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Know Your StickerGiant: Meet Robb

In keeping with our “Know your StickerGiant” theme, allow us to introduce Robb. He’s the guy who makes the stickers go out on time, as ordered, looking good, to our happy customers. We asked what sinks his battleship, and this is what he told us.

Name & Position:  Robb D., Production Manager

Time with StickerGiant:  4 years (I think??)

Best part of the job?  Running a very tight ship and having lots of fun with my crew doing it!

Hometown:  I'm a proud-born hilljack from Lyons, Colorado.

Hidden talent:  .sdrawkcab llew yrev etirw nac I

Cake or pie?  Candy!

Number one item on my bucket list?  To spend a year on a deserted island.

Favorite season and why?  Fall, for wild weather, Halloween, my birthday, and Thanksgiving—all in a row.

Cats or dogs?  Dogs...and snakes.

The last movie I watched/book I read was:  A nonstop Lord of The Rings Trilogy fest during 2 days of rain.

Favorite use for a sticker?  As a makeshift Band-Aid.

Prediction for 2012?  Alien disclosure.


Bumper Stickers, XTREME edition!

Now this is the car of our childhood dreams: self-expression and stickers galore. Our current BFF customer, Kurt from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, sent us these pics of his sweet ride.

Makes us think of the time we kids slapped a "Vote for Carter" sticker on the Mercedes parked in our driveway one Sunday morning. Our family houseguest—a military contractor, naturally—was not amused. Ahhh, memories!

Even better? The photo below is of the hood, which shows all the states this fine customer has rolled through. What a great idea, right? Happy trails, Kurt! And thank you for choosing StickerGiant!

Team StickerGiant: Meet Reece

reece- art department

In keeping with our “Know your StickerGiant” theme, allow us to introduce Reece. He's the guy behind the visual magic of making customers (and all of us) look really, really good. We asked what gets him to crank it up to 11, and this is what he said.

Name & Position:  Reece D., head of the Art Department

Time with StickerGiant:  2 years

Best part of the job?  Getting to make bad art look awesome.

Hometown:  Boulder, Colorado

Hidden talent:  I play drums.

Cake or pie?  Pie, because the cake is a lie!

Number one item on my bucket list?  To visit Peru.

Favorite season and why?  Spring because it's not too hot or cold and I love rain.

Cats or dogs?  Cats!

The last movie I watched/book I read was:  Minority Report

Favorite use for a sticker?  As an eye patch. Arrrrr!

Prediction for 2012?  I'm hoping humanity will suck it up and stop being so negative. We need free (positive) energy!

Roll Tide Cornhole Boards

Now, we don't mean to boast, but StickerGiant is developing quite the reputation among a certain sliver of a niche market among a small group of individuals. That's right: we're the go-to place offering great decals for your cornhole boards. Whether you're a Tuscaloosa man or a Domer, we've got you covered on the cornhole...er, front.

This fine specimen was made by none other than Rickys Cornhole, a board-crafting operation out of Montpelier, Ohio. Dressed up nice or unadorned, with or without bags, Rickys Cornhole aims to please. Check them out! And thanks for choosing StickerGiant!

StickerGiant Fan of the Week: Reg

Have you ever played the game where you go around a room and decide what kind of dog everyone would be or which Simpson's character they'd play? It's an incredibly useful entertainment tactic during meetings because it appears you're actually paying attention (way better than texting with your BFF).

Here's how it works: every comic book store owner you've ever met plays the Comic Book Guy, your neighbor's bratty kid is Bart, and—depending on your relationship with your mother—you're either Lisa, Homer, or Ned Flanders.

Playing the role of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon at the local Kwik-E-Mart in Cadillac, Michigan is StickerGiant's Fan of the Week, Reg! He's just one of StickerGiant’s fantastic fans on Facebook.

Why is Reg our Fan of the Week? Are you kidding? This guy hands out our stickers left and right...when he's not busy busting rotten apples for stealing Slim Jims and Red Bull at his place of employment. Which is precisely why we’re sending him a box of yummy cookies from our neighbor Mary’s Market & Deli. Enjoy, Reg. And thanks for choosing StickerGiant!

StickerGiant Fan of the Week: Kelly S.

One of the best parts of being the StickerGiant? We get to meet all kinds of interesting people! Our customers are from all over the globe and represent a fascinating, fun, and almost always wonderfully inspiring cross-section of humanity. Like Kelly S. She's just one of StickerGiant's fantastic fans on Facebook. Kelly recently posted about her sticker:
Hooray for the STICKER GIANT! My minister reminded me of this beautiful quote in church today and I remembered the bumper sticker on my mom's 72 VW Bus... Thanks to the Sticker Giant for making it possible to keep that spirit alive!

SO...we're sending her a box of yummy cookies from our neighbor, Mary's Market & Deli. Thanks for the shout-out, Kelly! And thank you for choosing StickerGiant!