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Custom WordPress Wapuu Sticker Sheets ready to rock in Nashville at the third annual WordCamp US


The Grand WordCamp of them all is upon us: WordCamp US. A rotating festival held every year for two years in each location, this is the largest WordCamp of its kind in the world, and this year, Nashville plays host to WordCamp US 2017.

Wapuu is en route ready to rock on his sticker sheet. There's rockstar Wapuu, two event location stickers, with the highway shield design and the boots, a Tennessee State Flag sticker and a WordPress logo, then a rooster that's lit, and one last WordPress logo that says "Howdy."

WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other. Contributors work on the WordPress Core to help develop the open source technology that powers nearly 25% of the modern Internet.

Music City Welcomes WordCamp US

WordCamp US 2017 will be held at Music City Center, 2.1 million square feet of conference awesomeness in the heart of Nashville. WordCamp'ers will groove on the downtown location where they can take in Nashville’s many offerings.

Or, hang out in Music City Center, as it doubles as a gallery for public artwork. There are 50-plus artists and more than 100 pieces of stop-and-gaze artwork. The installation features paintings, suspended pieces, new media, mosaics, and light works throughout the building.

It's not a WordCamp without and After Party, which will be at the Adventure Science Center where they are more exhibits to explore, food, drinks, a photo booth, and karaoke.

Shoutout to all of the organizers at the local WordCamp Nashville team for their work on the ground in advance of this event, and all of the global WordPress team that's making it a great experience.

WordCamp US Schedule and State of the Word

The WordCamp schedule is packed with speakers and of course, the annual "State of the Word" address from Matt Mullenweg, the founder of Automattic and creator of WordPress. Other talks center on using WordPress themes, best practices in web design and discussion topics like how diversity can make businesses, organizations and conferences better or how the WordPress community can be leaders in helping fix the lack of diversity in tech problem. You can both learn and be inspired, while at the same time networking and enjoying a great community and location for a conference.

The hashtag to follow is #WCUS, and you can find all of the social accounts, from Facebook WordCampUSA to Twitter @wordcampus and Instagram @wordcampus.

Event Stickers are a great way to extend your brand

Stickers also engage your audience in ways that are unimaginable. We see dozens of a events a week pass through our shop, and it never ceases to amaze us how creatively some organizing teams approach their events. You can go with a logo sticker, or a sticker sheet like WordCamp. The possibilities are endless with our many custom stickers. Just add your unique take to tell your story.

Vann & Becky reward Kickstarter backers with custom sticker sheets


Vann & Becky have funded their first self-published children's book "Vann the Artist: Paints a Necklace," a story about a child artist, and a kiss cut sticker helps tell more of their story.

Their Kickstarter campaign has raised more than their goal, and now it's time for a custom sticker sheet to reward all of their fans. After all, they raised $5,058 pledged from a $4,750 goal, with 143 backers supporting their book printing and shipping costs. The main character, Vann, paints colorful beads, with animals on them, to make a necklace for her friend.

With a sticker sheet you get the option to include a few different designs, and this sheet has four fun animals that peel off, and the duo's logo along with some background elements that are part of the remaining sheet.

About Vann & Becky

Vann and Becky are sisters-in-law, and they are both creative people. Becky is the writer and Vann is the illustrator. Becky wanted to write a children's book while on maternity leave, and she found inspiration in her sister-in-law who is an artist with an online shop for her creations. Vann's signature piece is her hand-painted necklace, which is where the main character Vann takes her name and style.

As Becky started writing the story, she built out the rhymes and decided to incorporate education as well. Once the story was written, Vann helped flesh out the characters. Her talented artwork is displayed in quirky characters, bright colors, and an ability to bring the story to life.

The book is full of vibrant colors, and characters that are loaded with personality. The book also includes educational undertones (that all parents love) with emphasis on colors, animals and counting to the number 5. It features a rhyming storyline that keeps it fun and engaging.

Rewarding loyal fans

What better way to show your love for your fans than a custom sticker sheet, in this case a sheet of whimsical designs that are like those found in the book from Vann & Becky. When supporters back a Kickstarter campaign, they want what they've pledged, of course, but it's alway fun to go the extra mile and say thanks for the support. Whether it's a custom logo sticker or a sticker sheet.

Custom sticker sheets bring the WordPress community together and spread the WordCamp message


We've got a really busy weekend of events, and today we're highlighting WordCamps that feature simply sublime sticker sheets with creativity and design in spades.

Our dear friend Wapuu has two visits scheduled: first he's taking a trip (by horseback!) to WordCamp Dallas-Forth Worth, and then he's off to WordCamp Orlando as a many-costumed super hero. This cuddly character really logs those frequent flyer miles to spread the WordPress message.

Since these are event stickers, the organizing team has the opportunity to include their event branding with a unique, local touch. When it comes to events, we support many volunteer-led initiatives all around the world through stickers, whether they are logo stickers or event branded sticker sheets. Promotional stickers are one of our favorite product types, and the WordPress community has been printing up these whimsical stickers for years.

More than just just fun stickers, they're web design too

Another reason we love these event stickers is that the corresponding websites take the theme from sticker, and then the site design and navigation icons all relate to the theme of the year. Since we see so many events, it's interesting to watch them grow over the years and become more sophisticated. WordCamps, as a general rule, have a great organizational structure and focus on celebrating and developing the WordPress core.

Event stickers reach people where they are

WordCamps have plenty of educational opportunities for attendees to grow their skills and improve their knowledge of WordPress, and since WordPress powers nearly 25% of all websites on the Internet, we know that the folks who are there will be helping build the World Wide Web of the future. Events are place where we find StickerGiant stickers on laptops, on car windows and all over tables where businesses are representing their services. Stickers help you promote your brand and your message, and a sticker sheet provides customization like few other products.

YOWZA! Plenty of heroic action on these WordCamp Orange County sticker sheets


KA-POW! These heavy-hitting, action-hero themed WordCamp Orange County sticker sheets will be going home with every superhero WordCamp attendee after this weekend's gathering of WordPress enthusiasts.

They went all-in on a "fighting words" superhero comic theme modeled on the Adam West-era Batman, and this sticker sheet is stocked with 11 different stickers. There are three event-name stickers and then a truly creative and interactive set of peels that feature the words Kaboom!, Ka-Pow!, Zap!, Yowza!, Boom!, Pow! and some empty action bursts to fill in with the word of your choice. If you go to their website, you'll see that this design and branding persists throughout the site for a common visual language. They have cool web badges for attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers, and you know we'll be sporting ours on our social feeds all weekend long.

We wanted to give a shoutout to the organizers and the design team in Southern California for one of the most-unique sticker sheets we've seen in a while. We used a similar design on our yearly cookbook, and it's been a fun thing to throw in every order for our customers.

If you want to learn about how to set up a sticker sheet, our Artwork page has some of the relevant specs. What's great about sticker sheets is that you can have multiple designs on one sheet, and you can really get creative with colors and shapes. We digitally die cut all of the cut lines, so you can have nearly any custom shape that you want for the sheet itself or the stickers that go on the sheet.

This video about artwork guidelines explains how cut lines work and how to set up a file for custom sticker printing.

Wapuu The Traveling WordPress Ambassador Visits Managua, Calgary, Halifax and Portland, Maine


Everyone's favorite WordPress mascot, Wapuu, is sprouting some serious wings (and antlers? and claws?) this weekend as he visits four different cities on this beautiful blue marble we call Earth. What's fun is that we get to play a little "Who Wore It Best?" with this post, as Wapuu is just all over the place with his fashion sense today.

And what an ambassador for the web's favorite development platform he makes! In this edition, Wapuu takes on the local flavor in a major way, carrying a jicaro cup for hydration in Nicaragua, growing moose antlers in Maine, turning in a lobster in Nova Scotia and rocking a cowboy hat in Alberta. It's these whimsical designs that make WordCamps so much fun to sponsor here at StickerGiant.

We get to see awesome sticker sheets, and we learn about all of these new places that Wapuu travels. He's almost like our own Flat Stanley, instead he's a world-traveling sponsored sticker. Knowing that these communities are gathering and talking about the potential of websites built on WordPress is why we're in this game, and we want to make sure that all of our organizing teams get a big virtual high five from the team here at the StickerGiant Sponsorship Desk.

We are going to visit Nicaragua first, then head to Western Canada before moving east to the Atlantic Seaboard in Nova Scotia and Maine.

WordCamp Managua 2017


WordCamp Managua has quite a sticker sheet, with an event sticker Wapuu holding a jicaro cup of a traditional Nicaraguan drink, a Motmot rainforest bird (locals call it Guardabarranco, or ravine-guard) wrapped around the WordPress logo, and two beautiful peels that feature a misty mountain and tranquil lake. The sessions all look awesome, and it's a beautiful country to explore, so we hope all these WordCampers can get out and about.

WordCamp Calgary YYC 2017


In Calgary at WordCamp YYC, we have cowpoke Wapuu giving a nod to the Calgary Stampede, a massive July rodeo and festival that has put "Cowtown" on the map. There are a few badges and city mashups on the sheet, with a total of six stickers that really bring out the event branding. This is the 5th annual WordCamp Calgary, and we are excited to celebrate with these stickers. And happy 150th birthday Canada!

WordCamp Halifax 2017


Now heading east to WordCamp Halifax, we have a completely reimagined Wapuu taking on the costume of Lobster Wapuu. This is a great take on our cuddly friend, and he's surrounded by a host of WordPress logos, and a mini version of himself. Two Wapuus on one sheet, nice! Then of course they have the unofficial motto of the WordPress community: Code Is Poetry. Indeed, a well-written piece of code is truly a lyrical thing, and we know that everyone who leaves a WordCamp takes with them at least a stanza or two or true poetry within web development. We loved following along on their blog as they unveiled their design--it made for a cool rollout and helped build the excitement.

WordCamp Portland, Maine


Ending back in the United States, we're grooving on Moose Wapuu at WordCamp Portland, Maine. Plus there are some lovely conifers and a shining sun on the event sticker, and a couple WordPress logos in the yellow and green swatch that their design team picked. Year after year this team brings fresh graphics to our printers, and we love to see where they let their imagination take them.