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Custom stickers help promote Cusa Tea, the world's first premium instant tea


In our modern times, we crave convenience and quality. Yet it's rare to find both in a small packet. Today, we'll highlight one Boulder, Colorado, entrepreneur that has found a way to bring an ancient leisure and wellness activity up to speed for the 21st century.

Cusa Tea can be made, hot or cold, in just three seconds. And the single-serving tea packs are all made with high-quality, USDA Organic certified teas and fruits, primarily from India and China with no added fillers, or sugar.

The entrepreneurs at Cusa Tea are using their custom logo stickers to help share their story, whether it's in orders or at trade shows, these portable promotional tools help reinforce their green logo and bold brand name.

Travel opens doors to new ideas

"I discovered my passion for tea when I visited the traditional tea shops of Hong Kong as a study-abroad student," says founder Jim Lamancusa. "I was inspired by southeast Asia during that first trip, and I ended up living in the region for over two and a half years."

For Lamancusa, that life-altering trip provided a new perspective on this beverage, and the region was an open-air classroom that gave him a real-world education in the craft and culture of tea. He visited tea plantations and shops throughout China and India, not in search of business opportunities, but rather because he loved the experience of finding the best cup of tea.

Lamancusa spent the next fifteen years working in various industries, promoting a range of goods, from eco-friendly food service packaging to high-end ski mountaineering gear. Oh, and drinking tea. Lots and lots of tea on his journey to developing and perfecting Cusa Tea

From concept to final product

Then, one weekend a few years back, Lamancusa was on a backpacking trip in the Colorado Rockies. While his camping party prepared breakfast, he noticed that his friends were all pouring instant coffee packets. He sat back and dunked his tea bag into his camp mug, both enjoying the moment and seeing the clouds of a brainstorm brewing.

That was the spark of invention for Lamancusa. Once he returned home, he started his tea experimentation. It didn't take long for him to innovate around the production methods for instant beverages. His goal was to highlight a new brewing and dehydration process, and it took nine months of planning and testing to get the result he wanted: a final product that reflected the flavor and nuance of high-quality tea, but in a container that delivered a perfect cup of premium organic tea in seconds.

Promote your brand with custom logo stickers

We see plenty of stories like Jim's every day in the sticker factory. We see honey brands, auto shops, music teachers, and dozens of small businesses that roll through the printers with their custom stickers. Each one is a story, and each story has a sticker. For Cusa Tea, it's a square kiss cut sticker. For the auto shop, it might be a oil change reminder window sticker. The honey company might be using a matte label. And these are just a few examples. But they all start with an idea, and they end with a sticker. Then that sticker travels the world and helps tell the story of that great idea.

Custom stickers for Decred, an open and progressive cryptocurrency based on blockchain

Decred is an open and progressive cryptocurrency with a system of community-based governance integrated into its blockchain. They printed five different kiss cut stickers in this run, and they all feature a custom design and message. These promotional stickers help reinforce their brand and build community with inside jokes for folks in the cryptocurrency and blockchain worlds.

Time for tech talk: Decred is a multi-platform digital currency with support for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Easy-to-use wallet apps enable sending, receiving, and mining Decred with just a few clicks. The Web Wallet is the easiest way to get started with Decred. All users can access it online via, without needing to download anything.

Truly futuristic stuff that's starting to take over modern life, as bank fraud and identify theft affected 15.4 million consumers in 2016. And that's where Decred comes in: to provide currency management solutions for people who want more security and control over their digital money. Learn more about their technology on their resource page devoted to documentation.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Now you might be wondering exactly what the terms cryptocurrency and blockchain mean, so let's answer those questions.

A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange using encryption to secure the transactions and to control the creation of additional units of the currency. So, basically this is a form of digital currency. Most people have heard of Bitcoin, the now eight-year-old currency that was the first decentralized cryptocurrency. Now spinoffs are entering the market and adding to the these "blockchains."A blockchain is a piece of technology that is an "incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value," according to Don & Alex Tapscott in their book Blockchain Revolution from 2016.

Kiss Cut Stickers: Ideal for promotions and logos

Our kiss cut stickers come on a backing that's slightly larger than the sticker, as you can see on the rectangles above. They stack well on a table at a tradeshow, and they are the perfect addition to any snail mail that gets sent out. Or say people come visit your office, why send them on their way with a fun parting gift like a sticker? For Decred, they're doing just that.

If you're interested in using stickers like Decred, try us out.

Let's Code This custom stickers promote STEAM-powered lessons from The Home Depot


With a custom kiss cut sticker in the orange-and-black color palette of The Home Depot, Science Fair Central provides a motivational message for K-12 students. "Let's Code This" is part of a larger collaboration between Discovery Education and The Home Depot, where they have made it their mission to prepare today's students for the careers of tomorrow. To accomplish this goal, Science Fair Central will STEAM power K-12 classrooms and homes across the country.

With a promotional sticker this bold, the message is sure to hit the mark. The Innovation team at Home Depot uses these stickers for student recruitment events during their summer internship program. The team takes them along to different universities, and since the stickers are small and simple they are a big hit with students – easy to slap on a laptop or phone case.

Science Fair Center has something for everyone

According Science Fair Center, 10 million students from grades K-12 are participating in science fairs and STEAM events every year, and thus Science Fair Central aims to give students the tools to take their projects to the next level.

For teachers, check out the Maker Corner where they provide hands-on, standards-aligned STEAM lessons and accompanying materials lists for exciting, creative new ways to learn. If you're a student, you can find ideas for science and engineering projects, whether it's for school or for fun. Parents can browse plans and shopping lists that allow the whole family to make something together, from the trip to the store to the craft at home.

Home Depot sponsors all kinds of projects, including their Kids Workshops. The Maker spirit is all about “learning-through-doing.” The Home Depot wants all learners to put this spirit into their science fairs or STEAM events, and their fun, hands-on activities designed to encourage exploration and spark curiosity.

Project-based learning

For the scientific projects, students can pick from Life Science, Earth Science or Physical Science categories. Then they start their investigation with a scientific question and move into the testing stage. Following the scientific method, students pick an independent variable and a constant, and they they measure the data they collect. These are just some of the topics to pick from: Plants, Animals, Health / Human Body, Microorganisms, Environment, Weather, Geology, Space, Chemistry, Energy/Force and Matter. The engineering projects are all geared toward problem solving and giving the power to the student. They can identify a problem they want to solve or a process or physical design they want to improve. Some of it's heady stuff, but these are all certainly worthy concepts to study. This program even offers tips for the final presentation so students are ready to share their learning.

The "Let's Code This" sticker is an affirmation of the maker attitude, and this initiative strives to advance education for millions of students.