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Tampa Bay Startup Week 2017

  We have stickers on Florida's Gulf Coast for the third Tampa Bay Startup Week, which is now in full swing through Friday with local events all around the Bay even into Pinellas County. This year they have a custom die cut sticker with event branding and a beach-theme Startup ... [Read More]

Oulu Startup Week and Startup Weekend

Sponsored die cut stickers are heading to Finland for a Startup Weekend/Startup Week combo put on by our entrepreneurial friends in the city of Oulu. This city is in the country's central region right on the shores of the Gulf of Bothnia and is home to 198,804 inhabitants. Iy is the most ... [Read More]

Startup Weekend Kids Mexico City 2016

Starting today through Sunday, Startup Weekend Kids Mexico City 2016 will be bringing together kids to focus their ideas into a business, and in the process have the opportunity to realize their wildest plans into tangible objects. Parents can be involved, and there will be games and ... [Read More]

Startup Week Chattanooga 2016

Startup Week Chatanooga Startup Week Chattanooga (AKA #startupweekcha) is a celebration of Chattanooga’s entrepreneurial community. This multi-day experience will feature a number of community-led events that highlight our growing startup scene and inspire entrepreneurial ... [Read More]

The Startup Party

Now here's a novel thought: a new political movement focused on local, startup businesses. The Startup Party will have a presence at Denver Startup Week from September 12-16. They are going to be a part of Denver Startup Week, and they are tracking their stickers in the wild, which we ... [Read More]

Dayton Startup Week 2016

Entrepreneurs gather in the birthplace of aviation For the week ahead, the city of Dayton, Ohio, plays host to Dayton Startup Week 2016. It's fitting that the two once home to the Wright Brothers and now featuring the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, the National ... [Read More]