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Hudson Valley Harley-Davidson

Riding with Hudson Valley Harley-Davidson

It's time to live your dream, take the open road and experience freedom like never before. Hudson Valley Harley-Davidson is building their shop to make dreams come true and spread the word with custom stickers. Springs is the time for new beginnings and for Hudson Valley ... [Read More]

The Iron Butt Association Wants You to Get Your Buns in Gear

Buns of Steel was just what 1987 needed, but they also unknowing prepared future generations for the Iron Butt Association's Saddle Sore 1000. With over 50,000 motorcycle-lovin', long-distance ridin' members, the IBA boasts some of the toughest riders in the world. The Iron Butt ... [Read More]
Leah Stunts' Sticker is Wicked Cool!

Leah Stunts Hero Sticker = Wicked Cool

There's cool ... and then there's wicked cool. This one's the latter, and then some. Leah Petersen's (a.k.a LeahStunts) love for motorcycle stunts lead her to create the StuntBums website and YouTube channel and into the world of professional stunt work. She's performed throughout the ... [Read More]
MOTO-D Racing oval sticker

Riding With MOTO-D Racing

Armonk, New York-based MOTO-D Racing designs and builds accessories for the performance riding motorcycle market. If you take your bike to track day, you'll want to check out their line of tire warmers, race stands, and folding ramps. MOTO-D's one-piece motorcycle base layer/undersuits ... [Read More]

Iron Man? Nope. Iron Butt!

The Iron Butt Association is comprised of the World's Toughest Motorcyclists. With over fifty three thousand members worldwide, the club is "dedicated to safe, long-distance motorcycle riding." And when they say long, they mean really long. We recently printed two stickers for the ... [Read More]

Rockers Reunion

Calling all Two-Wheeled Rockers! The 7th Annual Rockers Reunion Vintage Motorcycle Show and Party will be held on Saturday, June 1st, 2013. The event will include the Rolling Bones Vintage Bike Run, the Bike Show, and an Afterparty held at Flat 12 Bierwerks, with entertainment by ... [Read More]