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Every Sticker Has a Story


Hello, sticker enthusiasts! Today, is a special day, it's National Tell A Story Day. We love this day because it is the motivation behind everything we do. We make custom stickers and labels to enable businesses, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and more to tell their story in a fun way.

National Tell A Story Day is not traced to any one creator but it is a day to tell a story from a book, memory, or make up a new one. The best part of this day is that a lot of libraries tell stories to kids and encourage kids to read. The education on storytelling is key to creativity. We are taking this moment to tell you about our sticker stories we discuss everyday.

We get so excited about the stories behind the stickers we print that we share them here and throughout our various social media channels in pictures. From product labels that help launch a new line for a company to a promotional sticker for a food truck, there is no story too big, or small, to share with the world. Our reason for sharing is because we get excited about what we are printing and want to shout out our customers.

If you have a story to tell behind your stickers or labels, we'd love to hear it. Share your Sticker Stories with us.