Test Drive Our Sticker and Label Options With A Sample Pack


Looking to order stickers or labels but not sure what type of product or finish you want? No worries, because we have a Sample Pack that includes all of our sticky product types for you to choose from.

The best way to get a sample pack is to head over to the Sample Pack page on our website. For only $1 you'll get a selection of our offerings in a series of fun designs.

You'll be able to compare our Kiss Cut Stickers in glossy and matte finishes, along with our popular Die Cut Stickers in glossy and matte. For those looking for a see-through option, you can see how a Clear Sticker (in back adhesive) applies versus how a Clear Label applies. When it comes to having a sticker apply to a window or the door of a store, you can test out a Static Cling or a Clear Sticker with Face Adhesive.

For those that want to see what a sticker sheet looks like, we have a traditional sticker sheet and a hang tag cut sheet in case a retailer needs a sticker with a UPC scannable code.

For those looking for an outdoor durable option, the Silkscreen Sticker in our sample pack will give you a sense of the material and finish and how your colors will look on this product.

Then it comes to the labels, of which we have four more options: Glossy White LabelsMatte LabelsGlossy Paper Labels, and Matte Recycled Paper Labels. Each label type has a different use, so it's great to test them out and see how they apply to your products before you order a few hundred of them.

Photos online simply don't justice to the look and feel of these stickers and labels. You've got hold these stickers in your own hands and see them with your own eyes.

The sample pack also includes a handy guide with peel-off stickers so you can remember which products you're trying out.