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I Saw the Wallingford Beast Bumpersticker

The Wallingford Beast Sticks Around

We were shocked to learn that a strange six-legged creature resides at 1300 North 45th Street, in Seattle, Washington. Only the most tuned in Seattleites know that the humble storefront,  a.k.a. the Archie McPhee store, is the humble abode of the Wallingford Beast ... but the word is ... [Read More]
Fresh Lean Champ!

StickerGiant Takes the Fresh Lean Challenge

Eleven StickerGiant employees recently took up the challenge to see how much weight could be lost over a ten week period. To sweeten the deal, a cash prize was offered to be the person with the highest percentage of weight loss from start to finish. Over the course of that time, the ... [Read More]

The Sin City Rollergirls: So Fabulous It Hurts

Las Vegas may be well known for the Sport Books in its casinos, but it has precious few professional sports teams of its own. Enter the Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls, filling the gap “with 60 mintues of intense, competitive roller derby, combining the speed of NASCAR, the hits of the NFL, ... [Read More]

Hello Kitty! Hello Ilene!

Name & Position: Ilene, VIP of books, HR, office, birthday cake baker Time with StickerGiant: 2.75 wonderful joyful years Best part of the job: Shopping for chocolate to keep our office candy barrel full. It takes a lot of chocolate to please everyone. Hometown: W. Los ... [Read More]