Dipped in Chocolate


There are few things in life as universally loved as chocolate. And few refrigerators that are unadorned by magnets. While we can't help chocoholics out with a quick fix, we can surely fix you up with a splendid magnetic admission of your affection for the tasty treat that owes its very existence to the mighty cacao tree.

Why Chocolate? Because Chocolate Can't Get You Pregnant. So go ahead, my friends, and freely indulge the Chocolate Slut that burns within you. I might go to hell for writing this stuff, but you're only reading it, so I'd reckon that you're off the hook.

StickerGiant offers a burgeoning supply of refrigerator magnets. So many, in fact, that we want you to think of us as your ever-loving beast of fridge magnet burgeon. When it comes to stuffing your family's stockings with graphic witticisms, do not dilly-dally. Venture forth into our pages of magnetic wonder.

We hope that you take undue pleasure in freely affixing these magnetized statements to the stalwart kitchen appliance that endlessly cools your supply of food and drinks. They will make you so happy and peppy each day that you will burst with joy. In this case, that joy will be chocolate-dipped. Win win, if you ask me.