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Patriots/Red Sox Cornhole Boards

A handy customer writes: We thought you might like to see how we used the Patriots and Red Sox stickers recently purchased from your company. We made Cornhole boards for our daughter's school auction. We have to admit most of the folks around here hadn't heard of Cornhole but once you ... [Read More]

Panda With Guns

Yesterday we had a Banksy-derived image, and though this looks like Bansy's signature stenciled style, it actually seems to derive from the upper Midwest. Or not, I mean, people copy all the time in street art, right? And this figure has his own Flickr group, so I'm not gonna make any ... [Read More]

What Would Hüsker Dü?

Oh, I see what you did there! I can't find anything about this sticker. It's just a good joke. Searching led me to this really interesting oral history of the Minneapolis scene at Magnet Magazine. Go read it. I never really got into Hüsker Dü even after the fact. I'm listening to ... [Read More]

Mountain Men Love Stickers!

See that bumper sticker on the truck? It says "Mountain Man." This pic was sent in by proud StickerGiant customer Otto Ota (at least, that's the name he claims. It could be his wilderness name – we may never know.) Otto says: Thanks for the great Mountain Man sticker, it looks good ... [Read More]

International Observe The Moon Night

OMG! This is tomorrow! International Observe the Moon Night comes for the very first time September 18, 2010! It's being organized by a coalition of space science and astronomy organizations including Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Education and Public Outreach, the NASA Lunar Science ... [Read More]

Warriors Of Character - Navy

This sticker's a representation of a U.S. Navy Seals patch. Warriors Of Character are what the Navy aims to create. Here's to the U.S. Navy for their part in America's foreign combat. Original picture caption: 000618-N-8421M-021 PACIFIC OCEAN NEAR HAWAII, Jun. 18, 2000-- Twenty ... [Read More]