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Let's Talk About Roll Play

Roll Play

How do you roll? Roll Play Vietnamese Grill is making fast and healthy street food and rolling out their tasty creations with custom labels.

Roll Play is located in Vienna, Virginia. They have optimized their restaurant experience with touch screen ordering and making great Vietnamese food with fresh ingredients. They offer a great mix of food from traditional rolls, banh mi, bowls, pho and other sides.

Roll Play has an amazing logo and brand playing off the custom Vietnamese rolls they make. To gain more brand awareness they are making sure it sticks with all their food on to go boxes, napkins and custom labels.

Rolled product labels are the essential final ingredient on every restaurant's to go menu.

It Came From Lucky Slice!

Lucky Slice Pizza

Pizza by the slice in Ogden, Utah, where Lucky Slice Pizza calls home.

Every town needs a laid back pizza place to stop in and enjoy a slice. That is exactly what Lucky Slice Pizza is for Utah. They are baking New York style pizzas with fun variations and options by slice or pies to go.

To encourage folks to hop on their pizza wagon, Lucky Slice is the best in the pizza business at coming up with fun and creative sticker designs. "Pizza til' Death" and "Attack of the 20" Pizza" are spectacular stickers to slap on and show love for Lucky Slice. Our personal favorite is "The Giant Slice" sticker also featured above. Their kiss cut stickers are made to slap on and go, so fans can get their piece of the pie and stickers too.

Have fun with your business, be creative and get the love you deserve with custom stickers.

Pizza Sticker Slice

Celebrating #NationalPizzaDay all February with these fun stickers going out in orders

The Magic's in Shine Potions

Shine Potions

Eat. Drink. Shine. It's more than a restaurant, it's a place for healing potions, live music, dance, yoga and celebrations. Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place is a place for people from all over to stop and have an experience to remember and within these walls has also come some magical Shine Potions.

Shine was founded by triplets Jill, Jessica and Jennifer Emich, also nicknamed "The Blissful Sisters." Their restaurant is located in the heart of Boulder, Colorado off the Pearl Street Mall. From a focus on healthy food to the Shine Brewing Co., they have also created a line of Shine Potions. What is a Shine Potion?

"Shine Potions are enchanted beverages to remind you of the magic within. Through a harmony of supportive herbs, vibrational essences, sound frequencies and more, we tune each potion to a specific intention, one that is ultimately fulfilled by our most important ingredient: You. It’s a reflection of the power that you already contain. In other words: The Magic’s In You."

The Shine Potions have different ingredients and health benefits for each type. Pick one for clarity, energy, or even laughter. Their logo is of a potion bottle with hearts coming out the top with a very elegant font and appearance. It really stands out well as a custom logo sticker.

Finish off the final touches of your creations with a custom sticker.

The Food Truck Bazaar Stickers

the food truck bazaar stickergiant

Traveling to Florida this summer? If you’re a foodie (and aren’t we all?), then you should make it a point to visit The Food Truck Bazaar-- the nation’s original traveling food truck event. The bazaar visits approximately twelve different cities each month, so it’s likely that you will stumble upon one of these events during your travels.

Each event features 10-15 different trucks with a sampling of everything from ethnic food to barbecue. Owner Mark Baratelli selects each truck personally, tasting the menu and gathering the best trucks in the area in order to create the best possible experience for the tourists.

The custom stickers feature a curved ribbon highlighting a playful font that looks like it would belong at a state fair—or perhaps at a Food Truck Bazaar. The simple red color pulls together the sticker to evoke images of fun, merriment, and a good-eating time.


Are you a food vendor looking for better ways to stand out from the crowed? Check out more information about food labeling and How to build a foodie fan base.