Know Your StickerGiant: Meet Robb


In keeping with our “Know your StickerGiant” theme, allow us to introduce Robb. He’s the guy who makes the stickers go out on time, as ordered, looking good, to our happy customers. We asked what sinks his battleship, and this is what he told us.

Name & Position:  Robb D., Production Manager

Time with StickerGiant:  4 years (I think??)

Best part of the job?  Running a very tight ship and having lots of fun with my crew doing it!

Hometown:  I'm a proud-born hilljack from Lyons, Colorado.

Hidden talent:  .sdrawkcab llew yrev etirw nac I

Cake or pie?  Candy!

Number one item on my bucket list?  To spend a year on a deserted island.

Favorite season and why?  Fall, for wild weather, Halloween, my birthday, and Thanksgiving—all in a row.

Cats or dogs?  Dogs...and snakes.

The last movie I watched/book I read was:  A nonstop Lord of The Rings Trilogy fest during 2 days of rain.

Favorite use for a sticker?  As a makeshift Band-Aid.

Prediction for 2012?  Alien disclosure.