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Hello Kitty! Hello Ilene!

Name & Position: Ilene, VIP of books, HR, office, birthday cake baker Time with StickerGiant: 2.75 wonderful joyful years Best part of the job: Shopping for chocolate to keep our office candy barrel full. It takes a lot of chocolate to please everyone. Hometown: W. Los ... [Read More]

Control Bear: Don't Lose Your Head

T-shirts, iPhone cases, mini tote-bags, hoodies, wallets, key chains, plushies ... and now, stickers ... Control Bear is everywhere! What is it about a bear removing its own head that makes it so adorable? Is there a secret meaning? Is the bear actually controlling ... [Read More]

Zombie Beach Blanket Bingo!

Name/Position: Lori/Retail Superstar Time with StickerGiant: 4 months Best Part of Job: Skatin' around fillin' orders and hangin' wit my team Hometown: Originally Okemos, MI, now Longmont, CO Hidden Talent: Cartwheeling make-up artist Cake or Pie: Both. jk, fruit ... [Read More]

Our Landlord

Lets get this straight. We didn't drive our landlord John up a tree. He's up there clearing branches away from the Comcast lines. John's more than just an awesome landlord and designated tree surgeon. He's helped to plan and manage all of our big infrastructure improvements. While ... [Read More]