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KATAMCO presents the Toilet Timer & 1UPcard


KATAMCO is leveling up each one of their products, such as their Toilet Timer, with fun custom labels.

That's right, we said Toilet Timer. The Toilet Timer by KATAMCO is a product just released and their label preparation is amazing. It's not actually restricting time one spends in the restroom but it's a sand timer with the sand passing through like an hourglass, just it's not an hour glass. That's right potty humor at it's finest and it times out at five minutes. To get the humor just right for this product, they have printed up durable stickers to cover the face of the design, to give it the effect with custom shapes punched out at just the right spot. The design above shows Mario coming to the Toilet Timer soon.


Their other product is what every retrogamer requires, a cartridge cleaner. Specifically, they are selling a 1UPcard SNES Console Cleaner. SNES, if not known, stands for Super Nintendo Entertainment System and harkens us back to the days of Super Mario World, Mortal Kombat, Donkey Kong Country and other classic Mario games. This 1UPcard helps clean out those old cartridge games to keep the fun happening  years past it's prime.


KATAMCO printed up some glossy white labels to apply directly onto the cleaning cartridge with a fun Mario world style design with clouds around the brand information. They also sell a NES cartridge cleaner.

Thumbs up to using stickers and labels to polish off some really fun products at KATAMCO.



The wellness revolution is on with Root&Bones herbal supplements vibrantly displaying their benefits with glossy white labels.

Root&Bones was founded by Alyssa Melody, who has over a decade of experience in using and studying herbs. She has seen first hand the way herbs can improve a person's well being and is sharing this with the world through her herbal supplements.
"The name Root&Bones is derived from traditional Chinese healing practices. Medicinal roots have long been utilized and revered within Chinese Medicine. Bones represent our deepest inner health, our core. Hence, Root&Bones aims to encompass one's overall health in a holistic way from our bones to our roots."

For displaying the brand on all their supplements, R00t&Bones prints up custom labels designed around each of the herbs used in them. These full color glossy labels make each product stand out and provides all the supplement facts and directions on the back.

People are staying healthy with herbs from R00ts&Bones.

Getting Colorful with iSplack


Get your game face on with isplack. A full colorful lineup of eyeblack promoted with full color custom stickers.

Whether preparing for the battle on field as an athlete, or gearing up as fan in the stands, isplack provides an eyeblack that stays on without smearing and is easily removed with a soapy washcloth. The awesome part of isplack is they are out their with the fans, going to sporting events all over to get people to try their new different colors of eyeblack.

"With every small company, there are always opportunities for growth.  And just like the athletes we support, we’re constantly asking ourselves, 'What can we be doing better? How can we make that next jump?'"

As isplack continues to bring out team colors, their logo stickers with their tagline of "Get Your Colors On" are getting slapped on to push their brand that boost for the next jump.

A Look at StickerGiant's Full Color Stickers

Laughing Squid stickers by StickerGiant

We don't live in a black-and-white world, so why should your stickers be anything less? We here at StickerGiant enjoy all things sticker, it's true, but our customers seem to love our full color custom stickers just as much!

Check out the video below to see why StickerGiant founder John Fischer has so many good things to say about our full color options:

As you can see, there are many reasons to love seeing your design stand out in bright, vibrant colors. We can match or combine virtually any colors you'd like and die-cut your stickers into almost any shapes with no extra charge. How awesome is that?

Want to see your creations come to life through stickers? We can help! Start your custom sticker order to experience exceptional customer service and world-class stickers. Enjoy!

Jazz Up Your Juice with Custom Product Labels

custom product labels and stickers by StickerGiant

Creating a magically delicious beverage that everyone loves is no easy task, my friend. It takes tons of trial and error and hard work, and a little more than a few sleepless nights. You've poured your heart and soul into crafting the best of the best ... but now what? You've got to put it into a container of some sort, sure, but how are you going to let people know which dreamy elixir they're consuming?

If you have enthusiastically answered that question with "product labels!" then you are obviously a StickerGiant fan. Yes, as much as we love stickers, our real passion lies in helping you discover all of the sticker-ish possibilities that exist in our known universe. A custom printed product or bottle label can help send your product through the stratosphere, where even the aliens can enjoy your creation. If you have any sort of product or bottle that needs to be identified, you can absolutely do no wrong when it comes to a custom label.

When choosing a label from StickerGiant, you have full control over what the end result will be.  Your labels will be digitally printed in full color and laminated for durability. Choose from standard or UV lamination (which helps to resist sun fade) and enjoy the convenience of rolled labels for easy application. From white bopp laminated to clear to paper, there's virtually no end to the combination of options available to help you make a great label.

Now that you know just how incredible our custom product labels can be, are you ready to give it a shot? Your homemade spaghetti sauce will thank you! Click here to get started, and someone from our wonderfully talented customer service team will help you make a label they can't refuse.

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