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Stickers Sheets for WordCamp Atlanta and St. Louis 2017


We have a stellar doubleheader WordCamp weekend with customized sticker sheets heading to WordCamp St. Louis and WordCamp Atlanta. We are always amped to talk about WordPress stickers, and these sheets have local flavor, seasonal flair and everyone's favorite mascot, Wapuu.

WordCamp St. Louis

St. Louis WordCamp has the Gateway Arch as the dominant theme for this sticker sheet, which keeps a blue monotone across the sheet with slight variations on the blue for illustrative purposes. There are five total stickers on this sheet, which means plenty of applications for WordPress stickers.

Shout out to the St. Louis organizers for putting together such an awesome WordCamp schedule

 WordCamp Atlanta

Atlanta WordCamp went with a St. Patrick's Day theme all over the sheet, with pot of gold, rainbows, gold coins, a sweet Attendee tear-off and Wapuu hugging a pot of gold. So many options for attendees to have fun with this sheet. The sessions look really interesting, and we have to say thanks to the Atlanta organizers for all their hard work behind the scenes.

WordCamp Auckland 2017


We are heading way down under to New Zealand's most-populous city this weekend for WordCamp Auckland 2017 where a (really cool!) sponsored kiss cut sticker sheet will be greeting some Kiwi WordCampers. The event is branded with a cyan and navy colors and a nautical theme, and you see this theming all over their site on the sheet.

We have to say, WordCamp Auckland really brought it with a six peel sticker sheet that includes two Wapuu tear offs, a couple WordPress logos, the WordPress mantra "Code is Poetry," a custom event logo and (our favorite, natch) a StickerGiant fireball peel. Very nice of them to add us on their sticker sheet, and we want to give big ups to the team for the creativity and the inclusion. We sponsor events like WordCamps every weekend, and it's nice to get some love from the organizers.

Wapuu is super localized in this sheet, which is rad. Get this, he is hugging a Kiwifruit (the native fruit), sporting a Maori tattoo on his left shoulder, holding got a skewer of a delicious local sausage (they make some good sausages down there), plus he's wearing a hei matau necklace that symbolizes the fish hook in Maori culture and a hat that looks like a kiwi bird. Very fun local tie-ins, and then there's a bluescale version as well--nice touch. Hat tip to the intricacy of this layout in a small space.

You can connect with WordCamp Auckland on Facebook and Twitter, and follow the event hashtag #WCAKL2017.


Wapuu is off to WordCamp Lancaster 2017


WordCamp Lancaster

WordCamp Lancaster is organized by a great team this year, and they put together a super fun Wapuu-themed sticker sheet and a few peel off the local branding for the city of Lancaster. Gotta say, we really dig the Wapuu on a plane.

WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.

WordCamp Bangkok 2017


We are so very pleased to be in the Thailand this weekend for the third-ever WordCamp in the Land of Smiles.

WordCamp Bangkok has a classic sticker sheet with a Wapuu on it as the main element. There are also peel-offs for Bangkok's historic Grand Temple temple (or Wat in local parlance), WordPress logos and the Code is Poetry slogan that defines all WordCamps. Wapuu is wearing traditional Thai clothing and he's carrying a banana stalk. Bananas have a special role in Thai culture, with the leaves and stalks used in ceremonial activities and everyday life.

They gave us a nice shoutout on their blog, and we sure do love returning the favor. They have a sticker with their hashtag #WCBKK where you can follow along as the weekend unfolds.

WCBKK WordPress Workshops for Children

In conjunction with WordCamp Bangkok 2017 and with the kind hospitality of Web Courses Bangkok, there will be working with a few international volunteers to run free WordPress workshops for students on Sunday, February 19th after the conference.

The goal of the workshops is to introduce WordPress to a younger audience and to show different aspects of the software to kids who are interested in writing or developing with it.


WordCamp Waukesha 2017


This Friday at WordCamp Waukesha we're happy to have die cut stickers on site with our WordCamp crew. Started up by the Milwaukee WordCamp team, this is a new edition for the region, and we are stoked about this custom shaped sticker that looks like a giant guitar pick. With a bold blue and and rocking guitar, this sticker will play well most anywhere.

As with all WordPress events, this is a team effort, so we want to thank all of the organizers, speakers, and attendees. What's great about WordCamps is that they bring together WordPress enthusiasts and beginners, and they provide a space for people to learn and talk about e-commerce, marketing and sales strategy,  and product development. It is an event created by and for local small business owners as well as professional WordPress designers, developers, and consultants.

WordCamp US 2016 in Philadelphia


This is the granddaddy of them all: WordCamp US, where WordPress users from everywhere (not just the United States) congregate for a WordCamp to talk about the world's favorite web publishing platform.

If we weren't busy printing WordCamp stickers sheets adorned with Wapuus and sending them to every corner of the globe, we'd be there, with bells on. Seriously! Look at this speaker list, it is packed with WordPress all-stars, including WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. Then add in the practical sessions and Contributor Day, and you have three days of pure, open source software geekery.

This year's sticker sheet has peel-offs that are completely on point: a cuddly parchment cradling Wapuu (naturally!), a bold crest with WordPress logo and the location, a play on the Philly LOVE statue with the W logo (look for the W script), and three other logos treatments. Rockstar work from the design, from colors to layout to creativity.

More on where WordCamp came from...
WordCamp San Francisco was the first-ever WordCamp, organized by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg in 2006. Over time, it grew into the official annual WordPress conference with over 30 speakers and 1500+ attendees converging from all over the world. Along with sessions by leaders in the WordPress community, it featured The State of the Word address, where Matt talks about upcoming WordPress developments and answers questions from the audience.

In 2015, WordCamp US was announced, with Philadelphia, PA as the host city. Philadelphia will host the conference for two years, before it moves onto another city in the USA.

Follow the action on Twitter at the hashtag #WCUS and on their account @WordCampUS.