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Marhar Snowboards

We're all about custom designs here at StickerGiant, so it's with great pleasure that we get to shout out the custom sticker of a company that prints something custom of their own. Marhar Snowboards out of Grandville, Michigan, is a supplier of snowboards and apparel, and they will let ... [Read More]

Loki Gear

So this looks really cool: Loki makes shape-changing winter gear. Take the Loki Mitt: it's a mitt incorporated into the sleeve of a jacket. You can wear the jacket as a regular jacket, slip your hand into the integrated mitt and share your body's warmth with your hand, and even wear ... [Read More]

Shred Soles

I tried to learn to snowboard recently, up in Wausau, Wisconsin. Snowboarding is rubbish! How do those guys even stand up, let alone fly down the mountain and do tricks with those heavy boots and that huge board strapped to their feet? Seriously, I didn't even realize the board was ... [Read More]

Sierra Designs

Winter stuff sure has changed since the last time I bought a coat. I needed a new one this season and I was surprised to find that all the fluffy down-filled puffy coats had been replaced with all sorts of high-tech fabrics that were super-thin but supposedly keep you warm down to 50 ... [Read More]

Stickers With A Safety Message

Every year about 40 people die in downhill skiing or snowboarding accidents. Another 45 are seriously injured with life altering injuries. Many of these deaths and injuries could of been avoided by following some simple rules. Snowbird Mountain in Utah is working hard to get the safety ... [Read More]