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Four Ways To Market Your Business With Stickers

The StickerGiant says: "The custom sticker is essentially the new business card." Wow! Here's four ways to market your business with stickers. 1) If you've got a storefront, that's where you start. Begin by sticking your stickers wherever you can, including your doors, windows, and ... [Read More]

Here's a cute promo sticker for Electrical Wholesale - Direct. My dad is an engineer and this is the kind of place that would get him excited. Don't they get bonus points for that mustache, too? So virile! Dare I say, electric. Two sizes. ... [Read More]

Snow Motion - iPhone App

[Editor's Note: The SnowMotion app has been removed from the app store. We still wanted to tell their StickerGiant story, below.] If you like to snowboard or ski and own an iPhone, you need to try Snow Motion the app. The app uses the phone's GPS and motion sensing capabilities to ... [Read More]

Brightkite Stickers

[Editor's Note: Brightkite ceased operations around April of 2012. We are keeping their sticker story on our blog because we love to track how technology is helping us keep in touch with friends, family and customers. Plus, we have to have a record of what happened at South By, because ... [Read More]