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Promoting Your Band With Custom Stickers

The custom band sticker is a StickerGiant staple. Most new bands don't have much money for advertising or promotion. Stickers are incredibly cheap, easy to distribute, and can give you a presence in the places your audience hangs out. Custom stickers last a long time, don't spoil and ... [Read More]

Window Stickers

Window Decals Hey I'm John Fischer and today I want to answer a customer question window decals Tony, from New Jersey writes, "I own a ba-da-bing store on the Jersey Shore, but and I want a sticker for my store door that looks the same coming as when you are going." Well Tony, we ... [Read More]

Four Ways To Market Your Business With Stickers

The StickerGiant says: "The custom sticker is essentially the new business card." Wow! Here's four ways to market your business with stickers. 1) If you've got a storefront, that's where you start. Begin by sticking your stickers wherever you can, including your doors, windows, and ... [Read More]

Funny stickers are good advertising

If you need promotion for your thing, whatever that thing may be, consider funny stickers. They grab the attention. Like this one – I don't know what Bacon Camp is, and I'm not gonna Google for it right now, but that happy li'l pig is funny, and I'm intrigued. If I saw this on a laptop ... [Read More]

Here's a cute promo sticker for Electrical Wholesale - Direct. My dad is an engineer and this is the kind of place that would get him excited. Don't they get bonus points for that mustache, too? So virile! Dare I say, electric. Two sizes. ... [Read More]

Snow Motion - iPhone App

[Editor's Note: The SnowMotion app has been removed from the app store. We still wanted to tell their StickerGiant story, below.] If you like to snowboard or ski and own an iPhone, you need to try Snow Motion the app. The app uses the phone's GPS and motion sensing capabilities to ... [Read More]