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BarCampPhilly is back for its tenth edition of unconference awesomeness


BarCampPhilly is a user-generated conference and "AwesomeFest" that's celebrating their 10th anniversary this Saturday the 14th at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. We've been longtime sponsors of various BarCamps, and we're excited for this community to gather. Their die cut sticker is a bold use of the numeral and the color blue, with an illustration of fire symbolizing the spark of creative communities.

A BarCamp is an “unconference," which is a full day of six sessions in eleven rooms. The sessions are on a variety of topics, and the day is created collaboratively. Why we love unconferences is that they are built by the people, for the people. Attendees actually help create the schedule as the day begins.

The way BarCamp works is that when folks arrive, there's a big board with an empty grid with times along one side and rooms along another. If you're a planner and you have a talk ready, you can post it to the board. As the board fills up, people who are there for the event can start to see what’s happening and plan their day. Because this is an unconference, anyone can give a talk. In fact, the organizing team encourages any attendee interested in giving a talk to post their topic on the board. Most people are there to listen, learn and discuss in sessions. It's informal, yet formal and creative shines in this setting.

Topics at a BarCamp

The folks at BarCamp are open to creative ideas, and their content changes from year to year.
Sessions and talks vary from the technical (“Wordpress Child Themes”) to the inspiring (“Running: Not Just for the Zombie Apocalypse”). From practiced talks (“Designing for People”) to open discussions (“Nerds w/ Kids Roundtable”). Also, if you don’t like the talk you’re in, use the “rule of two feet” to get up and go to a different talk.

Organizers make the magic happen

Behind every great gathering is the team that helps pull it all together. These folks work together with the partners and sponsors (like us!) to give the people at this event the best BarCamp experience possible. This is the crew, with their Twitter handles if you want to check them out.

  • Maurice Gaston: @mofro

  • Brian Crumley: @briancrumley

  • Joe Campbell: @joercampbell

  • Amanda Clark: @CaptnPollyanna

  • Lisa Yoder: @_lisli

  • Briana Morgan: @babefromtoyland

And follow BarCamp Philly on their various social media channels


CAT Barcamp 2016


CAT Barcamp 2016 is an informal conference, or unconference, whose agenda is directed by its attendees and is open to everyone.

Hosted by the Computer Action Team (hence, CAT) in the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science at Portland State University, CAT Barcamp is not just for PSU students. Anyone who has an interest in being involved may attend. In the spirit of the Open Source Community, Barcamps are free of charge.

The custom sticker for this year's event is a rectangular peel off with rounded corners featuring an animal formed by triangles and diamonds with a fire burning inside. They have a deep crimson color and a large-type brand in white that pops from the contrasting background. It makes a great addition to laptops seen around the festivities.

More about BarCamp

The sessions at a Barcamp are as unpredictable as the autumn weather in Oregon. They will be on various topics, from technology-oriented dev ops to non technology oriented ‘How to make the BEST grilled cheese EVER!’. Barcamps are unscheduled which means that the topics for sessions are not pre-determined. The timeslots for the sessions however are. Everyone gets a chance to pick a timeslot in which to speak in throughout the unconference.


Sponsorship Desk: 2016 PodCamp Toronto


Sponsored Sticker PodCamp Toronto - Photo by Benson-Kua

Today's sponsorship desk update is a unique event north of the border, where we meet the folks behind 2016 PodCamp Toronto, the 10th year of this popular "unconference." Ryerson University’s Rogers Communications Centre, PodCamp Toronto’s host venue since its inception in 2007, will be the home base for yet another year.

PodCamp Toronto is a free community event that’s all about sharing knowledge and passion for digital media. All perspectives are welcome, and we have regular attendees ranging from brand-new podcasting hobbyists to seasoned digital marketers. You might just see:

  • activists leveraging digital media for social good,

  • global thought leaders in digital measurement,

  • journalists speaking about a rapidly changing digital world,

  • students (thanks to PodCamp Toronto's low (or no) cost-of-entry and egalitarian approach).

Wait, what's an unconference? Well, they explain that on their site:
"a loosely structured conference emphasizing the informal exchange of information and ideas between participants, rather than following a conventionally structured program of events.

The very first PodCamp was held in Boston in September 2006. It came out of a conversation between Chris Brogan and Christopher S. Penn, two early adopters of podcasting technology.

They were inspired by the BarCamp model of technology and web ‘unconferences’, and they established PodCamp in the same light, with a focus on digital content."

To add to the already impressive takeaways from PodCamp Toronto, they are broadcasting out their own custom designed sticker sheets, so attendees will always remember the 2016 edition of PodCamp Toronto.

Big thanks to the small team of volunteer organizers spend the year planning, fundraising and recruiting day-of volunteers to help keep things organized and flowing. Very few podcamps last as long as Toronto's, and it's a testament to their hard work.

Join them on Twitter at @PodCampToronto and on Facebook at PodCampTO.

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WordCamp Grand Rapids 2012

WordCamp Grand Rapids, coming right up on the 3rd weekend of August, is the ne plus ultra event of the summer for western Michigan's tech elite. So strap on your thinking caps and head over to Grand Valley State University for another great WordPress event!
Whether you already realize this or not, Grand Rapids is home to a number of notable WordPress figures. In fact, Grand Rapids was recently ranked #9 in a list of 15 unexpected tech scenes and we’re holding our very own WordCamp to celebrate. Join us and help demonstrate that West Michigan is as technologically rich and diverse as the West Coast! No matter how you use WordPress – whether it’s for publishing your blog, running your business, building client sites, or anything else beyond and in between–there will be something at this WordCamp for you! Sessions will vary from live demonstrations, training, advice sessions, and more.

StickerGiant is a proud sponsor of this event! Loyal reader will recall that we are big fans of the WordPressery. In fact, this very missive that you are reading was created through WordPress. Which is what we are talking about. Which is how you are reading what we are talking about. Whoa, take a step back. Mind-blowingly meta, ain't it?

Drupal Camp CT 2012

Whether you are a resident of the Nutmeg State or are just passing through on your way to New Jersey, plan to be in New Haven on August 18th. That's when Drupal Camp CT 2012 brings together content managers and the developers who love them for a day of talking, learning, and listening. And it's free!
DrupalCamp CT is the annual FREE conference for the Drupal community of Connecticut and surrounding New England states.The conference will be held on August 18th, 2012 at the Luce Hall of Yale University in New Haven.

No matter what you think of Howlin' Howard DeanDrupal's "come for the software, stay for the community" approach embodies what the internet is all about, in our not-even-close-to-humble opinion.
Drupal is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. It’s built, used, and supported by an active and diverse community of people around the world.

StickerGiant is proud to be a sponsor of this event!

WordCamp Atlanta 2012 Sticker Production

If it's 2012, it must be time for more WordPress highjinks: WordCamp Atlanta, to be specific. Are you ready to get sticky in Hotlanta?
WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress. WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other. WordCamps are open to WordPress.com and WordPress.org users alike.

StickerGiant is a proud sponsor of this event. You guessed it: we printed the stickers!

No word yet on whether or not John Mayer will be manning the coat check. But here's hoping he's available for Seven Minutes in Heaven! Sigh...If only wishing could make it true. He's so dreamy, we'd settle for three minutes.