Kiss Cut Stickers Share the Jeep Life Story for BluAnchor


Today we're talking kiss cut stickers that come on sheets, and our story comes from Jeep Life by Blu Anchor out of Cooper Landing, Alaska.

They are selling a few different stickers on their Etsy shop, but this sheet is 12.5 x 5.5 inches and gives Jeep enthusiasts eight different UV coated stickers to smarten up their Jeep or wherever strikes their fancy. This is what they call their "Original Collection," and we loved how on their site they showed each sticker in place on a Jeep, plus they give the dimensions so customers can find the right place for these designs.

There's the two hand prints that will go great on the backside of a mirror, and the other stickers have fun uses, like the "Jeep Juice" peel off that could go near the gas tank. The saying "Eat. Sleep. Jeep." is a perfect use of alliteration and the tagline is memorable for those folks who truly subscribe to the Jeep lifestyle. Brands like Jeep really inspire passion and create an experience, and this sticker plays off of that love that owners have for their Jeeps.

We love seeing sticker vendors doing creative things with their sticker designs and their online businesses, and this is no exception. However, we truly appreciated the shoutout they gave back to us on their page, since we really do love showcasing their work.

If you check out the page, there's a coupon you can apply for your purchase if you simply must have these Jeep Life stickers right now.

More about stickers for your retail business

We've had a few great stories in the last few months where we focused on companies selling stickers as part of their business. We featured Be Hippy and their lifestyle brand on the podcast this month, and last month we had the folks from Fresh Coast and their beautiful State of Michigan wave die cut sticker.

Stickers are a very affordable add-on for folks at the point-of-purchase, and they are a low-cost feature for an online store. Try out a glossy finish or a matte finish for a die cut sticker like Be Hippy, or test out a kiss cut sticker sheet like BluAnchor. There's no limit to the creative options for your brand, and when you start with a small order like 250 of a design, you can test out different custom concepts and see how customers respond.