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Here's The Circle

The Circle

It's not just a hobby, it's a lifestyle. The Circle is a place for snowboarders to call home and more than that, it is a skate, snow and lifestyle boutique.

The Circle was founded in 1997 by pro snowboarders, Kevin Young and Marc Morriset and that torch has been passed to Steve Harris and Laura Woerlee, also pro snowboarders. They have two store fronts in Whistler British Columbia, Canada, also known as Canada's Snowboard capital. The sweet part about their store is the staff help pick what clothing, gear and accessories they stock.

The Circle is representing their shop with a variety of awesome custom stickers, including a slick bumper sticker and a creative parody sticker off the famous movie The Shining. We know a little about that story being located down the mountain from the hotel that inspired the film, The Stanley Hotel. The Circle fully embraces stickers as part of their culture and we are always stoked to see what they are printing up next.

Whether it's a bumper sticker, or helmet sticker on the slopes, stickers are an awesome addition to every lifestyle.’s Scorpion Travels the Globe stickergiant

The team at loves board sports as much as you do, which was why they set out a few years ago to make racks for your home, apartment, and garage to store all their favorite boards in a way that keeps them organized, protected, and most importantly, on display. They’ve come a long way since the first rack they designed and produced in their basement, the Scorpion wakeboard rack, which served as the inspiration for their logo and their business development.

Today, their site,, is the leading retailer of storage and display racks for all board sports such as surf racks, paddleboard racks, snowboard racks, skateboard racks and wakeboard racks, and also racks for “non-board” sports like ski racks, bike racks and kayak racks.

StoreYourBoard’s distinctive Scorpion logo has been a symbol of its brand since day 1, and with StickerGiant’s help turning the logo into a sticker, the Scorpion is popping up in more and more places around the country and around the world.

All of StoreYourBoard’s customers – U.S. and international – receive a Scorpion sticker with their order, on a display card showing various boards in action, that says “Slap a Scorpion on it!” Its customers have done just that, slapping the Scorpion sticker on boards such as surfboards, skateboards, skis, wakeboards and even other places like skate helmets, ski lifts, cell phone cases, road signs, and more. sticker 2

Additionally, the Scorpion stickers travel everywhere the StoreYourBoard team travels, whether it be business events like the SIA Snow Show in Denver, Colorado or Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida, or vacation excursions surfing in Costa Rica or exploring Macchu Picchu. adhesive surfaces they place thier stickers

StoreYourBoard has also used the Scorpion stickers in giveaways and contests on social media like Twitter and Instagram (@StoreYourBoard) and also at promotional events and trade shows – who doesn’t love a free giveaway? Overall, the Scorpion sticker has been a symbol of StoreYourBoard’s presence in the action sports industry, and with the Scorpion sticker’s help, that presence is growing!

“Far and away we get the best return on SEO, which we have done in-house since day one.…” —STICKER Story Amy Dannwolf Jones, Powder7 Ski Shop

Powder7 sticker giant story  

Company Name: Powder7 Ski Shop Website:

The Powder 7 Ski Shop in Golden, Colo., is proud to be a family owned establishment serving the winter sports enthusiasts in the area. Most of their business is online now, but they still have many dedicated customers and friends who do business face to face.

The company sells skis and ski equipment for those who live for the slopes of winter. Be it a day or a season; you can find what you are looking for in their shop and online.Customer service is more than just a word to Powder 7. This past Christmas, for example, it was not uncommon to see one of the employees or owners chasing a UPS truck down the street for a last minute package.

We sat down with a few of the members of the staff for a quick Q&A. This was hard because there was a fresh blanket of snow on the ground and all we could think about was how much we wanted to grab a pair of skis and hit the slopes.

Q&A with Amy

If you had a million dollars how would you spend it?

Easy, we'd build a custom workspace with a larger warehouse, store, and offices so we'd be able to give our local customers an even better experience, our employees an even better physical space to work within, and have plenty of room to grow.

What is something that not a lot of people know about your company but you WISH more people DID know?

Our local customers are often surprised we're off the beaten path. They don't realize just how much we ship out every day, and that we need to be off of the main drag so we can have room for our large warehouse.

What are the top 3-5 winning market tactics you used in 2013 to drive sales?

Email marketing is huge for us, as is Google Shopping. However, far and away we get the best return on SEO, which we have done in-house since day one.

Who has made the biggest impact on your brand so far, and why?

It would be impossible to recognize any single person our group that has impacted our brand the most. The relationships we have built with all of our suppliers, and our suppliers' ongoing belief in our brand and business model has helped us build a strong foundation.

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Steez Gear

Got a bad case of iceface? Can't stand the pain of  chinchap? Old Man Winter is not to be trifled with, child. Luckily, there's Steez Gear to cover your...self. Check them out and you'll be "steezin, not freezin" in no time!
Steez Gear is the newest and sickest in the Snowboarding apparel world. We produce handmade and hand-dyed wool products from 100% Merino wool. FACT, Merino wool means it is super soft and wont itch or stink, both very necessary components of wool clothing. We make facemasks, big baggy beanies, long arm gloves we like to call sleeves, and 8 foot long scarves. Not to mention that all of these products are made with our signature wild style wool colors, imagine all the colors you love for the snow and urban settings without adding any acrylic or polyester. We believe in keeping it real for the environment as well, if we can avoid using plastic in our processes it is left out. We use cardboard for packaging and wool is a renewable resource grown from sheep.

Love their style and their stuff! Must work, because who's ever seen a cold sheep? Nope, neither have we. Those are some tough critters.

Wonder what's the best form of protection from the stupidity that cold weather brings? You know, like people  who swim in January in Minnesota or children who lick something frozen because a bigger kid bullied them into it? Sigh, it's the same story, every winter. Brrr! Resist the dare, folks! As for the double-dog dare, well, may the force be with you. Anything could happen!

Spark R&D

For the uninitiated, Spark R&D—the splitboard binding company—just might blow your mind. No pun intended!
Spark R&D is rider owned and operated, dedicated to pushing innovation in the sport of splitboarding, since 2005. With a view of the Bridger Mountains from our shop, we design and build splitboard bindings and accessories with backcountry performance coming first. All of the products are manufactured and/or assembled in a small shop in Bozeman, Montana USA. From machining to anodizing, laser engraving to assembly–everything is done by a skilled team of workers who are also passionate splitboarders. In-house design and manufacturing capabilities allow our products to quickly evolve and provides us the flexibility to cater to niche customers within the splitboarding market. Spark R&D continues to step it up; seeking perfection based on customer needs and rider feedback, keeping pace with the rapidly expanding splitboarding community.

"Spark" indeed! This stuff is exciting. What's all the hizzle? The relatively new technology of splitboarding is so efficient, so clever, so elegant of a solution to the "what goes down can't always go up" conundrum that frankly, we're feeling a little giddy. Tingly, even! Ski up; snowboard down. It's fantastic!

Makes us think of 3-2-1 Contact (you know, the moment when everything happens?). Or feel some of the child-like enthusiasm—minus the bitterness—of George Costanza. "This is huge!"