Embassy Board Shop

Don't be scurred, boys and girls! True, you're looking at a masked man. But have you ever seen such a great smile? And really, what self-respecting stick-up man would don a baby pink mask? Not so menacing, is he? Sure, skate punks like you to think they're tough, but deep down they love their mamas just as much as the rest of us.

It seems what we're looking at is a guy who'll do just about anything to draw attention to his love of skateboarding, and specifically to his fave place for fresh decks, dope kicks, and sick gear: the hotbed of skate action, Embassy Board Shop in Columbus, Ohio.

So pull up your ankle biters and hit the street. Dude, are you riding goofy foot? It's cool. Slap a sticker on that deck and pop an ollie. Whether you're busting an epic acid drop or grinding away at your first perfect hand plant, just keep in mind: WWTHD? Duh, poser, that's What Would Tony Hawk Do? (Um...pretty sure the answer is: What wouldn't he do?)