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Bold Ideas, Clean Code and Slick Beats to Flow at Hip Hop Hacktivist in NYC

Hip Hop Hacktivist Sponsored Circle Sticker 2017 Blog

Hip Hop Hacktivist blends together three of our favorite things: music, community and technology. This free hackathon targets youth in New York and uses the influence of hip-hop culture to introduce youth to the tech industry. On Saturday, high school students, some who have limited or no coding experience, will gather at the Tumblr Inc. offices 21st Street in Manhattan for a social coding event where programmers and designers will be collaborate over a short period of time to create a new software application.

They printed up a custom circle sticker in all black, with a type-drive design. Their event branding is set off in angle brackets for a nice nod to the tech side of the event, and then HIP HOP in all caps and a strong sans serif font. At the bottom, the organizing group The Art DepartmENT gets a pop of color with a red treatment and a grey foundation color. This is a bold sticker for a bold idea.

There will be plenty of hip hop, prizes and of course, tech. They are promoting this as a "Kendrick Lamar Inspired Hackathon" with the theme "We Gon' Be Alright." This program is a partnership with VICE Impact, which means there's a platform for this idea to scale.

If you're not familiar with hackathons, we sponsor many Major League Hackathon events, and this one falls under the guidelines. Major League Hacking (MLH) is the official student hackathon league. Each year, they produce 200+ weekend-long competitions where over 65,000 students globally participate in computer science tasks and innovation exercises. MLH is an engaged and passionate community that consists of the next generation of technology leaders and entrepreneurs, and we are proud to align with their mission.

These events typically last anywhere from 24 hours to a few days and usually revolve around a theme—this one's hip hop. For attendees there will be food and swag, and most importantly, there are groups with professional designers and developers who will provide the equipment needed to execute these great ideas. All that's needed is that participants bring their creativity and imagination, and the design and development mentors will guide teams through the whole process.
Each student will be supported by two trained software developers and one trained design professional.  Students will work together as a team to brainstorm and come up with an idea based on the theme of the event. Students will utilize teamwork, effective communication, time-management, and all the necessary skills involved in building a successful web app. Designers will assist students in sketching ideas out and wire framing. After the ideation stage, developers will bring the students’ ideas to life and the students will assist in the creative decisions that are to be made. Students will also work together to create a four minute presentation that describes and demonstrates their idea. Prizes will be distributed to various groups based on certain criteria. (From the Hip Hop Hacktivist site.)

Hip Hop Hacktivist will also include a music showcase and a panel that involves a conversation between music professionals and tech professionals so that all of these young kids learn about the many opportunities in the tech industry. Here's to that! Go forth and code, young ones.

YOWZA! Plenty of heroic action on these WordCamp Orange County sticker sheets


KA-POW! These heavy-hitting, action-hero themed WordCamp Orange County sticker sheets will be going home with every superhero WordCamp attendee after this weekend's gathering of WordPress enthusiasts.

They went all-in on a "fighting words" superhero comic theme modeled on the Adam West-era Batman, and this sticker sheet is stocked with 11 different stickers. There are three event-name stickers and then a truly creative and interactive set of peels that feature the words Kaboom!, Ka-Pow!, Zap!, Yowza!, Boom!, Pow! and some empty action bursts to fill in with the word of your choice. If you go to their website, you'll see that this design and branding persists throughout the site for a common visual language. They have cool web badges for attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers, and you know we'll be sporting ours on our social feeds all weekend long.

We wanted to give a shoutout to the organizers and the design team in Southern California for one of the most-unique sticker sheets we've seen in a while. We used a similar design on our yearly cookbook, and it's been a fun thing to throw in every order for our customers.

If you want to learn about how to set up a sticker sheet, our Artwork page has some of the relevant specs. What's great about sticker sheets is that you can have multiple designs on one sheet, and you can really get creative with colors and shapes. We digitally die cut all of the cut lines, so you can have nearly any custom shape that you want for the sheet itself or the stickers that go on the sheet.

This video about artwork guidelines explains how cut lines work and how to set up a file for custom sticker printing.

The Big Andrew 1st Annual White Salmon Kayak Race Takes Over Husum, Washington


It's been almost ten years since avid surfer Andrew Gmelch of Haverhill, Massachusetts, lost his valiant battle with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, but the namesake foundation started in his honor hasn't stopped paddling.

The Big Andrew Foundation printed up some classic rectangle logo stickers that features their branding on a deep black background with red-and-white type. Easily applied and instantly recognizable, these stickers make for great water bottles, bumpers, laptops or any-old-place the participants want to rock this design.

And this weekend The Big Andrew Foundation will be hosting their 1st Annual Big Andrew White Salmon Kayak Race, and they will bring together an epic group of paddlers on a classic section of Pacific Northwest whitewater near Husum, Washington. Racers will participate in a time-trial based format, and they will be hucking over five miles of water and crushing a few big drops.

For the folks in the "Stands" (read: the riverbank) will have some great views of the scenic shores of the White Salmon river while they pull from kegs of cold Ninkasi beer and listen to music by a roaring campfire at the Husum Falls Finish Line. Sounds like a great time outdoors for a good cause, just the kind of event we love to sponsor here at StickerGiant.

The Big Andrew Foundation White Salmon Kayak Race

The Big Andrew Foundation is a community-based, non-profit organization dedicated to the financial and emotional support of cancer patients and their families. Started in the spring following Andrew's passing, the foundation is a group of watermen, survivors, volunteers and families that rally around a common passion: helping those in need and being close to the water. In it's eight years, the foundation has seen a consistent growth, with young surfers coming back year after year, vowing they will be this years winner.

More about Andrew

Always known as the one who could put a smile on someones face no matter what the situation, Andrew was an individual who lived with unforgettable character. Even at the height of his illness, his optimism and good heartedness remained at the core of his being. The effort in which Andrew expressed in activities ranging from extreme sports to his school studies, provides us with an extraordinary example of how living with passion means to live without regrets and fears. His quick wit and sense of humor also taught those of us who knew him how to live with a little humility, and to take life as it comes.

Go to www.thebigandrew.com to learn more about the other awesome events sponsors for this weekend maybe even find an event near you.

Experience Madness and Miracles at TEDxUCSD this weekend


Our friends from the University of California San Diego have returned for TEDxUCSD. The theme for the 2017 edition is "Madness and Miracles" and marks for our third sponsorship. We've done our share our share of local TEDx events as volunteers, and we love seeing this community get together to share ideas.

They printed up their classic black rectangle sticker with the red font color that matches the TEDx branding and then there's their independent group name. This will make for an ideal portable billboard as attendees go out into the world with their heads full of inspiration and stories.

For "Madness and Miracles," the organizers give a nod to the the spirit and history of invention by celebrating the ideas that were once deemed too far-fetched or doomed to fail, but against all odds persevered.
Many novel ideas and discoveries that we now regard as “everyday” and "obvious" were once dismissed as ramblings of mad people. The ones who dared to dream and innovate in the face of failure or public humiliation were the ones who now have their names etched in history books. We should not be afraid of novel or unfamiliar ways of thinking, as there may be significant value in the discovery. Ultimately, it is only through these “mad” ideas that society progresses and grows.

As with any TEDx event, "Madness and Miracles" will be in the spirit of TED's mission, "ideas worth spreading." Like them on Facebook to get notified of their next event. Check out pictures on Instagram or follow on Twitter to see the action as it unfolds.

Next Gen Summit Brings Young Entrepreneurs to New York


We've got a classic white-and-black custom square sticker heading to New York for the Next Gen Summit 2017 where a weekend of networking, collaboration and inspiration awaits.

The Next Gen Summit bills themselves as a "premier conference for the world's most creative and intelligent young game-changers to connect and collaborate in-person."

And they back it up with results: the 2016 edition brought 500 attendees and over 30 industry-leading speakers from six of the seven continents, and 20-plus investors backed by over a billion dollars in capital helped solidify this event as one for young entrepreneurs to circle on their calendars. This show has received its share of media attention, and it's been featured in Forbes (who called this gathering a "Must Attend" event), Entrepreneur, Inc, Huffington Post and USA Today.

When we print up these custom square die cut stickers, we know that the crack-and-peel backing makes for most-portable and most-iconic branding for a logo. Their logo uses a classic black type on white background color mix, with a unique logo using the "N" of Next and an arrow serving almost as a True North on a compass rose. It's modern, yet timeless. The mixed type treatment below for the full event branding helps give weight to the word Next in bold and then a lighter type treatment for the rest of the name. For a 4x4-inch sticker, this die cut really does a lot on a small canvas.

Big thanks to the organizing team for all of their hard work behind the scenes. We look forward to following the event on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Wapuu The Traveling WordPress Ambassador Visits Managua, Calgary, Halifax and Portland, Maine


Everyone's favorite WordPress mascot, Wapuu, is sprouting some serious wings (and antlers? and claws?) this weekend as he visits four different cities on this beautiful blue marble we call Earth. What's fun is that we get to play a little "Who Wore It Best?" with this post, as Wapuu is just all over the place with his fashion sense today.

And what an ambassador for the web's favorite development platform he makes! In this edition, Wapuu takes on the local flavor in a major way, carrying a jicaro cup for hydration in Nicaragua, growing moose antlers in Maine, turning in a lobster in Nova Scotia and rocking a cowboy hat in Alberta. It's these whimsical designs that make WordCamps so much fun to sponsor here at StickerGiant.

We get to see awesome sticker sheets, and we learn about all of these new places that Wapuu travels. He's almost like our own Flat Stanley, instead he's a world-traveling sponsored sticker. Knowing that these communities are gathering and talking about the potential of websites built on WordPress is why we're in this game, and we want to make sure that all of our organizing teams get a big virtual high five from the team here at the StickerGiant Sponsorship Desk.

We are going to visit Nicaragua first, then head to Western Canada before moving east to the Atlantic Seaboard in Nova Scotia and Maine.

WordCamp Managua 2017


WordCamp Managua has quite a sticker sheet, with an event sticker Wapuu holding a jicaro cup of a traditional Nicaraguan drink, a Motmot rainforest bird (locals call it Guardabarranco, or ravine-guard) wrapped around the WordPress logo, and two beautiful peels that feature a misty mountain and tranquil lake. The sessions all look awesome, and it's a beautiful country to explore, so we hope all these WordCampers can get out and about.

WordCamp Calgary YYC 2017


In Calgary at WordCamp YYC, we have cowpoke Wapuu giving a nod to the Calgary Stampede, a massive July rodeo and festival that has put "Cowtown" on the map. There are a few badges and city mashups on the sheet, with a total of six stickers that really bring out the event branding. This is the 5th annual WordCamp Calgary, and we are excited to celebrate with these stickers. And happy 150th birthday Canada!

WordCamp Halifax 2017


Now heading east to WordCamp Halifax, we have a completely reimagined Wapuu taking on the costume of Lobster Wapuu. This is a great take on our cuddly friend, and he's surrounded by a host of WordPress logos, and a mini version of himself. Two Wapuus on one sheet, nice! Then of course they have the unofficial motto of the WordPress community: Code Is Poetry. Indeed, a well-written piece of code is truly a lyrical thing, and we know that everyone who leaves a WordCamp takes with them at least a stanza or two or true poetry within web development. We loved following along on their blog as they unveiled their design--it made for a cool rollout and helped build the excitement.

WordCamp Portland, Maine


Ending back in the United States, we're grooving on Moose Wapuu at WordCamp Portland, Maine. Plus there are some lovely conifers and a shining sun on the event sticker, and a couple WordPress logos in the yellow and green swatch that their design team picked. Year after year this team brings fresh graphics to our printers, and we love to see where they let their imagination take them.