Joey Batts is Your Best Friend

Joey Batts sticker stacks

Joey Batts is leading the way in the underground hip-hop scene in the New England area. Joey is mixing humor with real world issues to bring an upbeat, fun-filled listening experience, that makes everyone want an invite to "The Party at My Place."

Joey Batts & Them is a five piece hip-hop band from Connecticut, comprised of Joey making his lyrics known, guitarist Tony Volpe, bassist John Dotson, keyboardist Marty Wirt, and Mike "Beatwiz" Spellman bringing the beat on drums and percussion. Joey Batts & Them just released an 11 track album called Fandalize at the beginning of February.

Last Friday at StickerGiant, Joey Batts shared with us a favorite track off Fandalize called "Stick a Sticker." It was the right way to get the weekend party started with "stick, stick, stick a sticker" lyrics bouncing off walls of stickers. He is not just rapping it either, Joey Batts stickers are seen all around the Connecticut area. His face is as recognizable as his lyrics, all while telling the story that Joey Batts is your best friend!

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