Oh hai, kids! It’s time for another meeting of the Mutual Admiration Society! Tshirt gurus gave us sweet props on their blog for a job well done. How do we know it was done well? Because our customer was happy! At the end of the day, that’s what keeps us going. So we’re more than delighted to wax poetic about our awesome new customer…check them out:

Fibers offers a fun and easy way to design and order custom t-shirts. With our innovative technology, each and every design on the site is customizable, allowing you the freedom to create your vision. Upload your own artwork or choose from over 8,000 unique art elements, add and edit text; the end result is a truly unique composition for your t-shirts. Satisfy your need for individual expression with no minimum order, endless design possibilities and extensive product options. T-shirts are for everyday and part of your life for every event; new babies, weddings, marathons, fundraisers, reunions or whatever your life calls for. Your passion, your t-shirt.

But wait! It gets better:

  • donates a portion of our profits to help public school kids through funding teacher projects at Donors Choose. To date, has funded teacher projects to help thousands students across the United States! Your purchase helps us to do even more for students and schools.
  • Fibers is involved in microfinancing with Kiva to help low-income individuals who do not have access to typical banking services.
  • Fibers donates a percentage of profits of all breast cancer t-shirt sales to support breast cancer research.

Um…Seriously? Next thing you know, they’ll be curing cancer and establishing world peace. These folks are like that jock/brain kid in high school who was beloved by parents, teachers, small children, the popular kids and the burnouts. So cool, so nice, and you just want to be near them. Cuz they’re so good, you feel good! *Blush* Someone has a crush!


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