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Sticker of Church Logo Embodies The Spirit of Community


In 2005 a journey for 16 people sitting in a living room in northwest San Antonio began.  They wanted to welcome people into a community and church that did not care about denominations.  What they cared about was helping people with a friendly community and to spread the word of the New Testament and discover God’s purposes.

In addition to their sermons, Journey Church also provides various Life Groups for people to partake in socially to help them feel like a more cohesive community.  These groups are usually held in a similar place to where Journey Church started; someone’s living room.

With two simple arches converging into one over the name of Journey Church on their sticker we see simplicity and partnership.  StickerGiant is proud to help Journey Church reach out with these beautiful simple stickers and let you know you’re not alone on your journey.

Ready to start a new journey of your own?  Contact StickerGiant to create your own stickers and journey down the road to building your own cohesive community.

Reasonable Doubts Answers Your Skeptical Religious Questions

Doubt Cast StickerGiant campaign

The term "reasonable doubt" was originally coined as a legal term that meant someone had reasons to doubt a defendant's evidence, but you're probably most familiar with the phrase "beyond a reasonable doubt." When something is proved so thoroughly that all questions about the evidence are thrown out, you have gone beyond reasonable doubt. Religion might be a sure thing to some, and leave others skeptical. For those with questions, Reasonable Doubts is the place to turn.

Hosted on, Reasonable Doubts strives to answer questions that religious skeptics or atheists might have, all in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner. From religion in the headlines to current health epidemics, they've got the important issues covered with insightful banter and educated guests. You can listen to the podcast, subscribe for all of the updates and the best part? It's all free. You can donate if you like the program and want to see it continue, but it's not necessary to get all the information you could ever want regarding skepticism and religion. The show is well-spoken and educational - two great standards that make for a great show.

Like the podcast itself, the Reasonable Doubts sticker is just what it says it is, nothing less. Ironically designed in black-and-white (because religion has so many avenues), the sticker raises just enough intrigue to make people want to visit the site to learn more. What a great call to action without being loud!

Check out this video from their YouTube channel, then click here to start making believers out of your customers!



Coexist? Ya Mon.


[Dear Readers, we no longer offer retail stickers, but we do offer an awesome website to order your own custom sticker.]

We've been striving to stick to a strict publishing schedule here on the StickerGiant blog and Thursday is usually reserved for a special peep. But as you may have heard, the great state of Colorado just became the second state in the union, after Washington state, to allow the recreational use of marijuana. To honor Monday's monumental occasion, we pay homage to Bob Marley with this marvelously colorful Rasta Coexist sticker.

It's a new day in America. Enjoy it while you can, brothers and sisters, lest the man decide to clamp down on our new found freedom.

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery.
None but ourselves can free our minds.”
- Bob Marley