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Reddit’s r-trees Group Makes it Mellow for Everyone

For those of you unfamiliar with Reddit, the idea is simple - harness the power of the people and the internet to make popular news stories that might otherwise not make it to the forefront of the community. It’s a way to share information and opinions, bringing together people from all ... [Read More]
WordCamp Custom Sticker Sheet - Albuquerque

WordCamp Albuquerque 2013 Custom Sticker Sheet

StickerGiant proudly supports the WordPress community and the WordCamp mission. We've printed thousands upon thousands of stickers for WordCamps over the years, and this custom sticker sheet for the 2013 Albuquerque event is a knockout. There are three event-specific stickers on the ... [Read More]
Open Stack 3rd Birthday Sticker

Happy Belated Birthday, OpenStack!

If you want to know what's hot in the software world these days, you've got to look to the crowd and the cloud.  OpenStack is a hugely successful open source cloud operating system, originally created by Rackspace and the The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), back in ... [Read More]

Goldfire Studios Breaks the Rules

We love it when our customers send us unboxing photos! GoldFire Studios breaks the rules ... the rules that say an Internet game developer needs to be located in an ultra-hip latte-sipping locale like San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, or New York City. High-rent districts? ... [Read More] sticker on a laptop

Metroseen Sticker Unveiling from on Vimeo. A happy customer over at sent us this video unveiling their custom sticker gracing a white MacBook. Metroseen is a site where local businesses tell their unique stories through video. It's been launched in Boulder, ... [Read More]


Hey, it's your new StickerGiant blogger, Pete, throwing a little love to OMGPOP. Free multiplayer games, chat, picture sharing and more, with tons of cute. Definitely rainbows, and probably unicorns (haven't found one yet, but they're elusive.) We've got friends over there. Hey! ... [Read More]