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NASA's Rodent Research Team Gets the Interstellar Sticker Treatment


The NASA Rodent Research Facility provides rodent housing on board the International Space Station (ISS), and for their latest mission they printed up a cool triangle shaped custom kiss cut sticker. They've got the ISS on there, plus a transporter and the rodent all orbiting the earth.

These are some seriously awesome rodents, as the Rodent Research-9 mission, RR-9, is the first in a series of rodent payloads on the International Space Station (ISS) that is dedicated to NASA-sponsored science experiments. Previous missions on the ISS involved commercial and other government agency experiments selected by the Center for Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS). They fly these little folks up there to study the physiological systems of humans and animals due to the exposure to spaceflight conditions.

Ground-based and space flight studies by many investigators demonstrate that the mouse species is a good model for studying the changes in physiological systems in response to space flight. As a result there is a wealth of literature on the physiological impact of space flight and altered gravity on mice that can be compared with future flight data.

The ISS houses up to 10 mice for up to 30 days per unit and additional testing is in the works to increase this to up to 90 days. The crew transfers the mice from the Transporter to the Habitats shortly after docking with the ISS, and then the crew conducts experiment-specific operations while in orbit. These custom stickers will help identify the team, and we're proud to be sending on our stickers in the name of science.

Learn more about rodent research in microgravity.

We have a history with NASA Stickers

We've printed NASA stickers a few times now, and you can read about those sticker stories on the blog. Start with our first NASA sticker story about the HICO-RAID, and then move on to the Critical Space Item stickers, the Extreme Environment Mission Operations Neemo story, the Edge program, a cool sticker for the Orion EFT 1, a cool student collaboration from the University of Michigan called M Cubed, and finally a writeup about the STORRM.

Kiss Cut Stickers offer many options

Kiss cut stickers are a very customizable sticker. They can come individually sheeted, like the Rodent Research sticker, or they can come on a roll. With a kiss cut sticker, you can print in various shapes, sizes and orientations. We print in full color and offer durable UV lamination. They are easily stackable for displays, and with the oversized backing, they are easier to peel and apply.

Even NASA Critical Space Items Need Stickers


Today's art comes to us from Duane King, a designer and director out of Portland, Oregon. Judging by his prolific Instagram account, he's spent some time at various NASA sites. This matte kiss cut label was inspired by his story where he explains how the Apollo program would build parts all across the United States, and that when it came time to assemble the massive Saturn rockets and Apollo spacecraft, NASA would safeguard the vessels and the safety of the astronauts, with stickers during shipping.

There's the classic NASA logo (possibly the best of all time? Anyone?) and the blaring red circle that instructs the handlers to use extreme care. After all, these parts will go to space and have to return home in one piece. No bumps, drops or nudges allowed.

As for Duane King, he focuses on design, technology, and culture. He is an Executive Member of the IADAS, the Webby Awards judging body, and serves on the board of WorkOf and Designspeaks. In 2011, Fast Company selected him as one of the 50 Most Influential Designers in America. His work has been recognized by Cannes Lions, Fast Company, WIRED, The Guardian, Graphis, Industrial Designers Society of America, D&AD, The 100 Show, The Art Directors Club, TechCrunch, Engadget, The FWA, I.D. Magazine, Communication Arts, Creative Review, Computer Arts, IdN, Print and HOW Magazine.


Sevilla Startup Weekend > Aerospace


Photo from WikiMedia. Stickers from StickerGiant and Startup Weekend Sevilla.

Startup Weekend Sevilla is hosting their special Aerospace edition this weekend. Cool Startup Weekend beaker icon on a gridded background. The deep blue makes for a solid pop of color. During the weekend, entrepreneurs of all stripes will spend 54 hours building and brainstorming. What's great about Startup Weekends is that they show the incredible talent in a city and the great ideas that can be carried out. We're super pumped to be shipping to Spain these days as we expand our markets.

Starting on Friday attendees are invited to submit their best idea in an intense minute and entice other participants to join their team. After hearing all ideas, there will be a vote among the participants is to choose the most popular ideas. Then teams form. During Saturday and Sunday, the teams design and shape their startup with the help of mentors and facilitators to finally develop the business plan. Then on Sunday afternoon, the teams present their prototypes to a panel of judges, in a pitch of five minutes.

Watch this video with more about previous Startup Sevilla events

Check them out on Twitter with the #SWSevilla hashtag




The Journey Begins with SpaceKids.Global

The journey to space can only begin if inspired. SpaceKids.Global is educating young kids on space travel and what it takes to be an astronaut.

SpaceKids has a simple goal, to make a difference. The mission is to reach 1,000,000 kids around the world and inspire STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics + Environment) and Education. 

Virgin Galactic Astronaut, Sharon Hagle has put this program together and is out there inspiring kids and her peers to help the cause. In gaining support, SpaceKids designed a kiss cut stickers to match the style of space exploration and promote the program.

Check out Sharon's visit to Park Maitland School in Maitland, Florida and Browne Academy in Alexandria, Virginia:

In a short amount of time, 3,125 students have been reached. As the education spreads, so do the stickers to promote it.

Everything is impossible, until it is a custom sticker.

Observing the Earth From Space: Planet Labs

Planet Labs

Were you staring at that amazing blood moon this past Sunday? Wondering about what's out there and what time the movie "The Martian" is playing this next weekend? Well, there is a lot space can offer including a snapshot of our own planet, Earth. Planet Labs is making a difference in our lives by using imaging satellites in space to map out the changes in the earth.

Planet Labs story in their own words:
"From our home in San Francisco, we design, build and operate a network of satellites that we call “Doves.” In January 2014, we delivered Flock 1, the world’s largest constellation of Earth-imaging satellites, made up of 28 Doves.

Planet creates commercial and humanitarian value with the market's most capable global imaging network. Fresh data from any place on Earth is foundational to solving commercial, environmental, and humanitarian challenges. Our global sensing and analytics platform unlocks the ability to understand and respond to change at a local and global scale."

The best part of Planet Labs is their focus on the environment and not invading personal privacy. They say that their satellites can see the canopy of trees but not people.

What people can see with Planet Labs is their custom logo stickers in their standard blue color and reversed on white with blue text. They are the perfect small size of 1.5" by 1.5" that fits on laptop space, mobile phones and more.

Spread your mission and brand all over the world with custom stickers.

Check out Planet Labs video on who they are and what they do: