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5 Ways to Use Facebook to Drive Holiday Sales

The holidays are upon us, and many small to mid-size business owners are left wondering about the best ways to take advantage of seasonal sales growth.  The holidays offer many great ways for business owners to capitalize on holiday Facebook marketing campaigns, but many are left ... [Read More]

Why Sticker Sheets Make for Ideal Event Swag

When organizing a successful annual event, leaving attendees and sponsors with a lasting impression is of the utmost importance. Event organizers from Wordcamp Chicago have found that stuffing event goodie bags are a great way to send a little extra love to their fans and supporters, ... [Read More] sticker on a laptop

Metroseen Sticker Unveiling from on Vimeo. A happy customer over at sent us this video unveiling their custom sticker gracing a white MacBook. Metroseen is a site where local businesses tell their unique stories through video. It's been launched in Boulder, ... [Read More]

Version One Laptop Bling

How many people do you see with stickers on their laptops? I see tons. It's a favored way to customize something that can be cold and impersonal otherwise. These Version One laptop bling stickers are a cute promo item we made for Version One, an agile software development management ... [Read More]

SweetSoaps StickerGiant Soap

[Editor's Note: Sweet Soaps has morphed from a successful soap company to a successful media company. Check out this old sticker story and look over their site if you need media help.] Sweet! (Had to.) Here's a custom StickerGiant soap by SweetSoaps featuring the face of StickerGiant ... [Read More]