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Second annual JoomlaDay Florida


This past weekend, our sponsored die cut stickers were on site at for the second-annual JoomlaDay Florida. We were a part of this event last year, and we were very happy to be back. They have a custom shaped sticker of the Joomla! logo. The mark represents what Joomla is about, a community coming together as one. The mark is made up of four "J's" rotated and linked together that represent the community coming together as one. We really dig that message, and it's just one reason we sponsor these tech events.

All About Joomla

Joomla! is content management system, or CMS, that allows users to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Because of it's ease-of-use and flexibility, Joomla! has become one of the most-popular tools on the internet.

The name Joomla is a phonetic spelling for the Swahili word "Jumla," which means "all together" or "as a whole". This name was chosen from thousands of community suggestions, and even went through an arduous review session by branding and marketing professionals who also felt that Joomla was the best choice.

Joomla Helps Power the Web

What's really cool about Joomla is that it's an open-source solution that's free to everyone and it's the only content management system made up of volunteers.
Joomla! currently powers over 5.5 Million websites worldwide including: CNN Greece, Eiffel Tower, Harvard University, Linux, Guggenheim, MTV Greece, and the musical group Gorillaz. Joomla has been downloaded over 68 Million times and is downloaded every 3 seconds from the Joomla Home Page. The Joomla.org forum has over 673,000 registered users and over 725,000 topics. Joomla is available in 68 lanuages— the largest number of languages of any CMS.

For two days, the community gathered and talked about Web Design and had Joomla! discussions, panels and presentations from the world's top experts and leaders. One big part was that attendees learned about what is on the horizon for Joomla! with the version 4 release coming soon.

Events On Site at JoomlaDay Florida

Workshops for the novice and professional happened all weekend, and folks were trained by some of the most skilled Joomlers in the community with workshops on Joomla Administration, Security, Templating, and Joomla Applications.

In the Expo area participants were able to get up-close and personal with sponsors (stickers were present!) and find custom Jooma solutions to help websites.

No one should leave a Joomla! event without the opportunity to become Joomla Certified, and the group Open Source Matters provided the first Joomla Certification testing on the East Coast at this years JoomlaDay Florida.

We can't wait to see how the community evolves by the third edition of JoomlaDay Florida next year.

WordCamp Orange County 2016


Photo from WikiMedia. Sticker Sheet by WordCamp Orange County and StickerGiant.

WordCamp Orange County will be blasting off this weekend at the University of California-Irvine in the The Cove at the Applied Innovation building. WordCamps are a great place to learn meet, talk, and immerse yourself in everything WordPress. From the absolute beginner to the hardest of hardcore developers, WordCamp Orange County will have something for everyone.

Their sticker sheet this time around is based on a space theme, and while it's simple in execution, the colors and variety of rockets have this sheet as one of our new faves around the sponsorship desk. Plus, OC WordCamp reskinned their entire WordPress version of their website in a space theme, with interactive elements and on-point branding across all of the pages and navigation. Out of this world stuff, people. Check out a sample below.

WordCamp Orange County 2016 Space Nav

OC WordCamp even has a special Snapchat geofilter for the weekend so WordCampers can select it at The Cove to tag snaps. And from what we've heard in past editions, the OC WordCamp karaoke afterparty is legendary. Follow them at wordcampoc by searching within in the app, or use their Snapcode to them.

WordCamp Orange County will have two tracks of sessions, plus speakers, workshops and karaoke for designers and developers, bloggers and beginners, business owners and burgeoning writers.

As always, we're over the moon to be with such a interstellar group of sponsors. Check them out and see what they can offer for you if you're a WordPress aficionado.









Managing Websites with GoDaddy Pro

GoDaddy Pro

GoDaddy has launched a whole new side of their business. GoDaddy Pro is a web tool for people juggling multiple clients. Queue, Danica Patrick... oh wait, sorry, this is not about a Danica Patrick sticker.

GoDaddy Pro launched back in May of this year. It's services are offered for free to GoDaddy members after they sign up. The goal behind it is simple, client management.

Website creators that offer their services to multiple clients, know that it can be hard to keep track of everything. GoDaddy Pro is removing that stress by tracking it for the creators and alerting them to issues before their client even knows there was one.

Our fellow cosponsor of WordCamps everywhere, GoDaddy, is promoting this new service with logo stickers for their members to slap on laptops and tablets.

Stickers and laptops go together like caffeine and web developing. Laptop real estate awaits, get your custom sticker today

WordCamp Vancouver 2014 Stickers


For the 2014 WordCamp Vancouver event, they’re going to try something brand new and different - it will be all about WordPress developers! The ones who work so diligently on making your WordPress theme look fabulous and responsive will come together to discuss everything WordPress and the nuances that make it work.

That’s not to say only developers are welcome! Everyone interested in WordPress is encouraged to attend this spectacular event being held July 26th in beautiful downtown Vancouver. It will be a day crammed full of interesting speakers, tons of educational material and a chance to meet some of the best and brightest in the WordPress community.

After all the fun and excitement of the day, don’t forget to leave with your goodie bag from StickerGiant, full of free stickers to commemorate the day. You should go just for the freebies! The stickers are high quality, colorful and made just for WordCamp Vancouver. What an awesome way to let everyone know you attended a great event, and welcome them for next year!

“Stickers are a must-have marketing tool…” —STICKER Story Taylor Williams, Pressable WordPress Hosting


Vid Luther founded Pressable, formerly known as ZippyKid, in 2010 after seeing how much time his clients were wasting on configuring servers to work with their WordPress websites instead of using WordPress to grow their businesses.

People dig that Pressable not only makes WordPress websites run faster, more stable, and securely... but also that it's backed by a dedicated team of Happiness Deliverers who know WordPress. In a recent survey, the thing that customers said they love most about Pressable is the amount of dedicated support. And that's what they're most proud of. With a dedicated team of "Happiness Deliverers" whats not to love about this company?


Q&A with Taylor

What do people really dig about your product/services?:

Pressable is dedicated to making WordPress hosting easy, fast and reliable at scale. While we're most proud of our support team, there's also technical aspects of the hosting platform that developers dig as well. The hosting architecture is the only solution that allows users to collaborate with developers without sharing passwords.

And, unlike other hosting solutions, WordPress sites that run on Pressable are capable of handing 20 times their average daily traffic. This makes developers really happy, no ramp up to prepare for traffic.

Who are the awesome people behind the curtain at your company/project and what do they do?:

Vid Luther  is the CEO & Founder: He started Pressable in 2010 and hasn’t slept since. He says he’ll sleep when he’s dead, or successful, or successfully dead.

Graham Christensen is the Senior Devops Engineer: He's the man behind the curtain, constantly improving, tweaking, and perfecting the platform to make it faster, stable, and secure.

Kai Armstrong is the Director of Happiness: He leads the support team of Pressable Happiness Deliverers. He wears lots of hats, but his primary role as the Director of Happiness means he spends a lot of time building great things that make customers happy.

Happiness Deliverers: Roberto Villareal & Christian Torres help customers by answering questions and resolving issues that pop up.

Taylor Williams (That's me!) is the Marketing Maven: I help share our story and promote Pressable.

Becky Moore is the Office Manager: But you can call her Queen B. Becky has taken on the task of improving the billing system, closing sales, and a ton of other things that keep the lights on.

Why/How do you use stickers as a marketing or outreach tactic?: 

Stickers are a must-have marketing tool for any small business or startup company because they are so versatile. Plus, they're not expensive to produce and you can have fun with it. Here are some links to see how Pressable uses stickers to promote our startup company:






What advice would you give to a company thinking about using stickers as a marketing tactic to wow their fans. What has worked for you, what hasn’t, etc?: 

Think outside of the (sticker) box. When done right, they're more than just something to slap on your laptop. Think about how you can create something that maintains brand standards but is also versatile enough to use in many different situations and among many different audiences to grab attention.

Our logo is a combination of a mark (the Pressable symbol) and type (the text). Instead of printing it together as one sticker, we decided to print each one individually so that we had the freedom to position them in ways that worked best for our brand on each surface/area that they were placed. This also gave us the freedom to only use the mark or only use the logotype when needed.

List some ways that fans can support your brand to encourage growth apart from buying your product or service?:

Connect with us our social networks or stop by our blog at http://pressable.com/blog/ and let us know what WordPress questions we can answer for you.

Can you leave links to your social media outlets so that our community can get social with you?:


“Passion and excitement…” —STICKER Story Robert Gilbreath, ShipStation.com


Robert Gilbreath is Vice President of Marketing at ShipStation: an Austin, Texas based company that is the leading web-based shipping solution for online retailers.

ShipStation is the leading web-based shipping software that is built to help online retailers organize and process their orders, while fulfilling and shipping them quickly and easily.

Q&A with Robert Gilbreath

What do people really dig about your product/services?:
We help them save time (and money) due to our well thought-out application.  Our customer service is awesome too.

Who are the awesome people behind the curtain at your company/project and what do they do?:

The company was founded by two super smart guys, Jason and Byron. They both been in the IT and ecommerce space for quite some time and have channeled all their knowledge into building the very best shipping tool while always keeping the customer needs in mind. They have also built a team of others who are a. passionate for giving users the very best experience b. excited about working on such a great offering with a group of smart people.

Why/How do you use stickers as a marketing or outreach tactic?: 

Stickers are fun and everyone loves them. They are easy to take to events and are great conversation starters.

What advice would you give to a company thinking about using stickers as a marketing tactic to wow their fans. What has worked for you, what hasn't, etc?: 

Give stickers a try but don't just think that a sticker of your logo is the only way to use the media. Do you have a company tagline or mascot or other iconic thing that might work well in sticker form? Also, don't forget that stickers are also great for internal use - team members love swag too!

List some ways that fans can support your brand to encourage growth apart from buying your product or service?: 

Follow us on Twitter (@ShipStation) and like us on Facebook (/ShipStation) - We chat and share about much more than shipping since we are all ecommerce veterans and love to talk about online marketing, content, and all things online retail.

Can you leave links to your social media outlets so that our community can get social with you?: