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Battle Flag Design's B52 Tribute Sticker

BattleFlagDesign's B52 Tribute Sticker

BattleFlagDesign's B-52 tribute sticker is a fitting salute to one of America's greatest military aircraft and StickerGiant is honored to print their work. If you've been looking for a custom design for your outfit, look no further. BattleFlagDesign specializes in unit and organizational ... [Read More]

Tool Box Trivia Tuesday!

Toolboxes are one of the most awesome places to display a sticker collection. Whether your tool box is painted red, black, or gray, colorful stickers will jump off the surface and bring mirth and merriment to your day. It's not that I set out to create a rhyme, it just worked out that ... [Read More]
How to Outline Fonts in Adobe Ilustrator 2017 StickerGiant

Video Tutorial: How To Outline Fonts in Adobe Illustrator

Avoid having to find and send fonts to your printer with Illustrator files. For printers to use Illustrator files that contain type made with fonts they either need the actual font file or the fonts need to be outlined. First open the file that you need to outline the fonts in, ... [Read More]