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Startup World 2017


Custom die cut stickers will be at Startup World 2017 for their event on February 2nd at Entrepots Dominion in Montreal. They have a white sticker with black-and-magenta type as their primary branding, with primary sponsors listed below. The custom sans serif font really pops on our die cut product.

What is Startup World?

Startup World, which will be at celebrating its first edition in 2017, is an event created by YEP (the Young Entrepreneurship Project), which is the entrepreneurship association of HEC Montreal. HEC Montréal is a French-language university institution offering internationally renowned management education and research that has been training future managers since 1907.

Startup World will be a meeting of passionate entrepreneurs and recruiters. It is purely non-profit, and every additional dollar is used improve on activities.

Boomtown Demo Day

Boomtown Demo Day Boulder 2016

Boomtown Demo Day is here and it's proudly showcased on the marquee of the Boulder Theater and what goes better with that than a custom full color sticker of that exact thing.

Boomtown Accelerator offers twelve week programs that put founders through the full ringer with resources, such as mentors and their lab for creating. When these programs finally wrap up the companies do a final presentation which is known as Boomtown Demo Day.

"Boomtown strives to be the world’s most innovative and effective start up accelerator. We own this by having kick ass curriculum, super genius mentors, and a leadership staff that is insanely passionate about what they do. All of this is centered within Boulder, CO, a freakishly awesome place with a higher concentration of startups than anywhere else in the US."

Boomtown runs a few accelerator programs a year with a focus in the Tech and Health Teach industries. This program is finishing up with seven companies that will present tonight, Work Trip, Predictive Recognition, IndiCard, Wellness Intel, Meer, Grownetics, and ALEF. We provided some custom die cut stickers for each company to help boost their brand as it starts to spread after tonight.

Boomtown Accelerator Program Stickers

It's always exciting to welcome new companies into the business world and what better way than a sticker greeting. Tonight's Boomtown Demo Day starts off at 6:00 pm and runs until around 8:00 pm, if you're in the area check it out and go grab some stickers.

Startup Weekend Armenia Turismo in Colombia


We're hot off two weekends of Global Startup Weekends, and the trend continues this weekend in Colombia at Startup Weekend Armenia Turismo.

The topic will be travel and tourism, and it's taking place at a unique venue, the Hotel Karlaka, with lodging like their famous Houses in the Air, houses built four meters above the ground, embedded in eucalyptus trees in bamboo, plus many local adventure tours. For their custom logo stickers, they have a fun take on the Startup Weekend lab people against the skyline of Armenia, plus a use of green and yellow to highlight the natural world of the location. Well designed by the team, for sure.
Startup Weekend is a 54 hour event that brings together Armenia designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and experts from all domains to do amazing things.

All Startup Weekend events follow the same basic model: anyone is welcome to pitch their startup idea and receive feedback from their peers. Teams form around the top ideas (as determined by popular vote) and embark on a three-day frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. The weekend culminates with presentations in front of local entrepreneurial leaders with another opportunity for critical feedback!

Tickets for this weekend include a full meal during the weekend and a full stay during the event. Attendees also get the benefits and discounts of our global sponsors, plus counseling from national and local mentors. After this Startup Weekend, people who were on site will have a network of new developers, designers and entrepreneurs who are also excited to be agents of change in the country.

Thanks to the organizers for all of their hard work getting this weekend off the ground in such a cool location with a cool topic.

Startup Weekends on Three Continents: Cordoba, Pavia and Villahermosa


We are traveling the globe today for Startup Weekends in three different continents. We start in Cordoba, Argentina, then head north to Villahermosa, Mexico and finish in Pavia, Italy. We're extremely proud to be welcoming our friends in Argentina, as this is a new country for our international shipping options.

What's most exciting about these startup sponsorships for us here in the home office of Colorado is that we've been with Techstars since back in the day, and we're entrepreneurial by nature here in Colorado. When these communities congregate and innovate, we know that not only is our brand getting repped by some of the best and brightest, but we see that there is real change going on in these business communities. And of course, we just love the sticky promotional products that we get to ship to our business-building events around the world.

So let's give a big, hearty thanks to our dedicated organizers, and our wish for those in attendance is that they learn, grow and network all weekend--and come away with a tangible product that produces impact. You can follow the action on Twitter all weekend long on their feeds and hashtags.

Startup Weekend Cordoba 2016


Welcome Startup Weekend Cordoba 2016 to the club! This is a brand new location for us, and their sticker takes the classic Startup Weekend beaker and turns it into a patriotic display with the outline of the iconic Argentine flag that represent a blue sky parting to reveal white clouds. With a custom shape outlining the entire design and a big pop of color with green lettering, this sticker will make an impact. We wish our friends in the Southern Hemisphere a fun-filled and productive weekend of creating new business ideas.

Startup Weekend Villahermosa 2016


Next we are heading to North America and Mexico's Tabasco State for Startup Weekend Villahermosa 2016. Their take on the beaker sticker is printed on a white backing and features a tropical Tulipan flower native to the region along with a statue behind the flask. These touches help incorporate some local flavor and still promote Startup Weekend in typical fashion. Not a band mashup, and a sticker that will travel well for all attendees.

Startup Weekend Pavia 2016


We finish our globe trotting in Europe in Italy for Startup Weekend Pavia 2016. They have an attention-grabbing green square sticker with the stunning Pavia skyline of cathedrals, bridges and ancient architecture along with the Startup Weekend beaker. No doubt anyone with this sticker will be starting a conversation about their passion for startups.

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Catalyze CU Demo Day 2016


Catalyze CU is excited to present their third year cohort at Demo Day, and we're so happy to be in our second year of sponsorship for this local community event. Catalyze CU is an eight week, summer startup accelerator designed for CU Students and Faculty: Think summer school for startups. Catalyze CU combines world class mentoring and equity free grants for the University’s most promising ideas and technologies, and this group helps makes these ideas and technologies succeed. We are lucky to print 250 free logo stickers for the eight companies pitching their ideas on Demo Day. We hope to see them on laptops and phones all over Boulder and beyond.

2016 Demo Day Teams Involved

  • Hive Tech Solutions - Allows beekeepers to apply scientific research to improve bee health and enables growers to integrate pollination into their operations.

  • iNForm? - Uses IoT technology to help people keep track of their important items preventing loss or theft before it happens

  • NoEstra - Eliminates estrogen and harmful chemicals from drinking water using advanced filtration techniques available at home

  • Qualify - Gamifies college mobile dating by requiring successful quiz completion before viewing someone’s profile

  • ShoeSense Running - Prevents injuries in runners by providing them with detailed data to know precisely when their shoes are worn out

  • Flutter Scholarships - Streamlines the way college scholarships are sought, completed, and managed through a universal application platform

  • Stateless - Revolutionizes the architecture for IT networks and introduces virtual devices that don’t fail and seamlessly scale


Team pitches will be in the ATLAS building auditorium and will be followed by hands-on demonstrations and snacks in the lobby. If you aren't in Boulder, or don't have the bandwidth to attend in person, check out the livestream or on-demand viewing after the event.

Head to Twitter to check out @CatalyzeCU  all of the event action.

The Original: Boulder Startup Week 2016 Edition


Every series has an original. When it comes to Startup Week, look no further then Boulder Startup Week where it all started six years ago in downtown Boulder, Colorado. The 2016 edition is running Monday, May 16th through Friday, May 20th with events at all times of the day.

Why attend Boulder Startup Week? BSW sets the tone for how startup communities come together to build and shape the future. This year's line up features just over 200 events that are all free and open to the public. No matter what business you are in, BSW has sessions across all areas of starting a business or growing  your business with tracks such as, Health, Legal, Energy, Food, Legal, Art, etc.

There are so many events to be excited about and this year, including the Startup Showcase, TechStars Boulder Demo Night, Spark Haus Panel, Startup Bus Finals, Ignite Boulder and Founder Fights. These are just a few of the main highlights of the week. Plan out your days to attend, learn and contribute to discussions across the wide range of sessions available. Also, if you see something on a waitlist sign up and show up. Worst case, there is usually standing around at most events.

Boulder Startup Week is all about  the celebration and bringing together of the community. In the spirit of this, there is a track for people New to Boulder to help network and get introduced to everything Boulder offers in the startup world and beyond. There are also adventures for attendees to get out and enjoy the backdrop of the Flatirons and beautiful weather here in Colorado.

As attendees travel to and from sessions, BSW will be headquartered at Wild Standard. If you need to take a break from the learning overload, stop in and grab some food and drink. There will also be stacks of awesome BSW logo stickers to slap on your laptop to show you participated in this epic event.

Stickers and startups walk hand in hand, as you will notice a lot of laptops proudly representing the hundreds of startups in Boulder that come together for the week.

Check out this awesome video put together about Boulder Startup Week: