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The Big Andrew 1st Annual White Salmon Kayak Race Takes Over Husum, Washington


It's been almost ten years since avid surfer Andrew Gmelch of Haverhill, Massachusetts, lost his valiant battle with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, but the namesake foundation started in his honor hasn't stopped paddling.

The Big Andrew Foundation printed up some classic rectangle logo stickers that features their branding on a deep black background with red-and-white type. Easily applied and instantly recognizable, these stickers make for great water bottles, bumpers, laptops or any-old-place the participants want to rock this design.

And this weekend The Big Andrew Foundation will be hosting their 1st Annual Big Andrew White Salmon Kayak Race, and they will bring together an epic group of paddlers on a classic section of Pacific Northwest whitewater near Husum, Washington. Racers will participate in a time-trial based format, and they will be hucking over five miles of water and crushing a few big drops.

For the folks in the "Stands" (read: the riverbank) will have some great views of the scenic shores of the White Salmon river while they pull from kegs of cold Ninkasi beer and listen to music by a roaring campfire at the Husum Falls Finish Line. Sounds like a great time outdoors for a good cause, just the kind of event we love to sponsor here at StickerGiant.

The Big Andrew Foundation White Salmon Kayak Race

The Big Andrew Foundation is a community-based, non-profit organization dedicated to the financial and emotional support of cancer patients and their families. Started in the spring following Andrew's passing, the foundation is a group of watermen, survivors, volunteers and families that rally around a common passion: helping those in need and being close to the water. In it's eight years, the foundation has seen a consistent growth, with young surfers coming back year after year, vowing they will be this years winner.

More about Andrew

Always known as the one who could put a smile on someones face no matter what the situation, Andrew was an individual who lived with unforgettable character. Even at the height of his illness, his optimism and good heartedness remained at the core of his being. The effort in which Andrew expressed in activities ranging from extreme sports to his school studies, provides us with an extraordinary example of how living with passion means to live without regrets and fears. His quick wit and sense of humor also taught those of us who knew him how to live with a little humility, and to take life as it comes.

Go to to learn more about the other awesome events sponsors for this weekend maybe even find an event near you.

Experience Madness and Miracles at TEDxUCSD this weekend


Our friends from the University of California San Diego have returned for TEDxUCSD. The theme for the 2017 edition is "Madness and Miracles" and marks for our third sponsorship. We've done our share our share of local TEDx events as volunteers, and we love seeing this community get together to share ideas.

They printed up their classic black rectangle sticker with the red font color that matches the TEDx branding and then there's their independent group name. This will make for an ideal portable billboard as attendees go out into the world with their heads full of inspiration and stories.

For "Madness and Miracles," the organizers give a nod to the the spirit and history of invention by celebrating the ideas that were once deemed too far-fetched or doomed to fail, but against all odds persevered.
Many novel ideas and discoveries that we now regard as “everyday” and "obvious" were once dismissed as ramblings of mad people. The ones who dared to dream and innovate in the face of failure or public humiliation were the ones who now have their names etched in history books. We should not be afraid of novel or unfamiliar ways of thinking, as there may be significant value in the discovery. Ultimately, it is only through these “mad” ideas that society progresses and grows.

As with any TEDx event, "Madness and Miracles" will be in the spirit of TED's mission, "ideas worth spreading." Like them on Facebook to get notified of their next event. Check out pictures on Instagram or follow on Twitter to see the action as it unfolds.

Startup Weekend Chennai


We are traveling to Tamil Nadu state in India for our weekly sponsorship with this edition of Startup Weekend Chennai 2017. They went with a rectangle shaped custom sticker in a simple Kelly Green color and a Startup Weekend beaker design with their location tag below the art element. Then they feature the event name and their title sponsor, Google for Entrepreneurs.

Let's get into a little play-by-play for the three days ahead, since Startup Weekends start fast, move fast, and end fast. After all, it's only 54 hours from pitch to launch, so it means there's not a lot of time for talking and everyone is focused on one thing: action.

Friday everyone meets and all registered attendees pitch their ideas in an attempt to inspire others to join their teams. It’s a bit of a scrum as everyone sorts out what they want to work on. Saturday and Sunday is where the teams debate, build, pitch and build some more. They focus on building a prototype of their idea, whether it’s a software application or a physical device. During two-day period, teams will also focus on customer development by validating their ideas and practicing proven Techstars startup methodologies to build a minimum viable product.

Sunday night brings the big reveal, where teams demo their prototypes and receive valuable feedback from a panel of expert judges. Along the way there is plenty of collaboration and feedback from mentors and facilitators. We want to give a big thanks to the organizing team and fellow sponsors, and we wish everyone the best of luck as they innovate in Chennai.

More about our Techstars partners

Techstars is a global ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs to bring new technologies to market wherever they choose to live. With dozens of mentorship driven accelerator programs and thousands of community programs worldwide, Techstars exists to support the world’s most promising entrepreneurs throughout their lifelong journey, from inspiration to IPO. Techstars provides access to tens of thousands of community leaders, founders, mentors, investors, and corporate partners, allowing entrepreneurs to accelerate the pace of innovation and do more faster. Techstars supports every stage of the entrepreneurial journey – from early stage grassroots community development to more formal opportunities that provide education, experience, acceleration, funding, and beyond. Techstars Startup Programs include Startup Weekend, Startup Digest, and Startup

Startup Weekend Orange County, Gandhinagar & UBC (Vancouver) 2017


We have a trio of Startup Weekend events this weekend, with three different countries represented. They are all receiving our new die cut stickers, with Startup Weekend Orange County sporting a black oval design that features the Newport Beach ferris wheel while both Startup Weekend Gandhinagar and Startup Weekend UBC Vancouver have a rectangle design relying on a green color scheme that incorporates their respective city's skyline.

Startup Weekends, from our friends at Techstars, bring together entrepreneurs from across local communities and from around the world. Participants have the chance to build their own business and network with like-minded folks, and every Startup Weekend holds the potential for greatness.