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You've Got Another Thing Coming

You've got another thing coming. And it might just be a bus. Richard Branson is one of the coolest people in the universe, but you gotta wonder if was listening to Judas Priest when he coined that quote. It's kinda tough to picture him riding a bus, though. If you think I'll sit ... [Read More]

International Observe The Moon Night

OMG! This is tomorrow! International Observe the Moon Night comes for the very first time September 18, 2010! It's being organized by a coalition of space science and astronomy organizations including Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Education and Public Outreach, the NASA Lunar Science ... [Read More]

Warriors Of Character - Navy

This sticker's a representation of a U.S. Navy Seals patch. Warriors Of Character are what the Navy aims to create. Here's to the U.S. Navy for their part in America's foreign combat. Original picture caption: 000618-N-8421M-021 PACIFIC OCEAN NEAR HAWAII, Jun. 18, 2000-- Twenty ... [Read More]

Swimming Pools, Swimming Pools

There is absolutely nothing like a good swimming pool. It's got clean, clear water that you just don't find in nature, with no sand, seaweed, or sea urchins to bug you. It's chlorinated, so you can forget about algae and just enjoy the cool water. And, if you get one installed at your ... [Read More]

Window Stickers

Window Decals Hey I'm John Fischer and today I want to answer a customer question window decals Tony, from New Jersey writes, "I own a ba-da-bing store on the Jersey Shore, but and I want a sticker for my store door that looks the same coming as when you are going." Well Tony, we ... [Read More]

Seven Deuce Tattoo (and a snowboard sticker)

I went to Lollapalooza here in Chicago and man, did I see a lot of tattoos! Those Lolla kids really dig their ink. Of course, the crowd wasn't all kids – there were plenty of old-timers there to see Devo and Jimmy Cliff and suchlike. And, whaddya know, plenty of them had tattoos as ... [Read More]