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WordPress Enthusiasts in Brighton and Lehigh Valley Share Their Stories with Custom Event Stickers


When it comes to technology, we're big aficionados of WordPress, and this weekend we have two versions of our favorite event: WordCamp Lehigh Valley and WordCamp Brighton. These weekend-long gatherings bring together WordPress enthusiasts, the world’s most popular blogging and CMS software. Developers, designers, web professionals, and bloggers will come together for WordPress-related talks, workshops, and networking.

WordCamp Brighton Wapuu Has A Future So Bright He's Gotta Wear Shades


Over in Britain, WordCamp Brighton will be held over two days at The Old Market, a performing art and culture space. There will also be a Contribution Day on the 20th August 2017 at Eagle Labs Brighton, sponsored by Barclays. The organizers for WordCamp Brighton ordering up a custom die stickers with the official-unofficial WordCamp mascot Wapuu wearing sunglasses and floating on a cloud with a bright shining sun in the background. Of course Wapuu is clutching his favorite item, the blue WordPress ball. An event sticker like this one is both fun and representative of a brand, in this case WordPress. The designers sure did have a good time with this one, and it's a solid piece of vector artwork and event branding.

Hard Hat Wapuu and WordPress Gears at WordCamp Lehigh Valley


In the Lehigh Valley of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Wapuu is rocking a hard hat as a nod to the region's industrial history. This custom sticker sheet has nine different peel offs, with five individual WordPress logos and two WordCamp Lehigh Valley branded event peel offs that feature and iron forge and gears, plus their event hashtag and date. You can always tell when an organizing team is getting into the design theme of their event, as the website reflects all of these graphic elements for a fully integrated experience for attendees.

WordCamp Montreal Presents Custom Event Stickers to Promote Ninth Annual WordPress Gathering


When it comes to technology, we're big aficionados of WordPress. So we're ultra stoked for this weekend and the ninth edition of one of our favorite events: WordCamp Montreal. These weekend-long gatherings bring together WordPress enthusiasts, the world’s most popular blogging and CMS software. Developers, designers, web professionals, and bloggers will come together for WordPress-related talks, workshops, and networking.

They printed up a custom event sticker that highlights themes from their website and make for a perfect carry along parting gift for all attendees. This sticker sheet has two peels, one with Wapuu eating poutine gravy covered fries, a Canadian delicacy in Quebec and throughout the country. If you haven't tried poutine, you must. Trust us. It's a standard in greasy spoons in the North East here in America, and throughout Canada. Then there's this year's branded sticker with the graphic design from the website they themed and updated for this year. Two designs for the price of one, which is why you can't beat a sticker sheet for versatility and creativity.

And it's more than just stickers! Each year WordCamp Montreal offers a wide variety of talks and discussions about and around WordPress. Their speakers are passionate, expert volunteers who love to teach about WordPress and publishing on the web.

For this year's event, the schedule is organized into three different rooms with concurrent tracks. The goal of the hardworking organizers is to ensure that any WordPress user, whether they are an experienced WordPress developer or a novice blogger, always has at least one talk going on that will be interesting to them. This is why WordCamps are such awesome spaces to learn and grow: anyone can walk away from a WordCamp with lots of new knowledge and ideas for making the most of WordPress.

To learn about the history of WordCamp Montreal (200920102011, 2012, 20132014, 2015, 2016) visit the Montreal WordPress Community website. They've been at it for a while, and they know how to throw a great party.

Wapuu Down Under at WordCamp Brisbane and Patriotic Stickers heading to WordCamp Boston


We've got two wonderful destinations for sticker sheets this weekend, with WordCamp Brisbane and WordCamp Boston each receiving custom shaped peel offs that feature stunning full color graphics and localized designs.

For those new to custom web development platforms, WordPress is one of the top digital publishing tools on the internet. This open source software powers over 28% of the web. WordCamps contain lecture-style sessions, panels, and workshops about WordPress and the tech industry.

We've used WordPress for some time, and we're proud sponsors of WordCamps all around the world. When the WordPress local community gets together, magic happens, whether people are learning about content management or networking at an After Party.

Let's begin stateside and then head Down Under to talk all about custom sticker sheets. What's always cool is how the designers at WordCamp incorporate their ideas into the overall website design and WordPress theming.

WordCamp Boston


Our friends in the Bay State welcome WordCamp Boston 2017 with a patriotic-themed sticker sheet, with five different peel offs in a red-and-white palette. There's some appropriate colonial iconography like a furled WordPress flag and a ship's steering wheel, all done up of course with WordPress logos. It's a simple, yet effective, use of a sticker sheet, where the layout is economical and creative, and with great vector design and good aesthetic, this sheet will travel wide. The design team styled the website in a similar fashion, with an antique map and a muted earthy background that calls back to colonial times. Boston University will play host to this year's event.

 WordCamp Brisbane


The team at WordCamp Brisbane 2017 went with our clear product for their sheet that boasts four peels off, with four different Wapuu's. Two of these Wapuus are the same, both sporting a customary bush hat, with one in a full color treatment and in black and white. You'll note that these are also kangaroo Wapuus, with a little joey WordPress logo peeking out of the pouch. The third Wapuu is the classic mascot in yellow and the blue WordPress ball. The fourth Wapuu is on the event branding, which features the Brisbane skyline. What's super unique about this sticker sheet is that it's printed on our clear sticker material--what you see there in the artwork above is how we display a proof for a clear sticker, with the clear background in blue.

You can see below how the stickers apply when they are not on the sheet itself. Pretty nice use of bold colors and simple lines. Kudos to the designers for embracing the clear product option!


They have a full slate of content for all attendees, a great location at QUT Garden Point Campus in the Cube Building, and a super cool element they brought in for this year: Badges, where sponsors (like us!) can display on their website or social profiles.


Big Thank You to All Organizers

As with all WordCamps, these events are 100% volunteer powered, which is of the main reasons we've sponsored for so long. So shoutout to the teams in Brisbane and Boston. Thank you for all that you've done for your community in advance of this weekend.


Wapuu Headed to a Packed House at Inaugural DC WordCamp


Our Nation's Capital will hold its first-ever edition of WordCamp DC, a inspiration-filled weekend where the WordPress community will gather for three days at the historic Carnegie Library. It's going to be a packed house, as the event has already sold out, which is in an indicator of how popular WordPress is in the District of Columbia.

Sticker Sheet Design

They ordered up a super fun sticker sheet with three different Wapuu peels, a highly detailed illustration of the Carnegie Library, where the event is being held, a diamond shaped sticker of the District of Columbia with a script highlighting the "Inaugural" edition, and then an orange-and-blue event name brand peel off. It's on a light pastel colored background so all of the Wapuus in yellow really pop, as do the navy blue and orange themed peels.


More about WordCamp DC

The schedule is also loaded, with three tracks over three days featuring a variety of sessions, from WordPress theming and running federal websites to WordPress for political campaigns. There is always so much to learn and new people to meet at a WordCamp, and since it's community-run, the energy is good.

Shoutouts for Organizers, Sponsors and Venue

We are proud to be grouped with some other great sponsors in the WordPress community, and you should check out their services. We truly enjoy sponsoring these WordCamp event all around the world.

We want to thank all of the organizing team for their hard work, and we wish attendees a productive and educational weekend.

Lastly, we certainly wanted to give a shout out to the venue: Wow! Being in DC is all about the history and the architecture, so having a setting that dates back to 1903 when Teddy Roosevelt dedicated the building. It's right in Mount Vernon Square north of the National Mall and Chinatown. It was the first Carnegie library in DC (there are now four) and the first public library in the District. There's some fun things to see and do in the building, and we hope folks that attend spend some time soaking in the atmosphere of the area.

YOWZA! Plenty of heroic action on these WordCamp Orange County sticker sheets


KA-POW! These heavy-hitting, action-hero themed WordCamp Orange County sticker sheets will be going home with every superhero WordCamp attendee after this weekend's gathering of WordPress enthusiasts.

They went all-in on a "fighting words" superhero comic theme modeled on the Adam West-era Batman, and this sticker sheet is stocked with 11 different stickers. There are three event-name stickers and then a truly creative and interactive set of peels that feature the words Kaboom!, Ka-Pow!, Zap!, Yowza!, Boom!, Pow! and some empty action bursts to fill in with the word of your choice. If you go to their website, you'll see that this design and branding persists throughout the site for a common visual language. They have cool web badges for attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers, and you know we'll be sporting ours on our social feeds all weekend long.

We wanted to give a shoutout to the organizers and the design team in Southern California for one of the most-unique sticker sheets we've seen in a while. We used a similar design on our yearly cookbook, and it's been a fun thing to throw in every order for our customers.

If you want to learn about how to set up a sticker sheet, our Artwork page has some of the relevant specs. What's great about sticker sheets is that you can have multiple designs on one sheet, and you can really get creative with colors and shapes. We digitally die cut all of the cut lines, so you can have nearly any custom shape that you want for the sheet itself or the stickers that go on the sheet.

This video about artwork guidelines explains how cut lines work and how to set up a file for custom sticker printing.

Wapuu The Traveling WordPress Ambassador Visits Managua, Calgary, Halifax and Portland, Maine


Everyone's favorite WordPress mascot, Wapuu, is sprouting some serious wings (and antlers? and claws?) this weekend as he visits four different cities on this beautiful blue marble we call Earth. What's fun is that we get to play a little "Who Wore It Best?" with this post, as Wapuu is just all over the place with his fashion sense today.

And what an ambassador for the web's favorite development platform he makes! In this edition, Wapuu takes on the local flavor in a major way, carrying a jicaro cup for hydration in Nicaragua, growing moose antlers in Maine, turning in a lobster in Nova Scotia and rocking a cowboy hat in Alberta. It's these whimsical designs that make WordCamps so much fun to sponsor here at StickerGiant.

We get to see awesome sticker sheets, and we learn about all of these new places that Wapuu travels. He's almost like our own Flat Stanley, instead he's a world-traveling sponsored sticker. Knowing that these communities are gathering and talking about the potential of websites built on WordPress is why we're in this game, and we want to make sure that all of our organizing teams get a big virtual high five from the team here at the StickerGiant Sponsorship Desk.

We are going to visit Nicaragua first, then head to Western Canada before moving east to the Atlantic Seaboard in Nova Scotia and Maine.

WordCamp Managua 2017


WordCamp Managua has quite a sticker sheet, with an event sticker Wapuu holding a jicaro cup of a traditional Nicaraguan drink, a Motmot rainforest bird (locals call it Guardabarranco, or ravine-guard) wrapped around the WordPress logo, and two beautiful peels that feature a misty mountain and tranquil lake. The sessions all look awesome, and it's a beautiful country to explore, so we hope all these WordCampers can get out and about.

WordCamp Calgary YYC 2017


In Calgary at WordCamp YYC, we have cowpoke Wapuu giving a nod to the Calgary Stampede, a massive July rodeo and festival that has put "Cowtown" on the map. There are a few badges and city mashups on the sheet, with a total of six stickers that really bring out the event branding. This is the 5th annual WordCamp Calgary, and we are excited to celebrate with these stickers. And happy 150th birthday Canada!

WordCamp Halifax 2017


Now heading east to WordCamp Halifax, we have a completely reimagined Wapuu taking on the costume of Lobster Wapuu. This is a great take on our cuddly friend, and he's surrounded by a host of WordPress logos, and a mini version of himself. Two Wapuus on one sheet, nice! Then of course they have the unofficial motto of the WordPress community: Code Is Poetry. Indeed, a well-written piece of code is truly a lyrical thing, and we know that everyone who leaves a WordCamp takes with them at least a stanza or two or true poetry within web development. We loved following along on their blog as they unveiled their design--it made for a cool rollout and helped build the excitement.

WordCamp Portland, Maine


Ending back in the United States, we're grooving on Moose Wapuu at WordCamp Portland, Maine. Plus there are some lovely conifers and a shining sun on the event sticker, and a couple WordPress logos in the yellow and green swatch that their design team picked. Year after year this team brings fresh graphics to our printers, and we love to see where they let their imagination take them.