some of the toughest riders in the world.

The Iron Butt Association is "dedicated to safe, long-distance motorcycle riding," and welcome riders from all over the globe. They operate several races a year, including the Saddle Sore 1000 and the Iron Butt Rally, and pride themselves on being a loosely organized, close-knit group of tough riders who simply enjoy the thrill of the open road. Membership is earned through successful completion of one of their sponsored races, but rally workers and supporters get automatic membership. Right on!

The Saddle Sore 1000 gives you 24 hours to ride 1,000 miles in a race of endurance, which really requires you to have buns of steel! This sticker depicts exactly what you're in for - a multi-state race from the desert to the ocean, just you, your bike and the wide open road. Colorful, eye-catching and a badge of honor for those who succeed.

Ready to rev up your brand's engine with some sweet stickers? Click here to get started!



Leah Stunts Hero Sticker = Wicked Cool

Leah Stunts' Sticker is Wicked Cool!

There's cool ... and then there's wicked cool. This one's the latter, and then some.

Leah Petersen's (a.k.a LeahStunts) love for motorcycle stunts lead her to create the StuntBums website and YouTube channel and into the world of professional stunt work. She's performed throughout the Americas and Europe and has graced the pages of Rides, Svet Moto, and Sportbikes, Inc magazines.

I stunt full sized sportbikes. I am also a tall, blond, American girl - people just like that combination I guess. I also tell stories, I like to connect with people through images and words. I've worked with clients from small family-owned businesses to global corporations.

The level of detail in Leah's hero sticker artwork is absolutely fantastic - from the intricate drilled rotors, chain and suspension, through the boot laces and purple protective gear, on to Leah's golden tresses and piercing blue eyes - it couldn't be cooler.

Every motorsports hero needs a sticker to share with the fans and this one's a duesy!

If you're in professional motorsports, we want to be your hero sticker printer. Drop us a line or give us a call and we'll get it rolling.

Ready for some two-wheeled action? Take a gander at Leah's stunt reel ...


Riding With MOTO-D Racing

MOTO-D Racing oval sticker

Armonk, New York-based MOTO-D Racing designs and builds accessories for the performance riding motorcycle market. If you take your bike to track day, you'll want to check out their line of tire warmers, race stands, and folding ramps.

MOTO-D's one-piece motorcycle base layer/undersuits provide a wicking layer between your and your leathers, and are available for both cold and hot weather.

Need to fasten a camera or smartphone to your bike? MOTO-D's GPS Camera Mounts are racetrack-tested and rock solid. The mounts are built from 6061-T6 aluminum and can be outfitted to accommodate iPhones (3G, 4G/S and 5), Android devices, Contour HDs and Go Pros.

Take a gander at the wicked cool custom oval sticker we cranked out for MOTO-D ... our digital printing press rendered their logo's three-dimensional black and gold effect with precision. Wham! Is that a sticker or an emblem?

And now, for some motorcycle trivia!

The meticulously crafted Vincent Black Shadow is one of the most revered motorcycles of all time and one of the fastest of its era.

Q: Vincent Black Shadows were used as police motorcycles in a 1950s Science Fiction film, set in the future. What was the name of that film?








A: George Orwell's 1984.

Iron Man? Nope. Iron Butt!

Iron Butt

The Iron Butt Association is comprised of the World's Toughest Motorcyclists.

With over fifty three thousand members worldwide, the club is "dedicated to safe, long-distance motorcycle riding." And when they say long, they mean really long.

We recently printed two stickers for the Iron Butt Association: one commemorating the Battlefield 1000 (1000 miles in twenty four hours!) and one for the Ultimate Coast-to-Coast Ride, from Key West, Florida to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in thirty days or less.

The Great Lakes are a favorite stomping ground for the Iron Butts, with no less than four different twenty four hour/1000 mile events, navigating around Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Superior, and the Lower Great Lakes (Lake Ontario and Erie).

Hard Miles 2 documents the 2009 Iron Butt Rally ... 11,000 miles in eleven days ...

The Iron Butt eStore is packed with super cool schwag including Hats, License Plate Backs, T-Shirts, Patches, Pins, Plaques, and (our favorite!) Stickers!


Rockers Reunion

Rockers Reunion

Calling all Two-Wheeled Rockers!

The 7th Annual Rockers Reunion Vintage Motorcycle Show and Party will be held on Saturday, June 1st, 2013. The event will include the Rolling Bones Vintage Bike Run, the Bike Show, and an Afterparty held at Flat 12 Bierwerks, with entertainment by Bottoms Up Burlesque.

Awards will be given for Best 60s-inspired Cafe Racer, Best Bobber, Best Step-Through Scooter, Best Rat Bike (the rustier and crustier the better), Best Stock Bike, and Best in Show/People's Choice.

What's a Rockers Reunion like? You can bet on a wicked cool array of bikes, whether your passion turns to British, Italian, Japanese, or good old American iron, good chance you'll find it there, from Vespas to Triumph Bonnevilles, Norton Commandos to Harleys. Thumpers, V-Twins, Triples, Two-Strokes and Boxers, it's all good!

Check out last year's event ...