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Stickers: An American Political Tradition


Today, the eyes of the world are trained on American polling places as voters stream into voting booths to decide on the next President, plus a mix of hundreds of local candidates and ballot issues.

And when those voters exit the booth, what's the first thing they do? They slap on an "I Voted Sticker." Elections are an American tradition like apple pie and baseball, and every four years, we see a serious uptick in custom political stickers that candidates use to sell their message.

Each main party's Presidential candidate campaign store has fifteen unique sticker options for sale. At StickerGiant, we have printed up a total of thirty-four custom sticker orders with names of the candidates mentioned. And we don't play politics with stickers, and we print for many interest groups. Our favorite is above, because regardless of who you are pulling for "Giant Meteor 2016: Just End It Already" has a ring of finality as voters decide today.

But real quick, let's do some electoral math on our political stickers.

We estimate every sticker slapped on is good for approximately one thousand impressions. Every stoplight in the car, person passed in the slow lane probably averages out to roughly ten people in each round trip that really look at the sticker and we are assuming each sticker has a "stick span" of one hundred days at one trip a day.

We are going to give it a conversion rate of 2.5% for the amount of times the stickers actually sway a voter. Our custom sticker orders were rounded to 50,000 stickers for a quick calculation, giving us 1,250,000 voters that were directly influenced by a sticker that we printed. This does not account for custom stickers that are related to the election and not mentioning candidate names, like the one in the above picture.

Stickers have a big influence on the day but the biggest influence is you. Go vote and don't forget to slap on your "I Voted Sticker" today, to make sure everyone knows your voice was heard.

The Startup Party


Now here's a novel thought: a new political movement focused on local, startup businesses. The Startup Party will have a presence at Denver Startup Week from September 12-16. They are going to be a part of Denver Startup Week, and they are tracking their stickers in the wild, which we love, of course. They have a goal of 50,000 members by 2020, and their current roster includes 300 members.

Their mission? Well, we'll let them talk.
With all the negativity around politics we believe it’s time to infuse the world with a little hope. We believe the flourishing startup movement is indicative of major economic change. It’s a move away from corporate, large, and impersonal and back to small, local, and personal.

They have a fun circle sticker that's modeled on campaign stickers using the red-white-and-blue, but in the shape of a bunny as opposed to an elephant or donkey--the traditional Republican/Democrat animal contest of most political stickers.

Follow along at their hashtag #TheStartupParty, check out this funny video for their platform (and more on their site), and scope some gear on the store page.


Gear Up For Election Day With Stickers!

StickerGiant political stickers for campaign use

It's almost November! You know what that means, right? If you're thinking hay rides, colorful fall leaves and lots of hot chocolate, we're on the same page. But it also means political electioneering is in full swing as everyone gears up for the November 4th election. And what better way to stand out from the crowd than with stickers?

There's a lot of hard work than goes into trying to sway the public's vote - political rallies full of hand shaking and baby kissing, door-to-door politicking to reach a large audience ... and what about all that schwag? T-shirts, paper fans, pens and pencils and notepads - oh my! It's an infinite smorgasbord of political paraphernalia, so why not step out with something new and try political stickers on for size? They can be handed out everywhere you go, are uniquely memorable and easily stick to most everything, making them a great way to not only get your name noticed but remembered, too! And isn't that the whole point of election day?

Sticker Giant knows just how important stickers are to your campaign, and are ready to help in whatever endeavors you pursue! Click here to get started.

6 Ways to Leverage Political Stickers to Drive Campaign Support

political stickers campaign stickergiant

It's campaign season again, a time when candidates flock to stock up on promotional gear to drive name recognition and campaign support. Campaign stickers are a cornerstone of any great political campaign and there's never a better time to distribute them than at the entrance of a fundraising event. Stickers present the perfect excuse for your volunteers to exchange friendly banter with attendees, not to mention a room full of people sporting your lapel stickers is sure to put your opposing candidate on edge.

Though it may sound easy, there are a few methods your volunteers should be sure to employ to maintain a role as a convincing stickerer.

You might be asking yourself whether lapel stickers at a fundraising dinner really matter? Heck yes they do! And here’s why:

  • They conveys to your audience that you have driven massive support

  • Donors are more likely to write checks to the campaign whose name they see reflected the most

  • Running for office really is a popularity contest and people who see a multitude of stickers in support will assume that you're the winning candidate

Here are some tips we’ve picked up about how to leverage political stickers to drive campaign support:

  1. Positioning – odds are there will be many volunteers passing out campaign stickers at any given event, so make sure to keep your supporters strategically placed so that they touch attendees both first and last.

  2. Two lines of offense– schedule four volunteers stickering, two at the front entrance and two 10-15 feet back for a second approach in case the first line of offense was unsuccessful.

  3. The approach – don’t block the entrance but be close enough that people will see the offer of a sticker. Make sure your volunteers are friendly yet aggressive enough to incite a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response. Do not allow your volunteers to stand far away or whisper among themselves. They should be focussed on the task at hand.

  4. Leverage the ladies – time and again women have proven to be better candidates for the task of stickering than their male counterparts. Speculation aside, it seems harder for people to say 'no' to them.

  5. Dress to impress – Though campaign t-shirts have become standard attire for volunteers, a fundraising event demands more professionalism.  See to it that your supporters take the time to dress in business attire. It will help give them credibility and increase the likelihood that the crowd will accept a sticker from them.

  6. The candidate greets – It’s hard to decline a sticker when he/she's standing within ear shot.  Always keep the candidate at the entrance where they should spend time shaking hands and helping attendees feel welcome.  This gives your candidate leadership over the event and supports the sense of popularity.

Have you found other ways to leverage sticker to drive a political campaign? Tell us your hints and tricks on the comments below:

“Stickers are a unique way to express a brands one of a kind personality…” —STICKER Story Shannon Yazurlo, BROADS


This week, we had a chance to catch up with clothing and accessory line Broads and their co-founder Shannon Yazurlo. Broads was started as a direct expression conduit for the outspoken masses who find targeted traction during election time. Did you know that StickerGiant started for similar reasons? Yup, in our early days, we helped customers bring political awareness through stickers, a legacy that continues to drive sticker sales today.

The first batch of shirts that Broads designed were dropped in October of 2012 and boasted cheeky slogans such as "Less Politics More Hanging Out" and a Bad Brains parody tee which represented both Shannon's hometown and the current happenings in the political world.

After the initial response, Shannon continued to grow the brand by releasing various shirts and accessories for both broads and blokes alike. Broads has successfully reached a wide fan demographic, something founder Shannon is very proud of. "I really love how truly diverse the supporters of the brand are. I think if you like quality products, that are more exclusive than your typical brand and you like to have fun, than Broads is for you!" says Shannon Yazurlo.

Q&A with Shannon

What do people really dig about your product/services?:

People really love how I've built a unique and refreshing lifestyle brand with Broads. Fans of Broads appreciate how I keep the products exclusive and put a lot of time into the the little details including the packaging, and we get a lot of phone calls into our 'Party Hotline!'

Who are the awesome people behind the curtain at your company/project and what do they do?:

I started Broads exactly one year ago today, and I still do most of the work myself but I love my group of 'Broads' who've had my back with this project, contribute to the blog, and model the gear as well as the 'Bros' who help with shooting our lookbooks, designing the website and doing various multi-media projects.

Why/How do you use stickers as a marketing or outreach tactic?: 

Stickers are a huge part of Broads current guerilla marketing techniques. Since this brand all started with an idea and some legs, the logo caught on quick. It's great to use stickers as a way to promote the brand all around the world at such a low cost. I love sending sticker packages out with each order and to friends in distant cities or countries. Also, when my friends travel I always lace them with a ton of Broads stickers before they head out.

In addition to using Stickers for guerilla marketing techniques, I also use stickers for sealing all of our shirts after they've been poly bagged for a professional touch and of course I put stickers on the outside of each package so our logo can gain some traction during the shipping process.

What advice would you give to a company thinking about using stickers as a marketing tactic to wow their fans. What has worked for you, what hasn’t, etc?: 

I would say go for it! Stickers are a unique way to express a brands one of a kind personality at such a low cost that it's totally worth it, no matter what your marketing budget (or lack thereof) might be.

List some ways that fans can support your brand to encourage growth apart from buying your product or service?:

Of course, we appreciate anyone who wants to get social with Broads, and if they follow us feel free to hit us up with the hashtag #WarnABroad saying how the stumbled upon the brand!

Can you leave links to your social media outlets so that our community can get social with you?:

Instagram.com: @TheDonBroad // @HeyBroads
Twitter.com: @TheDonBroad

Close Your Eyes and Create the Future

Abe Lincoln's Prediction

What do you see when you close your eyes?

The best way to predict the future is to create it. - Abraham Lincoln

We all have a part in creating our futures, but the vision doesn't come easy to all.

Abe had the greatest of visions. He saw the future and he strove to create it.

The road rushes under our wheels far too quickly. Some folks get stuck driving down the same old muddy rutted road in a beat-up old truck with an empty windshield washer fluid container and pair of old wiper blades that just can't battle the muck.

You've got to pull off to the side of the trail every once in a while to take care of the important stuff before heading back out again.

Fill up that jug. Change those blades. Kick back for a few. Catch a movie.

A bit of time away from the grind is clarifying.

Can't imagine what's coming down the pike? Hollywood has it covered ...