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Lather Up! Everyone Needs a Little Fuzzy Shake

Fuzzy Shake Sticker

You'll just have to bear with me on this one, kids ...
Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair.

But he just sat there.

He didn't move. He didn't wiggle.

For three days and nights, his hair magically grew.

All to give a child a giggle.

I woke up late. My mind was fuzzy.

You know how it is.

Last night was a duesie ...

Please don't complain that my rhyming skillz aren't mad

At least your Mom didn't make you wash with a bear-shaped Brillo pad.

Take a look at this Fuzzy Shake sticker. It's chock full 'o furry creatures rendered with eye-popping color. Our digital printing press nearly exploded with awwwwwwwwsomeness when these critters rolled off the line. King's crowns, traffic cones, propeller beanies, super heros, pirates, Mr. Potato Head, and a dancing banana ... they all love to do the Fuzzy Shake.

Good luck finding a package of Fuzzy Wuzzy bath soap these days. Oh sure, you'll find plenty of algorithmically derived Internet advertisements touting the magical soap, but they all lead to nowheresville ...

Now Printing: Sandwiches!

Sandwich Printing 02

I'll admit it. When I first heard that we had the ability to print sandwiches here at StickerGiant, my imagination ran away with me. First I dreamed of the fabled Chicken Salad Sandwich on Wheat Toast from Five Easy Pieces.

"You've got bread, and a toaster of some kind?"

That dream soon morphed into into a marvelously gloppy Philadelphia Cheese Steak, dripping with gooey cheese product and sizzling steak, green peppers and onions, right off the grill and smothered in Heinz catchup. Geno's or Pat's? I dunno!

And then, I woke up, realizing that we weren't able to print edible stickers (don't give the boss any ideas), but that this new fantastic capability allows us to prints clear stickers with different images on each side.

Two different images! That's like ordering half a Turkey Club and half a Sharp Italian Hoagie, all in one. This is what happens on a random November Behind the Scenes Friday, kids. Never mind the Twinkies. We have sandwich stickers!

Sandwich Printing 01

Fries with that?

What Do You Want From Life? Air Tubes!

Its a tube of air

Just when you thought we couldn't top last week's behind the scenes view of the frickin' die cutting lasers here at StickerGiant, we're here to surprise and amaze once again. This time, we're rolling out not just one, but two mysterious photographs of the air tubing that helps make the magic happen.

More air tubes

I suppose someone could explain exactly what these air tubes do, but I can't. Honestly, I have no idea, whatsoever. I'd try to weasel out of it by saying that I'm just working off my tryptophan-induced food hangover, but Mythbusters just debunked that theory.

Speaking of tubes, did you know that The Tubes are still at it? Indeed, they are! The stupendous San Francisco-based band responsible for those mind-blowing classics including While Punks on Dope, She's a Beauty, and What Do You Want From Life will be appearing at a number of locations in December. Disclosed, even.

You've Got Another Thing Coming


You've got another thing coming. And it might just be a bus.

Richard Branson is one of the coolest people in the universe, but you gotta wonder if was listening to Judas Priest when he coined that quote. It's kinda tough to picture him riding a bus, though.

If you think I'll sit around while you chip away my brain
Listen I ain't foolin' and you'd better think again
Out there is a fortune waitin' to be had
You think I'll let it go you're mad
You got another thing comin

 - Judas Priest

While we don't have any Judas Priest items in the StickerGiant store, you will find an interesting array of Ozzy and Black Sabbath goodies.

Dipped in Chocolate


There are few things in life as universally loved as chocolate. And few refrigerators that are unadorned by magnets. While we can't help chocoholics out with a quick fix, we can surely fix you up with a splendid magnetic admission of your affection for the tasty treat that owes its very existence to the mighty cacao tree.

Why Chocolate? Because Chocolate Can't Get You Pregnant. So go ahead, my friends, and freely indulge the Chocolate Slut that burns within you. I might go to hell for writing this stuff, but you're only reading it, so I'd reckon that you're off the hook.

StickerGiant offers a burgeoning supply of refrigerator magnets. So many, in fact, that we want you to think of us as your ever-loving beast of fridge magnet burgeon. When it comes to stuffing your family's stockings with graphic witticisms, do not dilly-dally. Venture forth into our pages of magnetic wonder.

We hope that you take undue pleasure in freely affixing these magnetized statements to the stalwart kitchen appliance that endlessly cools your supply of food and drinks. They will make you so happy and peppy each day that you will burst with joy. In this case, that joy will be chocolate-dipped. Win win, if you ask me.


StickerGiant Fan of the Week: Diana (aka Navy Mom)




We're proud to share this message from one of our super fans from Florida. Diana—also known as "Navy Mom"—bought some of our many U.S. Navy stickers and temporary tattoos and graciously shared her enthusiasm with us.
StickerGiant: I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait until I get the stickers, especially the Navy Seal temp tattoo and wear it. Someone close is a Seal, and I just needed it so badly and you were my hero. You had what I had been searching for. So thank you from a Navy Mom.

Wow, Diana, thank YOU for the kind words and more importantly, for sharing your loved one in service to our country! We're going to send off a box of heart-warming treats to you (or your sailor?) from our good neighbors at Mary's Market & Deli here in Hygiene, Colorado. And thanks for choosing StickerGiant.