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Summer Sticker Souvenirs

School is almost out and if your a tourist attraction, this means a surge of cherished summer sales are on the way. Mementos like custom stickers appeal to people of all ages and make for the perfect way to commemorate a summer experience. Small but attractive, a venue sticker says "I was ... [Read More]

The 5 Wins of Packaging Your Product With Sticker Labels

As a product brand manager, you're probably always looking for fun and affordable ways to design a label that will catch the eye of your potential customers. Printing product label stickers can prove to be the best option when it comes to visually defining your brand in the competitive ... [Read More]

Brewed in Idaho: Rusty Nail Red Pale Ale

Friday's the day when we like to do Behind the Scenes posts here on the StickerGiant blog. Well, that's the plan, at least. On Monday, I have Friday on my mind. On Friday, I think of beer. Monday morning feels so bad Everybody seems to nag me Come on Tuesday I feel better Even my ... [Read More]

Spinster Sisters Co.

Spinster Sisters Co. says "We make soap – that's what we do." Well okay then. What are you doing selling what is clearly marked "Sugar Scrub," huh? Unless you're some kind of environmentally conscious company that uses 100% all-natural vegan ingedients, why would you put such a crazy ... [Read More]

Gotham Project redux

Remember last year when we wrote about the Gotham Project? The cool StickerGiant customer who distributes wine in kegs? There's an article about them over at NY Wine Salon that shows they're making an impact. A quote from one of their customers: There are so many reasons to do ... [Read More]