How to Get Sticker Sample Fun Packs


Not sure if stickers are right for you and your marketing tactics? Let us send you a selection of the different stickers to help you make a decision. We make it easy by placing sticker product labels on the back of each sample so that you can remember which ones work the best for you. Ordering stickers samples is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1: Get the right stickers in your pack

If you want us to send you a specific sticker product type in your pack, that's a cinch! We are able to specifically tailor your sample pack to contain only the stickers that meet your exact specifications.

Step 2: Tell us what you want

To make sure we stuff your sample fun pack with only the stickers you desire, leave us a message in the comments section when submitting your request. Envisioning how your stickers will look when produced as a specific sticker material helps us ensure that you get exactly the right solution.

Step 3: Making samples of YOUR stickers

Unfortunately we can't make your specific sticker design into a sample and send it to you, but we are setup to show you existing samples that will help you iron out the best option for your particular needs.

Feel like trying stickers for yourself? Request samples (you'll love them!)


  1. We would like too put are hands on your sample stickers, please send to 1035 Antimony, Butte, Montana 59701

  2. Mike,

    Thanks for your interest in our samples!

    You can request samples and fill out the form on our website. Go to: and follow the ordering process.


  3. want to see some stickers up and close

  4. Ricardo,
    Can you PM us your address?:
    ~Hailey, StickerFairy

  5. Great Elijah!
    We're on it;)
    ~Hailey, StickerFairy

  6. Please send us a sticker pack. Thank you!
    Address: Elijah Strane
    6750 Beadnell Way #31
    San Diego, CA 92117

    Thank you!

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