How We Recreate and Vectorize Your Artwork

Everyday we receive low resolution web graphics from customers as artwork for stickers. Web graphics are NEVER suitable for printing. StickerGiant is the only printing company that will take almost any artwork you have and make it suitable for printing. We won't hassle you over artwork quality or try to charge you a arm and a leg to recreate your artwork. You can have the files when we are done.

So... how do we do it? we redraw everything from scratch, essentially recreating your art by hand.
Here is a video explaining the process.


How StickerGiant Recreates your artwork.
Here is a low resolution StickerGiant logo. It is only 72 dots per inch, which is way too low for printing. Therefore it will need to be recreated. Thats where the StickerGiant art crew comes in. We will recreate anything you throw at us, if its a word doc, low res image from google images, or even a scanned patch consider it ready for printing. If the art is super complex there might be an art charge, but we will make something work.
Watch me while I use adobe illustrator to trace every line and detail in this piece of artwork. I increased the speed of this video by 1200%, I wish I could go that fast. When I am done with this job the art file will be a vector file that will allow us to print the highest quality sticker possible. Great art makes great stickers.
Thanks for watching!


  1. If I am having a logo made, what is the best format and specs for stickers and t-shirts (silk screen and embroidery? (What should I ask the artist to provide me with?)

  2. ask for a adobe illustrator .eps with the fonts outlined.
    and get the original .ai file

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