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“Guiding Surf Travelers…” —STICKER Story Scott Valor,


[Editor's Note: Burning Pier has paddled over to @TropiBlueHawaii.]

Scott Valor created and developed  He's a semi-retired lawyer who surfs and travels at least 3-6 months of the year outside California and surfs almost daily in California when he is home.

He originally wrote a book, "The Surfer's Guide to Mainland Mexico" in 2006 sharing over 20 years of local knowledge about Mexican surf and culture and the response was so positive that he eventually created to share that knowledge with a wider audience.

Q&A with Scott Valor

What do people really dig about your product/services?: offers first-hand knowledge of the surf in certain regions of the world.  We also have information about the local culture, help travelers with local contacts, and other travel hints to make their surf travel experience a better one.  We only focus on areas where we have traveled, but they are really diverse: the Hawaiian Islands (primarily Kauai and Oahu), the Caribbean (primarily Barbados, with some of the best surf in the Caribbean), Mainland Mexico's pacific side, and the California coast.

Why/How do you use stickers as a marketing or outreach tactic?: 

Website traffic volume is the key to getting the word out. Unlike business cards which find their way on a cluttered desk, or pop-up ads on the Internet which are ignored or blocked, a sticker that finds it way to a car bumper, a surfboard, a guitar case, or wherever someone puts it has lasting power.  With the website URL clearly on it, people will take note and actually look it up, especially if the sticker graphic is bright and appealing.

What advice would you give to a company thinking about using stickers as a marketing tactic to wow their fans. What has worked for you, what hasn’t, etc?: 

Keep the graphics simple and bright.  Be sure any lettering is large enough to read. My first stickers had too many words and the lettering was too small.  My most popular sticker has simple bright colors and just the website URL.  It is also the most requested sticker.  Also, try to use your own art and designs.  That way you have a story to tell and can take more pride in your stickers.

List some ways that fans can support your brand to encourage growth apart from buying your product or service?: 

Information and feedback!  If your experience is based on information from our website, we want to hear from you.  Any changes in the place you visited? Anything special you would like to pass on to fellow surf travelers? Any locals you would recommend connecting with because they were friendly/helpful?

While we do sell some Mexico maps and charts, what we want to pass along is the aloha spirit of the Hawaiian Islands anywhere you travel and surf. Your input will help us do that!

Riding With MOTO-D Racing

MOTO-D Racing oval sticker

Armonk, New York-based MOTO-D Racing designs and builds accessories for the performance riding motorcycle market. If you take your bike to track day, you'll want to check out their line of tire warmers, race stands, and folding ramps.

MOTO-D's one-piece motorcycle base layer/undersuits provide a wicking layer between your and your leathers, and are available for both cold and hot weather.

Need to fasten a camera or smartphone to your bike? MOTO-D's GPS Camera Mounts are racetrack-tested and rock solid. The mounts are built from 6061-T6 aluminum and can be outfitted to accommodate iPhones (3G, 4G/S and 5), Android devices, Contour HDs and Go Pros.

Take a gander at the wicked cool custom oval sticker we cranked out for MOTO-D ... our digital printing press rendered their logo's three-dimensional black and gold effect with precision. Wham! Is that a sticker or an emblem?

And now, for some motorcycle trivia!

The meticulously crafted Vincent Black Shadow is one of the most revered motorcycles of all time and one of the fastest of its era.

Q: Vincent Black Shadows were used as police motorcycles in a 1950s Science Fiction film, set in the future. What was the name of that film?








A: George Orwell's 1984.

Psycho Baits' Sticker Jumps With Custom Die-Cuts

Psycho Baits sticker.

Summertime and the living is easy. Fish are jumping ...

Psycho Baits' new oval stickers hooks 'em up with a custom die cut that gets their logo leaping out of the water. You know we love 'em big and bold, and the Psycho logo fits the bill with bright primary colors. Hypnotizing yellow type with a scratchy black outline blasts over the red oval background. The big white Y bait icon is why this one really stands out, with the head and tail poking off off the red oval. A nice thick white outline surrounds the entire sticker to get it bouncing off the paint on your tailgate.

Better slap this one on the back of your fish-findin' vehicle, not the front, otherwise the fish will see you comin'!

Freshwater, Saltwater, Psycho's got it covered. They have a wild array of wonderfully wiggly critters, starting with Grubs, Minnows, Worms, Jigs and Stix. There's a creepy crawly creature to please every fish's palette: Shrimp, Eels, Beetles, Lizards, Frogs, and Craws, you name it. So tasty!

What's that? You have work to do?

No week is too full that you can't fit in a few hours of fishing ...

Silicon Valley Roller Girls: Code by Day, Crash by Night

Silicon Valley Roller Girls sticker

Hailing from the heart of the technological universe, the Silicon Valley Roller Girls (SVRG) are Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) members with three teams in the fray - the Dot.Kamikazes, the Killabytes, and the Hard Drivers.

The Silicon Valley Roller Girls home battleground is San Jose Skate, at Blossom Hill Road in San Jose. Here's their upcoming summer schedule:

  • Saturday - June 22
    Dot.Kamikazes vs Duke City The Munecas Muertas
    Killabytes vs Undead Bettys

  • Saturday - August 17
    Dot.Kamikazes vs Central Coast Roller Derby -SK805
    Killabytes vs Monterey – Beasts of Eden

  • Saturday - September 28
    Dot.Kamikazes vs Humboldt – Redwood Rollers
    Killabytes vs Shasta Roller Derby – Assassins

SVRG's two-color stickers are in-your-face, with bold black-and-white artwork over an alien green field. They're a must for every fan.

While there are those that say roller derby girls are a different breed, could they really be from a different planet? Or perhaps not human at all? Extraterrestrials? Cyborgs? Both? You make the call!

Code by day, crash by night!

Flying Mouse Brewery Cleared for Take Off!

Flying Mouse Brewery Sticker

High over the Blue Ridge Mountains ... is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No! It's a Flying Mouse!

A flying mouse? Not a flying squirrel?

Nope. A Flying Mouse. On a Bottle of Beer.

A mouse in a bottle of beer?

Nope. ON a bottle of beer.

A flying mouse? Not a flying squirrel?

Didn't we just do this? It's not a squirrel, you hoser! It's a mouse. A Flying Mouse.

The Flying Mouse Brewery is a brand new brewery that's landing in Botetourt County, Virginia ... Troutville, to be exact.

Flying Mouse can be found just off the Appalachian Trail and the TransAmerica Bicycle Route (a.k.a: US Bicycle Route 76). The spot is an ideal stop-over for hikers and bikers alike.

So what's up with the mascot? Frank clues us in ...

I’ve always had a thing for bats (a “flying mouse” as it is called in other languages), and we initially selected a bat as the character around which the brand of the brewery would be developed. As the idea of the brewery grew, along with our thoughts of linking the brewery with the interesting “steampunk” design concepts borne out of the books of H.G Wells and Jules Verne, it was decided that the character should be an example of the spirit of invention, and actually be a mouse that invents a set of mechanical wings in order to fly. The idea of a small mouse wanting to become something so much more than it is also embodies the idea we have for the brewery experience, and how a small brewery can be about more than just making beer.

Maybe I'm batty, but Bob and Doug Mckenzie's Strange Brew just might be one of the greatest B movie comedies ever filmed. Okay, so some folks might think it's the worst. It all depends on your state of inebriation ...

It may be a long flight from The Great White North to the Blue Ridge Mountains, but it's all good, eh?


Howling at the Moon is a Primative Pursuit


Have you ever wished that you could just pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag and howl, howl, howl?

Primitive Pursuits of Ithaca, New York has a mission:

... to steward the health of our community by fostering life-long relationships with the natural world through exceptional mentoring and nature education.

And a vision:

We work daily to achieve a cultural intervention that will bring back into our modern lives a necessary and healthy relationship with the natural world and within our human communities. We envision a world where each child may once again grow up with the freedom to explore undeveloped nature and access to the knowledge which allows them to care for themselves, their communities and the environment.

Primitive Pursuit's brilliant one-color sticker gets right down to it, with simple elegance. Life's better when you take time out to kick back, hang around a campfire and howl at the moon.

While you don't have to become a modern day hybrid of Henry Thoreau and Grizzly Adams, everyone needs to get off the grid once in a while. So put down the controller to your game system, turn off the TV, ditch the smartphone and get away from it all. Learn how to identify birds. Make a bow. Perfect your winter survival techniques.

There were no XBoxes, Playstations, iPhones, or Samsung Galaxies when I was a kid. The only TV worth watching was during prime time. During the day, we got outside and did stuff. Like exploring in the woods. We turned over rocks in the stream, looking for orange spotted salamanders. We swung from vines and came home with scrapes, scratches, and poison ivy rashes.

We went on hikes to nowhere and came up with silly trivia games. Like today's question ...

Q: What Actor played Grizzly Adams in the 1970s TV series?

  1. Larry Storch

  2. Bill Daily

  3. Dan Haggerty

  4. Mickey Rourke

  5. Robert Blake








A: Dan Haggerty portrayed the famous mountain man and trainer of grizzly bears in the short lived Life and Time of Grizzly Adams.