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Ocean Beach: Please don't feed our bums

Here's the original sticker that started all the controversy. "Ocean Beach: Please don't feed our bums" has been as divisive as a sticker can get. Some folks love it, some folks hate it. Some say it's an appropriate reaction to a new breed of aggressive young panhandler, suspected of ... [Read More]

Worsterer: This Sticker Sucks

[Editor's Note: Worsterer.com is no longer in service, but this is still a funny idea in our mind. And remember: we think all stickers are created equal. Equally awesome!] And, to close out the week, this very special sticker from Worsterer.com. "This sticker sucks," it declares, ... [Read More]

Threadless 10-year Anniversary

The StickerGiant loves Threadless. They're cool people making a cool product and they've got an amazing community of designers. Did you know there's even two Threadless t-shirt stores in Chicago? So we salute Threadless for their 10 years in business. Happy birthday! Oh, and why is ... [Read More]

Taxi Company Stickers

Here's something for y'all visiting Cape Cod in Massachusetts. We've got two specialty taxi companies with lovely StickerGiant stickers. First up is Cape Cab: We are Cape Cod's most reliable taxi service. Our mission is to provide our customers with punctual transportation, friendly ... [Read More]

Puerto Viejo: Keep It Local

Well, I just don't know what to make of this one. "Puerto Viejo" and "Keep it Local" reads the sticker, which sounds like a plea to stay away from the Costa Rican resort town. It's in a "natural" state right now, catering to adventurers but not really to tourists. There are plans for ... [Read More]

Vic's Wicks

Here's a sticker that goes to work. As you can see, it's the label on fine handmade soy candles from Vic's Wicks, "handmade by Vic and Daisy Girl in Litchfield County, CT." This candle is, "sold exclusively at Woodbury Guitar Studio, Woodbury, CT." Call Vic up if you're interested, ... [Read More]