HARO Embroidered Patches for SXSW

Peter Shankman of HARO wanted patches, sticky backed sticker patches, so we made some for him.

StickerGiant made some Sticky backed embroidered patches for Peter Shankman at HARO. Helpareporter.com puts reporters together with experts with no middle man its as simple as that.

More Info:

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  1. Tell me more. I’m a What a Trip blogger speaking at BlogHer in Chicago and the Oregon Governor’s Conference on Tourism.

    Interested in the patches for promotional purposes.

  2. DUDE… that is super sweet. My husband plays in local Airsoft events and I know they’ve wanted to get custom patches done for their team. Hook us up with the info!

  3. The patches are not yet available to the public, still beta testing. Stay tuned, we want to make these awesome before we start charging!

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