Interact with Stickers @SXSW


SXSW 2016 is here. SXSW Interactive and Film kick off tomorrow followed by Music on March 15th. SXSW is one of the bigger business conferences that takes place year to year and the best part is the diversity in industries coming together for a two week period of exhibits, networking, education, concerts, films and more.

The biggest part of SXSW is promotion and as you might imagine, we are big fans of promoting with custom stickers. Why promote with stickers?

  1. Stickers are fun. They not only show off your logo but your brand's personality. Get creative with it and make it something that people will slap on their laptop after you meet.

  2. Stickers are easy to carry. No matter if you are at a booth in the exhibit hall, a happy hour, breakfast, the food truck lot or an after party. Stickers are a quick hand out that people enjoy.

  3. Stickers are portable billboards. Stickers are the best advertising. Once your sticker is placed on a plastic wrapped column, a smart phone or someone's shirt for the night, your brand goes for a ride. It's great exposure at a low cost.

  4. Every sticker has a story. Word of mouth only travels so far but a sticker creates more of a visual that sticks with people.

  5. Why not? Stickers create fans and that is the bottom line. Whether going to SXSW, a trade show or any networking event. Stickers make the best sidekick

Interact with Stickers!

Sticker at SXSW

Are you going to SXSW? We want to see photos of your stickers in Austin. Post photos to our Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook or Twitter @StickerGiant and use #StickerView. Interact with stickers!