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Spot Color & Full Color Stickers

What's the difference between Spot Color and Full Color printing? We put together a quick video to explain the difference.

Now, is a great time to order as we are currently running a special on Silkscreen Stickers for 15% off with coupon: SPOTCOLOR16. Just mention this when ordering to receive the discount. It expires on 11/11/2016.

You can submit a custom quote on the site here or email us directly at Pricing is determined by the number of spot colors, so a custom quote is needed.

Every sticker has a story, let us tell yours today.

Saul the Largest Sticker Ball for President


Saul the World's Largest Sticker Ball has had quite a year. He is now ready to step up for America with his premium quality image and tackling different view points from thousands of custom stickers. Saul has his stickers set on the White House.

Saul the Largest Sticker Ball has officially declared his candidacy for President through the only medium he knows how, a custom bumper sticker. Saul's goal is for everyone to "Stick Together" on the issues that count.

Some people question if Saul is made of tough enough stuff to handle a Presidential campaign. Well, with over 177,000 custom stickers and labels padded on to build him up to the weigh in of 231.6 pounds of sticky substrate and an 8.8 foot circumference. We challenge anyone to try to take on this largest ball of stickers. In fact, with his addition to Roadside America. Saul has been visiting with potential voters for months now and building up even more of a sticker reputation.


Next week, Guinness World Records will be swinging by to get some pictures of our newest Presidential Candidate as he has already made history by being the first candidate to run for President and be included in the prestigious Guinness World Record book.

In addition, because of Saul's sticky personality with his campaign to "Stick Together," he has also drawn attention for consideration for the Nobel Peace Prize this week. We are eagerly awaiting to see him pull of this feat as the Nobel Peace Prize candidates are kept very secret. There is nothing more peaceful in nature than a sticker campaign to say what you need and Saul is peace at his core.

"Stick With Him" this election season, as we will be including these Die Cut Bumper Stickers for Saul's Presidential run in all orders up until November, 8th.



New StickerGiant Google Virtual Tour


Happy Friday! Now showing on Google, we have a new StickerGiant Virtual Tour available. Check out the NEW sticker factory in all its glory to see where your custom stickers and labels get made.

It all starts with Saul the Guinness World Record for the Largest Sticker Ball welcoming all to StickerGiant. Then you will get to navigate through our office space for the Custom Sticker Experts, Art Team, PrePress  Team and the Marketing Command Center. From there, pop in back to see our Production with printers, laser cutters and everything lined up that turns sticky substrate material into your very own promotional stickers and rolled product labels going out the door.

Pay attention as you go for a fun easter egg showing off our passion as nerds. Big thanks to Threesixty Virtual Tours for coming out and making it look great.

Enjoy the 360 degree StickerGiant experience.

Meet the Allen Brothers


Meet Pierce and Chad Allen.  These two are in fact siblings.

Pierce is the eldest of the two brothers, the bearded one, and started with StickerGiant a little over a year ago sheeting stickers and has worked his way into being a Laser Operator. His job is to ensure sticker rolls get loaded and cut into the right custom shapes.

Chad is the younger, clean shaven Allen brother. He started at StickerGiant in Shipping. From there he has taken on winding and rewinding rolled labels, sheeting stickers and continues to make sure orders get out the door in a timely manner. Chad is also slated to learn how to operate the laser. That's right the Allen Brothers will be running laser alley here at the new StickerGiant facility.

We sat the brother sticker duo down to introduce them and find out a little more about them.

Do you like working together?
Yes, we do. Our biggest challenge is at lunch times when we have to figure out where to eat. Generally, it begins with just driving and then pointing at what sounds good. - Chad

Do you still hang out outside of work? What do you like to do together?
We do still hang out, primarily on the weekends, board games with our Dad, camping and video games usually make up our free time. - Pierce

Favorite stickers seen at StickerGiant?
We did a bunch of 8-bit original Doom themed stickers that were awesome. - Chad

I loved the ET inside an Alien outfit that was a clear sticker we printed. - Pierce

Who is the favorite at StickerGiant?
Chad. He's more friendly, I am typically alone by my laser in the back. - Pierce (We love you too, Pierce)

If there was a timed race of sheeting stickers, who would win?
Pierce, hands down. I would beat him at shipping orders though. - Chad

The Allen brothers are also among the tallest of the StickerGiant crew and will be seen annually as faces in the back of group photos. The picture from above was not staged and they do in fact both have the same Jurassic Park shirt and coincidently wore them on the same day.

The combination of the Allen brothers has been a huge contribution to the StickerGiant Team and they are a big reason our custom stickers and labels get delivered with guaranteed quality.

The Rum Diet at Key West Distilling


But where's the rum? Key West Distilling got the message and is putting it in a bottle while promoting the best diet on custom rectangle stickers.

It all started with a dream of a distillery and then looking at places, who can argue with Key West, Florida? Key West Distilling features a few different types of rum which is perfect in their tropical setting. They also distill a Spyglass Vodka and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.
"Using the finest ingredients and age-old distilling processes, we create a product we know you will love. People call our island “paradise” and we know you will find some in each bottle." – Jeffrey Louchheim, Chief Distiller

In a tourist destination like Key West, stickers are a must have to get into traveler's hands. Key West Distilling came up with a great one that states "I'm on a rum diet, so far I've lost 3 days." This mixture of humor with branding makes a very appealing sticker for people to take home and slap on their cars and share with friends.

Don't let people have to ask "Where's the rum?" let a sticker tell them.

Explore Nature with Kokopelli Packraft


Into a world of adventure to explore the most serene settings in nature by land and rivers with Kokopelli Packraft.

What is a packraft? It is a portable raft that allows outdoor enthusiasts to hike into back countries and unpack a raft to go down rivers and explore more. This is also known as packrafting. It really changes the way people can explore the great outdoors, making back packing just the start of the journey.

Kokopelli Packrafts are very popular. They are shipping around the USA  and are featured in retail locations around the United States and a few international locations. There are a few places in Colorado and one in Utah where they are available to rent for that one time fun adventure.

As part of Kokopelli Packraft building up their brand recognition, they have printed up a few different designs of our kiss cut stickers on premium white that hold up in the outdoors. After you purchase your Kokopelli Packraft, you can slap one of their awesome designs on the back window of your car as you head up to start that outdoor packrafting journey.

Spread your story further with some glossy, UV laminated stickers to take your brand on more adventures into the world.

To explain how the Kokopelli Packraft works a little better, here is their awesome instruction card: