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Wapuu Setting Sail for WordCamp Jacksonville 2017


Our dear friend Wapuu will be rigging his ship and shoving off for WordCamp Jacksonville this week. The design team behind this sticker sheet really packed in some great icons on this edition. They've got Wapuu in a United States Navy "dixie cup" hat, a sweet WordPress logo compass, two shining sun peels with WordPress logos, and a nicely branded event logo that ties together the entire nautical theme perfectly. We love printing WordCamp stickers because of the creativity involved and the local flavor that each events brings to our printers.

If you're not using WordPress, well then you're in the minority of web users. In a recent study from ManageWP, a WordPress site management service, they report that "74.6 million sites depend on WordPress, WordPress-related keywords score 37 million searches per month, 22% of new U.S. registered domains run on WordPress and there are six new WordPress.com posts every second." Those are some serious numbers, and it shows why WordCamps are so important. They bring people together to talk about WordPress and how to evolve the platform.

As you'll see on their site, they have a diverse tech crowd that comes together.
WordCamps allow anyone who is interested in WordPress to come network and learn from members of the community. Everyone from brand-new users to experienced developers are encouraged to attend. WordCamp Jacksonville will welcome attendees such as: Bloggers, Business owners, Website hobbyists, Plugin developers, Marketers, Social media experts, Designers, SEO experts, Content strategists

Big thanks to venue sponsor Keiser University on Jacksonville's Southside. Keiser University is a private non-profit university. Keiser provides educational programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels in traditional and online delivery formats. Attendees will have plenty to take in, including a KidsCamp where the younger will be introduced to the world of WordPress and help them learn or improve upon their development, design, and use skills! After the day is complete, they leave with their very own WordPress.com site up and running. That's the kind of community we're looking to foster with these sponsorships, one that gives back and looks forward at the same time.

There will be a fully stocked Happiness Bar, a WordCamp staple all around the world. This  is a super laid back place to ask any WordPress questions you may have. But even if you’re more advanced, there’s room in the Happiness Bar for you, too. It can be a great place to have code reviewed and to give back to the community. Naturally after a long day of coding, the After Party will be where everyone lets loose. Thanks to Blue Bamboo for hosting.

We wish everyone a great WordCamp, and we hope there's inspiration from the speakers. Thanks to all of the organizers for all of their hard work leading up to this weekend.

Wapuu plays badminton at WordCamp KC and circles are heading to Chicago


Two major league cities will hosting WordCamps this weekend, with Chicago and Kansas City representing. When WordPress developers and enthusiasts get together, great things happen. That's why we choose to support the many events that happen all around the world. This weekend, however, we get to spend some time on the ground in the Midwest, with Wapuu in the house, plus a sweet die cut sticker.

WordCamp Chicago

In the Windy City, we are sending custom circle stickers to one of our longest-lasting gatherings at WordCamp Chicago. They have a black background with a three-arrow design and an artic blue color for the event text. Thanks to the venue host Chicago-Kent Law School for the space for the weekend.

WordCamp Chicago is a casual, locally organized conference covering everything related to one of the world’s favorite platforms: WordPress. Chicago’s local WordPress community is vibrant. WordCamp Chicago draws some of the most talented speakers, generous and innovative sponsors, and an enthusiastic and diverse group of attendees.

You can find them on Twitter @WordCampChicago and on Facebook at @WordCampChicago.

WordCamp Kansas City

Heading to Missouri-Kansas line for the 2017 edition of WordCamp Kansas City for yet another superlative sticker sheet with Wapuu playing badminton, a event tearoff with a badminton bird, and a couple WordPress logos.

Use #wckc as the hashtag on all the socials to track the event live, and connect with the team at WordPressKC on Twitter and @wordpresskc on Facebook.

If anyone has never been to a WordCamp or is thinking about going to a WordCamp, the content team published a really great blog post about How to Rock WordCamp KC - A WordCamp Guide for All!

To all our WordCampers, have a great weekend!

WordCamp Auckland 2017


We are heading way down under to New Zealand's most-populous city this weekend for WordCamp Auckland 2017 where a (really cool!) sponsored kiss cut sticker sheet will be greeting some Kiwi WordCampers. The event is branded with a cyan and navy colors and a nautical theme, and you see this theming all over their site on the sheet.

We have to say, WordCamp Auckland really brought it with a six peel sticker sheet that includes two Wapuu tear offs, a couple WordPress logos, the WordPress mantra "Code is Poetry," a custom event logo and (our favorite, natch) a StickerGiant fireball peel. Very nice of them to add us on their sticker sheet, and we want to give big ups to the team for the creativity and the inclusion. We sponsor events like WordCamps every weekend, and it's nice to get some love from the organizers.

Wapuu is super localized in this sheet, which is rad. Get this, he is hugging a Kiwifruit (the native fruit), sporting a Maori tattoo on his left shoulder, holding got a skewer of a delicious local sausage (they make some good sausages down there), plus he's wearing a hei matau necklace that symbolizes the fish hook in Maori culture and a hat that looks like a kiwi bird. Very fun local tie-ins, and then there's a bluescale version as well--nice touch. Hat tip to the intricacy of this layout in a small space.

You can connect with WordCamp Auckland on Facebook and Twitter, and follow the event hashtag #WCAKL2017.


Worldwide WordCamps in Greece, Switzerland and the United States


Three WordCamps this weekend in three countries and two continents. We'll be in Europe in Geneva, Switzerland, and at a first-timer in Athens, Greece, and in the United States for an old favorite in Baltimore, Maryland.


WordCamp Athens

Welcome to Technopolis and the ancient City of Athens for the first-ever WordCamp Athens. WordPress use is growing in Greece, and the organizers on the ground decided that it was time to bring a WordCamp to town. They've opted with a simple purple-hued line art design with the Parthenon front and center. This square sticker with rounded corners will affix on most any surface, and it will be a memorable souvenir for attendees.


WordCamp Geneva

We are in Switzerland for WordCamp Geneva, and they are sporting the iconic fountain in the city's namesake lake and skyline, plus a Swiss Army knife Wapuu--one of the more clever designs that's crossed our paths recently.


WordCamp Baltimore

Wapuu central! This sticker sheet is so much fun. WordCamp Baltimore always has some sort of crab design element, and this time they've gone deep with six different Wapuu treatments. We're partial to the state flag of Maryland version on this sheet.