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Chopwood Mercantile in Crested Butte


A store that leaves you feeling like you've known the owners for decades. That is what is waiting to be found in Crested Butte, Colorado where the Chopwood Mercantile lives their passion.

Chopwood Mercantile's mission is to carry the best goods, that they wear themselves, and to put smiles on people's faces. They want to interact with guests that come in to look around and find out how thew can better equip them for the journey they are on. They have an assortment of outdoor gear for all seasons, as well as Crested Butte branded attire and accessories.

Our personal favorite is their vintage design made custom die cut sticker. It's in the shape of the mountains listing all the activities that make Crested Butte "Colorado's Year Around Vacation Center" and can be purchased at the Chopwood Mercantile as a souvenir from your adventures while in town.

In the words of the Chopwood Crew, live your passion. If you can express that with a sticker, even better.

Red Mangrove Kayaking


It's super low temperatures in Colorado this week, so we wanted to travel with everyone to checkout Red Mangrove Kayaking in Key West and see how they are using custom die cut stickers.

Red Mangrove Kayaking gives tourists an opportunity to take a few hours out of their schedule from running around the town of Key West to experience some of the nature the Florida Keys have to offer. The mangrove forest which is one hundred miles away from the mainland in the Gulf of Mexico backcountry is where it all begins. In a small group of seven, paddle through the Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge and take in all wildlife above and below the water. After paddling through the forests it opens up to the Gulf of Mexico with some amazing views.

Taking a wild keys adventure via kayak is immediately an experience that must be shared. That's why Red Mangrove Kayaking makes sure to distribute these custom logo stickers to folks taking their tour. It's a great way for people to connect back with the experience and regardless of where they slap it on, it immediately becomes a talking point where the Red Mangrove story is told over and over again.

Their die cut sticker is a circle shape with their name and location wrapped around the edges with a skull and 12x12 as the logo design in the middle. The 12x12 has a cool meaning behind it, explained by the owner and guide, Mitch:
"The 12×12 is actually in reference to a 12 foot by 12 inch plank that a fellow adventurist and I dragged out of the tree roots, and slept on one night during a 60mile paddle from the middle Keys to Key West. We lost daylight and tide, and had to “man vs. wild” on a clump of mangrove roots with that plank as our home for the night. 12×12 is about a continued thirst for adventure, even when it all goes wrong."


Paddle rad and slap on a sticker after.

Explore Nature with Kokopelli Packraft


Into a world of adventure to explore the most serene settings in nature by land and rivers with Kokopelli Packraft.

What is a packraft? It is a portable raft that allows outdoor enthusiasts to hike into back countries and unpack a raft to go down rivers and explore more. This is also known as packrafting. It really changes the way people can explore the great outdoors, making back packing just the start of the journey.

Kokopelli Packrafts are very popular. They are shipping around the USA  and are featured in retail locations around the United States and a few international locations. There are a few places in Colorado and one in Utah where they are available to rent for that one time fun adventure.

As part of Kokopelli Packraft building up their brand recognition, they have printed up a few different designs of our kiss cut stickers on premium white that hold up in the outdoors. After you purchase your Kokopelli Packraft, you can slap one of their awesome designs on the back window of your car as you head up to start that outdoor packrafting journey.

Spread your story further with some glossy, UV laminated stickers to take your brand on more adventures into the world.

To explain how the Kokopelli Packraft works a little better, here is their awesome instruction card:


Getting Kids Avid4 Adventure


The great outdoors are a great escape for... fill in the blank. Avid4 Adventure has taken this great escape and turned it into an opportunity to educate kids on the importance of outdoor recreation.

Avid4 Adventure is on a mission and that is to provide kids with the skills and confidence to choose active outdoor lifestyles. Dave Secunda founded Avid4 Adventure because he saw that kids were getting more sucked into technology staying indoors and schools have been faced with decreasing budgets for physical education. Through day camps, overnight camps, school programs and events, they offer teach kids a ton about the outdoors and how to have fun safely.

For all the adventures being embarked on, Avid4 Adventure has been getting custom logo stickers in different shapes for some promotion and also to stick on equipment being used. For this they needed a heavy duty, white vinyl sticker to hold up to the elements and also be able to wrap on helmets, kayaks and other outdoor gear they use.

We love Avid4 Adventure's core values as a business and their passion for teaching kids how to enjoy nature, watch this video for more on Avid4:

All it takes is a little push to set off on an adventure, a simple glance at a fun sticker is sometimes all it takes to get started.

Get Outdoors with The Local Hiker

The Local Hiker

It's that time of year to gear up and start new adventures. What better way to do that then to get in the outdoors and explore. The Local Hiker is providing people with not only the right outdoor equipment but recommendations on how to conquer the trail.

The Local Hiker is based in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The owners, Michael and Kathy Silverman, came up with the idea for a localized, expert outdoor shop after years of traveling and finding great help on their journeys from people in local areas. They brought this concept back home as the "family experts" in outdoor equipment.

The Local Hiker mission is to:

  • To encourage, educate and equip individuals and families of all skill levels to get outdoors and experience the many resources available in the upstate of South Carolina.

  • The Local Hiker will commit itself to responsible environmental stewardship to ensure we can protect and preserve our outdoor resources for generations to come.

  • The Local Hiker will strive to enrich the community through our participation and support of events and educational outdoor programs.

From resources for trails to the top name brands, they have it all for people looking to enjoy camping, hiking or just getting outdoors for the day. The Local Hiker is adding in some kiss cut stickers to their shop to help spread the word of their outdoor expertise.

It's never too early to get the right gear to make your shop successful.

How do you wear a Hoo-Rag?


It's a beanie, head band, neck gater, face mask, and more. There are a whole lot of different ways to wear a Hoo-rag.

What is a hoo-rag?
"Hoo-rags are revolutionary headwear that are worn by hundreds and thousands of male and female outdoor enthusiasts and athletes all over the world. The Hoo-rag is made of 100 percent polyester microfiber that wicks away moisture and protects you from the suns harmful rays! Rated to 30 UPF."

Hoo-rag offers hundreds of different styles including flags, skulls, art, camouflage and more. They will even do custom designs if you want one for your company, team or club. For the rigid cold temperatures during the winter they have a special design called the Sub Zero. These are great for hitting the slopes to stay warm and show some style.

The best part of Hoo-rag is their use and design of some amazing custom stickers and labels. For their SubZero line of Hoo-rags they designed and printed some chillingly smooth matte labels that are pictured above. They also keep a stash of logo stickers in a variety of colors to enhance packaging and promotion of the Hoo-rag brand.

A variety of stickers and labels for products really help enhance the fun of opening a new order.