Glossy Labels Help the Plan the Stuff Team Keep Their Brand Organized


Plan The Stuff was started by Christine and Crystal, and they are committed to helping people get and stay organized. They are self-proclaimed planner nerds and totally love geeking out over a brand new planner that sits blank and waiting for great ideas.

To help brand their products, they turned to a glossy product label on a roll. You can see in the image above and their use of type and a thick border line are the dominant elements for their logo, which is an elegant, yet subtle, treatment. The box frames the word "PLAN" in all caps and then the letter "N" extends all the way around in a box around their branding.

According to them, they searched high and low for a perfect planner and when we couldn’t find it on the market, they decided to create it themselves. From there, they never looked back, and their business was born. On their website, you can find the products they carry. The flagship product is The 2019 Planner, which is 182 pages of organizational bliss. They have some other organizing options as well. There's the Plan the Week Stickies product, which is a perpetual calendar that's as flexible as your schedule needs to be when you are a busy. There are 50 sheets in each pack that can be stuck and re-stuck depending your organizing needs. Lastly they have Thin Washi Tape that's a 1/4 or 3/8 inch paper tape for labeling and color-coding. If you want to see great photos of their planning and products in action, you can find them on Instagram at @planthestuff.

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