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Danger, Will Robinson! Shutterstock Has the Creative Solutions You Need


Let's say you're making a flyer for your business, or need to write a bunch of articles that include pictures. Maybe you have a presentation due at school and need some images for your PowerPoint. We turn to the power of the mighty internet when those needs arise and Shutterstock has millions of royalty-free images, music and video for whatever you might need.

Billing themselves as "a global marketplace for imagery", Shutterstock is your one-stop shop for everything you could possibly want and need. Founded in 2003 and based in the Big Apple, this media giant currently supports over 40 million images in an unimaginable number of categories. Pay as you go or subscribe per month of year and get access to up to 25 images every single day. That's way better than pulling a picture from Google and risking third-party intervention!

Check out their super cool sticker for a great idea of the fun Shutterstock promotes. When you browse the website it's like having your own personal robot fetch images from their extensive collection and deliver them right to your hands, so this sticker is right on the spot. Colorful, bright and eye-catching sums up not only the kitschy sticker fun but the company itself.

Here's an awesome video from their YouTube channel called "Around the World in 80 Clips" but you need to be warned: it's pretty darned cool! Watch it to get an idea of what they offer, then click here to get started on your very own sticker adventure.

#payphoneography Sticks Around

#payphoneography sticker

Once upon a time, pay phones controlled the means of communication for folks on the go, and it wasn't all that long ago ...

Many folks in the world today can't remember a world without mobile phones. They've never dropped a dime into a slot to make a call. They can't imagine going for a month without paying Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and the like their monthly fees.

Mobile phones are eradicating pay phones. Each day their numbers dwindle.

Payphoneography is an effort to preserve a bit of history with digital bits ...

In December 2011 Dan Marker-Moore started documenting this on instagram as @payphones. Starting in Los Angeles the project quickly evolved and expanded out New York, Chicago, and other parts of California. At the same time other photographers got involved and began taking photos of payphones and using the hash tag #payphoneography (payphone photography) .

If you see a payphone in an interesting place, take a few moments to capture it.

Q. How many calls are made via pay phones each year?

  • 400 million

  • 750 million

  • 1.7 billion

  • 3.6 billion

A. 1,700,000, according to the The American Public Communications Council (an association of Payphone Service Providers).

ADstruc Marketplace

ad struc marketplace

ADstruc marketplace

ADstruc is an auction and listing-based marketplace for outdoor advertising. You can list your outdoor advertising slots for $1/slot/month there and buyers can browse and buy them online on the ADstruc public marketplace (the house gets 15%). Or you can get a private marketplace with logins for your pre-approved buyers. I'm gonna make up a quote now from StickerGiant founder John Fischer, who was an ad buyer in another life:
"ADstruc is a revolution in outdoor advertising. They provide services and tools that completely change the game, making it so much easier to include outdoor advertising in a campaign that it's not funny. Really. This is serious stuff so you shouldn't make fun of it, Pete. Get with the program."

Well, if it fictionally came out of the mouth of John Fischer, that's good enough for me. ADstruc has a blog where they've posted all sorts of interesting stuff about the platform and videos where people talk about it on TV and stuff. Here's what they say about themselves:
A little background on ADstruc:  We are an online marketplace for outdoor advertising.  The outdoor advertising industry is a $6B business that operates completely offline. We bring the industry online and give buyers and sellers tools that they simply never had before.  We are going to make buying billboards as easy as buying AdWords on Google.  ADstruc launched on August 5th this year and already partnered with over 100 companies.

And they get their stickers from StickerGiant. Here's proof:

ADstruc stickers

ADstruc stickers

Kleinpeter Sweetie Pie

Kleinpeter Sweetie Pie

Kleinpeter Sweetie Pie

I think this is such a cute sticker! That's a cow named Sweetie Pie at Kleinpeter Dairy Farms in Louisiana. She got her name from suggestions from Kleinpeter fans. Look at that perfect heart on her forehead! Kleinpeter is a cool dairy farm that takes special care of their cows:
We are committed to the highest standards of dairy processing for our product line of Kleinpeter milk and Kleinpeter milk products, and the kindest treatment of the cows which make up our herd. We’re proud to be the first dairy farm in Louisiana to have been independently certified as being Free Farmed by the American Humane Association.

Our promise to you, the consumer, is that our milk comes from cows not treated with rBGH, (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone).

So it's good milk from drug-free cows who aren't stuck in pens or anything like that. Sweetie Pie at least looks happy up there, but maybe that's because she's a celebrity.

Cute Baby StickerGiant

Baby StickerGiant

Baby StickerGiant

This li'l customer is proudly dispaying his StickerGiant sticker on his helmet, like he's part of Team StickerGiant! We think he's cute as heck. And the helmet is pure TRON. He's got a twin brother who doesn't have StickerGiant on his helmet, so I guess he doesn't get to be on the blog. Athough I'm sure he's just as cute. Big thanks to this kid's mom for sending this in!